The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 112: Looking After The Patient


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As the two of them continued on their way, they both spotted a familiar figure heading into a lane ahead of them. Both of them gasped, “That person just now…. Looked like Liu Yun’er?” He shi said. 


Liu Xu’er replied, “It didn’t just look like her, it was her! Why is she doing, sneaking in there?”

The two of them walked forward to investigate. They saw that it was a residential lane, with several families staying there. Liu Xu’er spotted Liu Yun’er knocking on the door nearest to the lane entrance. The door had just opened and Liu Yun’er was smiling and saying, “Does my sanshen stay here?”


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Liu Tao’s responses were slower than usual. After a long pause, he finally nodded before closing his eyes. Everyone momentarily stopped breathing, afraid of disturbing him. 


Liu Changgeng and Liu Changshi followed the doctor out and asked about his situation. The doctor laughed and said, “This time, I can be fairly sure that there is no problem. I will give you a prescription to help purge any remaining poison. He needs to take this for two days before stopping. When he takes it, he will start vomiting and have diarrhea. You need to look for a place to stay; he can’t stay here any longer. And someone needs to be with him to look after him. After two days, we will change the prescription to one that nourishes his body. He will need to take maybe eight – 10 doses of it. After which, he should be strong enough to move around. When he is, bring him back here for a checkup.” After saying that, he went off to write the prescription. 

Liu Changshi was discussing plans with Liu Changgeng.”This… What should we do? Return to the village?”

Liu Changgeng quickly interrupted, “How can he return to the village? He’s not strong enough for that! Everyone should just stay at my place! When he’s better, we will discuss the situation again…. You too, you should come over to stay. It’s already dark, and we have enough rooms.”

After the discussion, Liu Changshi went to get the prescription while Liu Changgeng re-entered the room. He was about to announce their plans but then paused for a moment. He scratched his head and pulled He shi out to privately inform her of his decision. He shi couldn’t possibly refuse – this was a difficult time for the family. She could only agree to the request. 

As the group of them were carefully moving Liu Tao onto the cart, Liu Yun’er came. From a distance she spotted the crowd of people at the medical hall’s entrance and saw that it was her family. She quickly ran on over, shouting, “Dad! What’s happening? I’ve just got here… What happened, is didi alright?”

Liu Xu’er couldn’t help rolling her eyes, while He shi shook her head. 

Liu Changqi was in the dark about Liu Yun’er’s matters. Joyfully, he said, “Your didi is fine! The doctor said he will be better soon. He just needs to purge out the remaining poison….”There wasn’t a lot of time to update her, so everyone moved Liu Tao up the cart and headed for Liu Xu’er’s home. 

Liu Xu’er kept turning around and looking at Liu Yun’er. Liu Yun’er avoided her gaze and stayed close to Liu Changqi. He shi gently nudged her. “Forget it. Just let her come… Your ye and nai will both be there! The sky is already dark, how can you chase her away? What if something happens?”

Liu Xu’er didn’t say anything, but she mentally hmphed and thought that Liu Yun’er could always go and look for her sanshen!

When everyone arrived back home, Liu Tao was placed in the main courtyard’s west wing, with Liu Changqi also staying there with him. Since Liu Changshi was going to help him out tonight, he was also given a room there. 

The east wing was where Liu Changgeng and He shi would sleep while Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi would stay in the main house. 

Naturally, He Ruyu went over to sleep in Liu Xu’er’s side courtyard – her courtyard was spacious and had the most empty rooms. Seeing that no one was arranging anything for her, Liu Yun’er stretched her hand out to pull at Liu Gao shi’s sleeve, Liu Gao shi looked at her and frowned. After a long while, she finally asked He shi, “Second’s wife, where do you think Yun’er should go?”


He shi pursed her lips and didn’t speak. Seeing Liu Yun’er peering at her courtyard for a closer look, Liu Xu’er raised her eyebrows. “Dabo, sishu, since you are staying in the eastern room in the western wing, then let Liu Yun’er stay in the west room in that same wing. Liu Tao can be put in the main room in that wing. That way, it will be easier for her to bring water or clean the place. Since Liu Yun’er is his sister, she should go with him! After all, she’s here to help care for him, not to be a guest, right? Or does she really think she’s a guest?!”

No one said anything to that. Liu Changqi nodded. 

Liu Gao shi then said, “What Xu’er arranged sounds good. Yun’er should help to care for Liu Tao for a few days. Your dad has been exhausted by the past couple of days and needs to rest. Tonight, keep a sharp ear out for him.”

Liu Yun’er was naturally unwilling, but since she had used her brother as an excuse to come out and look for her sanshen, she could only nod her head and agree to nurse him. 

Liu Shu and Liu Lin completely ignored Liu Yun’er, while Liu Sen stared at her. It was unclear if he still recalled the incident that happened when he was younger. 

That night, as everyone was having dinner, Liu Changqi kept repeatedly thanking Liu Changgeng and his family. Liu Changgeng stopped him, “We are all one family, why are you behaving so courteously?!”

After the meal, He shi went to boil several big pots of water to let everyone have a wash. He Ruyu was helping her, while Liu Xu’er was steeping everyone a cup of calming tea. Liu Shu and Liu Lin were coming back and forth, carrying water for them. 

Liu Xu’er had just scooped some water out of the pot to steep the tea leaves when she heard her sishen say to her mother, “Jie, have you thought about buying some servants? This is too tiring. It’s such a large house, how can you manage everything?”

He shi smiled and said, “I’ve just discussed that with Xu’er. We plan to buy… We need to buy. Oh, Xu’er, why don’t we go tomorrow….”

Liu Xu’er placed a finger over her lips, warning her mother to be silent, so He shi let the remaining sentence fall. Liu Xu’er then softly said, “Mum, let’s temporarily forget about this. We should hold onto Liu Yun’er and refuse to let her go! She should just obediently stay here and nurse her sick brother for a few days…. After that, we can consider it again!”

He shi immediately understood her plan, and a chuckle escaped her. 

Liu Shu was just pouring a bucket of water into the water tank outside when he heard. He too immediately knew what she was up to, so he laughed and said, “Mum, I think meimei’s suggestion has merit. That girl should be taught a lesson.”


By now, He Ruyu had also caught on. She smiled, but didn’t say anything. 

After a long evening, everyone finally got a chance to wash up and rest. The next day, Liu Xu’er got up very early. After washing up, she headed to the kitchen to boil some water. 

She had just exited her courtyard, when she saw Liu Yun’er looking around, slowly walking up the path. Since she was so busy looking around, she hadn’t noticed Liu Xu’er standing there looking at her coldly. 

It was only when she was nearly on top of her that Liu Yun’er noticed that something wasn’t right. She looked straight and saw Liu Xu’er’s cold expression. She immediately stood still, and kept away her admiring expression. Although she gave a hmph, she was well aware she wasn’t at home and didn’t dare to start a fight. She turned and went back. 

Liu Xu’er also sneered, “It’s rare for you to be up so early!”

She went to the kitchen and saw that He shi and He Ruyu were already there. Even Liu Gao shi was in the kitchen. She probably felt that Second’s family had really given the family a lot of concessions, so she was feeling rather grateful. 

From today onwards, Liu Tao started to take the purging medicine. Liu Yun’er hadn’t heard the doctor’s warnings, and so was under the impression that all she had to do was to pour water or tea for him. She didn’t expect him to start vomiting and having diarrhea! Liu Yun’er didn’t know who she could share her sorrows with!

For these two crucial days of purging medicine, Liu Xu’er kept all her attention at home, and refused to go to the store. She chased Liu Shu, Liu Lin and Liu Sen out early every day. Those who needed to go to school, should go to school, and those who needed to be at the store, should go there. 

Then she spoke to Liu Changgeng and explained that business these days was exploding. It wasn’t enough for a single person to be at the store. Now that Liu Tao was at home, there were plenty of people to care for him. He should relax and go and help out at the store. So she chased Liu Changgeng away. 

At home, she ordered Liu Changshi about till he couldn’t quite catch his breath. One moment, she was asking him to check out why the water from the newly dug pond seemed to be leaking everywhere? The next, she was getting him to make Old Man Liu some tea. This type of tea is bought from this, this, and this shop place, and you need to be especially careful about how to steep it….”

Although Liu Tao was from the younger generation, he wasn’t that young anymore. It wasn’t appropriate for He shi and He Ruyu to help care for him. As such, these two days, the only ones who could actually look after Liu Tao were Liu Changqi and Liu Yun’er. Liu Yun’er had really suffered these two days. In the day, she had to look after the vomiting Liu Tao, while also cleaning up his room. At night, she needed to launder his dirtied clothes and bedding. If she didn’t wash it, Liu Gao shi would get upset and call at the door sternly, “Don’t you see the work here?! Why are you leaving this here? Or did you expect me to wash it?!”

Naturally, Liu Changqi would hurry Liu Yun’er to go and launder them. 


Liu Yun’er would cry as she washed. He shi naturally refused to help. She felt that it was only right for her to go through these hardships!

After two days, Liu Tao had mostly purged his system, and started to take some medicines to nourish his body. In the morning, He shi boiled some water. Now that he was finally allowed some time, Liu Changshi helped Liu Changqi to support Liu Tao for a bath. After changing his clothes and all his beddings, Liu Tao could finally lay down on a clean surface and start the recovery process. 

Liu Gao shi went over to supervise Liu Yun’er as she did the laundry. It was only after she had hung everything up that Liu Gao shi went to discuss the situation with Old Man Liu. What should they do? Should they all stay here? But it would really tire Second’s family to host all of them. So should they just leave Liu Tao and Liu Changqi here and the rest of them leave?

Old Man Liu said, “Then get Changshi and his wife to leave.”

Liu Gao shi was annoyed, “But the two of them are here because we are here! Second’s wife can’t manage everything – she needs to make the meals and look after Liu Tao as well as us. So Fourth and his wife have to be here to help. If you get them to go off, then what are we to do?!”

When Old Man Liu heard, he puffed on his pipe and said, “Then we can head back too! Now that Liu Tao has woken, he should be fine. I don’t have to worry anymore. We should head back and not make more trouble for Second and his family.”

Liu Gao shi again said unhappily, “Then are we just to leave Changqi and his family here? Are we going to force Second’s family to serve theirs?!”

Old Man Liu continued to puff on his pipe and pondered what to do. After a long while, he finally realised! Glaring at her, he said, “Didn’t you just say that we can’t all stay here and tire Second’s family?! But when I suggest leaving, you refuse! What do you want then?! Are you just deliberately making up problems?”

Liu Gao shi thought that over, before laughing at herself. 

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