This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 6

Jiang Ke gave up. He thought that Li Na had fallen into a deep sleep and that the square dance aunt beside her couldn’t wake her up. He had no choice but to carry Li Na to his sister, Jiang Wen’s house.

It was Jiang Wen who opened the door. She screamed when she saw Jiang Ke carrying a woman on his back. Maomao and Lan Tainian both ran out and asked nervously what was wrong.

Jiang Wen pointed to Jiang Ke.

Lan Tainian understood and asked, “Big brother, who’s the person on your back?”

On the other side, Mao Mao said, “Aunt?”


Jiang Ke frowned, “It’s not aunt.”

“If she’s not his aunt, who is she?” Jiang Wen smiled and brought a pair of slippers to Jiang Ke.

Jiang Wen’s house had four bedrooms. Two were bedrooms for themselves, one for Jiang Wen and her husband, and one for Mao Mao. The other two bedrooms were guest rooms. Jiang Ke carried Li Na into one of the guest rooms, put her on the bed, took off her shoes, covered her with the quilt, and closed the door.

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Li Na gave an umbrella to Mao Mao, a stranger she didn’t know, did a good deed on the bus, and her performance in the company showed that she had a very good personality.


Originally, Jiang Ke knew that what Fairy said was exaggerated, but when Mao Mao mentioned it again, Jiang Ke felt that Li Na was a bit mysterious and special.

It’s like, where have they met before?

Jiang Wen also looked at her elder brother with a curious look on her face. Jiang Ke waved his hand and didn’t want to deal with the gossiper. He went to another guest room to wash up and sleep.

After an uneventful night, Jiang Ke got up early to take a shower and went to Li Na’s room. He sat by the bed and watched her for a while, and then she woke up.

Li Na was the type of person who talks too much after drinking. She would vent her usual frustrations and grievances in various ways and then forget it the next day.

Any normal girl would be surprised and overwhelmed to be in the same room as her boss when she woke up

Jiang Ke tilted his head and wiped his half-dried hair. He said to Li Na with a chuckle, “Wake up, get up quickly.”

Li Na clutched the quilt with both hands and asked a little nervously, “General manager, why am I here? Nothing happened last night, right?”

“Nothing happened, you were drunk, and didn’t say where your house is. I can only take you to my sister’s house, it happens to be in your community. You can go back to your house directly after breakfast.” Jiang Ke shrugged helplessly.

Li Na’s mouth widened and she kept nodding. Huh? Oh.

Li Na straightened her clothes, smoothed her hair, and made the bed. She put her hands in front of her respectfully and left the room with a dry smile.

Because she didn’t remove her makeup yesterday, her eyeliner and makeup were also smeared, and it looks a little like panda eyes. After Jiang Wen noticed it, she carefully pulled Li Na to the sink, gave her her makeup remover and cleanser, and thoughtfully took out the new toothbrush that she had kept at home.


Li Na submissively said thank you.

Jiang Wen stood behind Li Na and looked at her with a smile. After Li Na washed her face, she raised her head and saw Jiang Wen smiling behind her in the mirror. Frightened, she turned around stiffly. Jiang Wen immediately stepped forward and grabbed Li Na’s arm, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Li Na. I’m a new employee of the company, recruited just two days ago. I accidentally drank too much at the dinner party yesterday. I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”

“Hey, no worries. But Li Na, I’m very curious, what’s your relationship with my brother?” Jiang Wen blinked, extremely inquisitive. But Li Na can see that she meant no harm because she gave the impression of a very cheerful and lively character.

“What, what’s the matter?” Li Na’s eyes widened, like a little sheep about to be slaughtered.

Jiang Wen winked at her, and Li Na waved her hands in a panic when she understood what Jiang Wen meant. “No, no, no, you misunderstood. I’m just an ordinary employee. The general manager is very nice, but I only met the general manager yesterday. We have nothing to do with each other.”

Jiang Wen asked both Jiang Ke and Li Na. Now she was sure that there was nothing between them. But she just wanted to sigh. As long as it’s a woman, it will be nice if my brother can bring her back to our parents.

After she comforted Li Na, Jiang Wen went to prepare breakfast and asked Li Na to stay and have breakfast together.

But after all, Jiang Ke was the general manager of the company, so Li Na didn’t dare to be abrupt. She stubbornly thanked her, took her satchel, and came out of Jiang Wen’s house.

Maomao also said goodbye to her. Li Na saw the general manager sitting at the dining room table reading the newspaper expressionlessly. She was strangely relieved to see that the general manager didn’t pay much attention.

After all, she was the only one who cared about it.

The company’s office hours started at 9:00, but Li Na had to take the bus, so she usually went downstairs and left between 8:10 and 8:20.


After she returned to her residence, Li Na took a quick shower, changed her clothes, put on light makeup, and rushed out. Of course, there was no time to eat breakfast at the breakfast shop. Li Na went to the steamed bun shop and bought four meat buns worth two yuan each, and went to the bus stop to wait for the bus.

In less than two minutes, a Rolls Royce stopped by the side of the road. Li Na just kept her head down and ate the buns, not paying attention.

The car window lowered, and Jiang Ke honked his horn. “Li Na, get in the car, I’ll see you off.”

Only then did Li Na discover that it was the general manager.

Her first reaction was to wave her hand, “There’s no need, general manager. Thank you. I can take the bus. You can go ahead. The next bus will be here in five minutes, and I’ll be at the company on time.”

Jiang Ke guessed that Li Na would refuse, so he took a tougher attitude. “Are you stupid? You can’t tell which one is better, taking the bus or riding in a car?”

Li Na quickly shook her head. “No. I don’t need to bother you, general manager.”

Jiang Ke got a little impatient. It was the first time he had seen such a stubborn employee who didn’t know how to praise or flatter others. “Don’t talk nonsense, get in the car. Otherwise, you don’t have to go to work today.”

Li Na’s heart rose to her throat for a moment. Not because of the general manager, but because of the phrase “You don’t have to go to work”. She felt nervous, fearing that her job would be lost for no good reason.

‘The boss is a little temperamental’, Li Na told herself and got into the car.

After she sat in the car for a while, Jiang Ke said, “I see that you bought buns, right? Why don’t you eat them?”

“I’m afraid it will make the car smell bad, so I put it away.”


“It’s alright, the car has a ventilation system. You can eat it, don’t stay hungry.” Jiang Ke didn’t turn his head, he just drove ahead quietly, his tone was light, and anger or concern couldn’t be sensed.

Li Na didn’t dare to say no. Do whatever the boss asks her to do. Don’t get caught up in her own drama and make the boss unhappy like just now.

There were still three buns. Li Na didn’t chew them slowly, she ate the buns in six bites and swallowed them quickly. Then she silently stuffed the plastic bag into her pocket. Li Na hiccupped Just after swallowing the last bite.

“Hiccup!” Li Na hurriedly covered her mouth and looked at the general manager.

Jiang Ke heard it. But he didn’t react, to avoid the little sheep beside him feeling embarrassed.


Li Na made another hiccup. She regretted it. She ate too fast just now and choked. 

Li Na kept slapping her chest, and then hiccupped a few more times.





This hiccup can’t be stopped.

Li Na tried to hold it in. She swallowed and held her breath, but she couldn’t help it and kept hiccuping for a while.

Jiang Ke didn’t make a sound. He saw a convenience store on the side of the road and stopped to buy two bottles of pure milk. After getting in the car, he handed Li Na a bottle, opened the other, and began to drink it.

“Thank you, General Manager,” thanked Li Na. “Hiccup.”

Jiang Ke didn’t answer. After he drank the milk, he drove back to his house. On the way, Li Na asked: “General manager, this is not the way to the company, right?”

“I asked the nanny to take Xiaomi back last night, and I want to take it back today.”

“Oh.” Li Na couldn’t help but ask, “Is Xiaomi a male or a female?”

“Male, but I had him neutered two days ago, and he’s a bit unhappy these days.”


Silence again.

After they picked up Xiaomi, and arrived at the company, the news that Li Na came to work in the general manager’s car quickly spread throughout the company. This was the first time the general manager had driven a female employee to work. In addition, Li Na was drunk last night and the general manager sent her home. When you put the two things together, it’s hard not to overthink things.

Fairy couldn’t resist asking Li Na, “Did anything happen between you and the general manager last night?”

Li Na felt that there was no need to lie to Fairy, so she told Fairy what happened that morning and the day before.

After Fairy listened to her, she said, “That’s it? That’s not crazy at all. Let’s get back to work.” Li Na didn’t know if it was just her illusion, but she suddenly felt that the treatment she received in the company was polarized. She would be treated either very warm or very cold.

He Suanran was one of them. One of her bags cost three months of Fairy’s salary, and she had a different bag every week. Any smart person can see that she has either a sugar daddy or a rich biological father.

Fairy knew that He Suanran didn’t come to work seriously. She was the daughter of a classmate of Jiang Ke’s parents and came to hook up Jiang Ke through the position of assistant. So she also reminded Li Na not to offend He Suanran.

Then, because of the matter with the general manager in the morning, He Suanran had an opinion on Li Na. At the end of the day, intentionally or not, she had left her work to Li Na. When she got off work in the evening, Li Na was in a daze.

She went home with Fairy using the subway. On the way home, they went to the mall and ate malatang together. Fairy’s house was just a little farther away than Li Na’s house. Li Na took her back to her residence with great care, then she took the bus home.

After the bus arrived at the station, Li Na went to the security guard’s room to pick up a letter. She was not at home during the day and left it in the security guard’s room.

When she got home and changed her shoes, Li Na sat at his desk and opened it. It was a large red invitation card with gold trim.

It was a wedding invitation.

The bride’s name on it was Ye Lili, and you don’t need to look to know the groom’s name.

Liu Haonan.

Li Na’s childhood sweetheart and ex-boyfriend.

He grew up with her, from the third year of junior high to the third year of senior high, and they once liked each other.

Li Na also knew the bride. She was the third-year senior high transfer student and the school flower. She took Liu Haonan away from her in less than half a year.


Li Na smiled wryly. She had no right to scold them. Talented and beautiful. A wonderful couple, such a perfect match, how could she have the heart to intervene?

Li Na just got a job after graduating from university, and Ye Lili and her boyfriend were about to get married. Li Na felt that after four years, the initial sadness and hysteria had faded away. The wedding date was July 7th, on Sunday that week. It was Wednesday, and it was still a few days away.

Li Na threw the invitation onto the table and went to take a shower.


It was late at night, and Jiang Ke was sitting in the company office, staring at the red invitation card in his hand, expressionless.

Groom: Liu Haonan.

Bride: Ye Lili.

He lowered his head and looked at Xiaomi, who was sleeping on his lap, and made a wry smile, “Your mother is getting married, but the groom is not me.”

Sometimes, fate is so wonderful. The person you thought was irrelevant, was perhaps the one you used to be attached to.

Everyone who came to you must have had some reason.

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