This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 7

Jiang Ke saw that He Suanran had left her work to Li Na, and he kindly assigned some of the work to several assistants. Because Li Na was favored by Xiaomi, Jiang Ke asked Li Na to take care of Xiaomi.

So Li Na’s job had become a leisurely job as a shit shovel officer, feeding Xiaomi, playing with him, and taking him out for a walk.

It looked very pleasant, but if something happened to Xiaomi, Li Na wouldn’t be able to afford it.

However, Xiaomi seems to like Li Na very much. He often snores and grunts on Li Na’s lap, his chest rising and falling.

Li Na had picked up a stray kitten when she was a freshman. It was very similar to Xiaomi, with one eye gold, and the other blue. After she washed it, the whole body was snow-white, and there was a bit of brown fur at the end of the tail. Xiaomi didn’t have it, but it was very similar.


Li Na named it Xiaobai, and it was a male cat.

Because a girl in Li Na’s dorm was allergic to cat hair, Li Na took the subway and sat for over an hour to secretly hand the cat over to Liu Haonan.

Less than two months later, he told her that Xiaobai had died.

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As soon as she got online, it was followed by several beeps2sound.


There were group messages and two or three friend messages.

Li Na checked one by one, the first one was a message from Qin Huadong, a good friend from high school: [Nana, Nana, let me tell you something big, Liu Haonan and Ye Lili are getting married.

I have even received an invitation. Even so, I am not in City A so I can’t go. But I heard from my classmates that Liu Haonan proposed to Ye Lili. You also know that Ye Lili’s family is rich, it seems that Liu Haonan will be a door-to-door son-in-law.

Hey, who would have thought that they would actually get married? Back then, Ye Lili, the green tea bitch, snatched Liu Haonan from you, and I hoped that they would break up earlier than anyone else. Looking at it now, it’s better to have a dog.

I know you’re offline. Remember to call me back when you’re online. Kisses~]

Qin Huadong’s news was sent four days ago, a day before she received the invitation. After reading these words, Li Na didn’t reply for a while and checked other news.

One of them was sent by Tian Tian, ​​the class monitor Senior 3 Class 1. It was sent on the same day as the news from Huadong, and there were only a few short sentences.

[Did you know that your ex-boyfriend Liu Haonan and Ye Lili are getting married?]

Li Na was embarrassed. Liu Haonan got married and they both came looking for her, she was also quite speechless.

[Don’t be sad, you will meet someone better.

By the way, I’m also in City A now. You can come out to play with me when you are free. This is my phone number.



Seeing this, Li Na smiled with relief. The monitor’s name was Yang Kaixin. She was a girl just like her name. She was very popular when she was in school. Unlike Li Na, she was cheerful, and she was Li Na’s tablemate. She was also the first good friend who would fight for Li Na.

It’s just that after graduating from high school, everyone rarely sees each other again. Even during the New Year’s holiday, Li Na rarely visits her hometown, so she hasn’t had a chance to catch up.

However, it can be seen from this matter that your best friend still cares about you the most.

The last text was from Liu Haonan. The other party was currently online. The text was sent two days ago: [Nana, I’m getting married. You’ll come, won’t you?]

Li Na paused, typed a sentence, and sent it.

[Of course, I’m very happy that you’re married. I wish you and Lili a long and happy life together.]

After she sent the text, Li Na replied a few words to Qin Huadong and Yang Kaixin. At this moment, Liu Haonan’s text notification suddenly popped out.

[Thank you, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.]

Li Na stared at the screen for a while, typed haha and sent it.

The word “haha” was simply the best chat killer. After replying, she immediately closed the chat box, because she knew that Liu Haonan wouldn’t take the initiative to talk to her again, and Li Na could also eliminate the possibility to chat about other topics with him by doing so.

Four years ago, she was still able to flirt with Liu Haonan at will, and had endless things to talk about. But after he was with Ye Lili, he distanced himself from Li Na.

Even so, in Li Na’s heart, they grew up together. They were childhood friends, from kindergarten to elementary school, junior high, and senior high. It should be okay to chat together. It wasn’t until later when Li Na found Liu Haonan for a chat, and the other party directly replied: [You’re very annoying, can you stop talking to me?]


Only then did Li Na know that Liu Haonan was already tired of her for a long time, but he just never said it.

After that, she never took the initiative to talk with Liu Haonan again.

Despite all the memories and thoughts that went through her mind, Li Na gratefully ate the instant noodles, and then contentedly called Yang Kaixin. They hadn’t seen each other for a long time and unknowingly chatted on the phone for more than half an hour before hanging up.

After that, Li Na watched a TV series for a while and slept. The next day, she slept in and didn’t wake up until 9:30.

The wedding banquet starts at 11:30. The guests only need to arrive at around 11:00. Then the wedding banquet will be held at 12:00, and it won’t end until 2:00. Li Na had already arranged her schedule. After the wedding banquet was over, she was going to go shopping with Yang Kaixin, walk around and have fun, reminisce about the past while drinking a cup of coffee, and have a meal in the evening. The whole day was full of arrangements.

In name, it’s just a classmate’s wedding banquet. Even if she was the ex-girlfriend, Li Na didn’t dare to dress up so flamboyantly. Her beauty and appearance were just okay, and she would only appear deliberate and redundant if she did, and be a joke at the banquet.

Although her looks weren’t outstanding, her IQ is still good.

Li Na’s outfit for the wedding was decided in five minutes. It was a white short-sleeved top and a pleated skirt. There was no additional design. The pleated A-line style was simple and elegant, it looked very neat and comfortable at first sight.

Li Na didn’t like to wear accessories, and she could only afford to wear something a bit better than what was on the street stalls. Wearing them on such occasions would only be shameful. As for the shoes, she wore a pair of black suede flat shoes, and her hairstyle was still her favorite high ponytail.

The hotel where Liu Haonan and Ye Lili were going to get married was the largest in City A. It was located in the city center; she could arrive there in 15 minutes by subway from her residence.

Li Na arrived at the hotel before eleven o’clock. She stood at the hotel’s entrance, holding the invitation card to confirm which hall the wedding would be held in. When the sharp-sighted Jiang Ke got out of the car, he saw Li Na standing at the hotel’s side entrance and paused. He went up to her and said: “Li Na.”

Li Na looked up blankly. She stood up straight and nodded: “General manager.”


Jiang smiled, but it was only a polite, distant smile. “What are you doing here?”

Li Na closed the invitation, “My classmates are getting married, and I’m here to attend the wedding.”

Jiang Ke glanced at the big red invitation card in her hand and looked at it thoughtfully. “What a coincidence! So am I.”

Li Na laughed uncomfortably and said, “What are the odds, today is a good day. More people are getting married. Let’s hurry in, general manager.”

Jiang Ke nodded and walked in front. Only then did Li Na notice the general manager holding a handbag and a high-quality leather rope in his left hand. When she lowered her head, she was speechless. Sure enough, Xiaomi was there too.

‘Fairy’s right. The general manager is really a cat slave. He even has to bring his pet to a wedding. But I thought the hotel doesn’t allow pets to enter?’

As soon as Li Na thought of this question, she saw Jiang Ke being stopped by an attendant, “Hello, sir. Personal pets are not allowed in public places.”

Jiang Ke didn’t even look at the man. He took out his wallet from his handbag and took out an SVIP card in his hand. The waiter looked up and took a step back in silence. It was a silent acquiescence.

Li Na shrugged and went in quietly.

According to what was written, the banquet hall was on the second floor. Li Na and Jiang Ke took the same lift to the second floor. Li Na went out first, and Jiang Ke followed after a pause.

‘Is it on the same floor?’, Li Na thought to herself.

When they reached the door of the same hall, Jiang Ke was the first to say, “What was the name of your classmate who’s going to get married?”

Li Na froze, “The bride and groom are both my high school classmates. The groom’s name is Liu Haonan and the bride’s name is Ye…”

“Ye Lili.”

Li Na opened her mouth: “Are you from the woman’s side, general manager?”

Jiang Ke turned his head to look at Li Na, his eyes narrowing slightly. “Yes, it’s quite a coincidence, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s quite a coincidence…”

Li Na scratched her head, Jiang Ke didn’t say anything else and pushed open the door of the hall. It led directly to the center of the hall. There was a platform of glass and scattered petals at their feet, and under the glass were champagne roses. The roses led directly to the garden platform in the center. There was a wedding arch3they say vows under it lit in pink, and water curtains that form hearts and letters on the platform.

Li Na was stunned for a moment. Jiang Ke turned around and saw Li Na’s dazed and intoxicated appearance. He was shocked. He turned around and pulled Li Na’s wrist across the stage and down the side stairs before releasing his grip.

Li Na couldn’t help touching her face. It was really beautiful. This kind of wedding scene was every woman’s dream. There was still a lot of dry ice blowing down the stage and there were a lot of people in the hall. The sound engineer sets off the atmosphere with soft music.

And the general manager didn’t say anything else just now, he just took Li Na’s hand as he walked across the stage, kind of like…

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Jiang Ke opened his mouth and looked at the wedding arch.

Li Na nodded without hesitation, “It’s really beautiful…”

After all, they weren’t at the company, and Li Na didn’t dare to say more. And since she had some personal contact with the boss that night, Li Na felt a little uncomfortable near the general manager.

It’s kind of like being held hostage, and having an itch on your back and not being able to scratch it. A bit of an awkward relationship.

Fortunately, Jiang Ke didn’t say anything else. He found a place near the wedding arch and sat down, he hugged Xiaomi in his arms, lowered his head, and stroked him repeatedly.

The only person at that table was the general manager, and with his good looks and the white Persian cat in his arms, he stood out. After much thought, Li Na hesitantly stepped forward and sat down beside him.

After all, he was the boss. So even if she was outside the company, she has to maintain a good relationship with him.

Jiang Ke noticed the movement next to him and looked up at Li Na. He was a little surprised. And Xiaomi just stood up and went to Li Na’s lap, and just lay there.

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