This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 5

After Fairy finished speaking, Jiang Ke was surprised. Li Na, who looked ordinary and had a small figure, was able to fight against thieves. Although she was injured, her spirit of doing the right thing was something the company can learn from.

The boss Jiang Ke was silently amazed at Li Na, but Li Na was already in tears. She regretted that she had meddled, gotten hurt, and made a fool of herself, but Fairy wanted to turn her from a fool into a hero.

She was afraid that she, a paper tiger, would be exposed one day, and when the situation changed, she would be laughed at.

Li Na suddenly felt that she didn’t know what to do with herself.

The Japanese restaurant was very traditional, there were a few small tables put together, with an old-fashioned paper-paste sliding door. Because it was a company dinner party, the entire restaurant was booked by the company, and when looking from one end of the table to the other, it led directly to the end of the room.


Because it was a Japanese-style restaurant, they had to take off their shoes. The men had smelly feet, and they had to drink and get together. At the other end, Fairy pulled Li Na to sit with a group of female colleagues in the company.

Everyone was talking and laughing. Halfway through the meal, Jiang Ke couldn’t stand the smell of the male staff, so he cheekily moved to Li Na’s side, and took a seat across Fairy, next to the Iceberg Beauty.

Li Na just wanted to be invisible. He Suanran suddenly seemed to be very good at serving people, she called the waiter to serve a bottle of sake and poured it for herself.

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Fairy listened closely, “It’s too quiet, I can’t hear you. Speak louder.”


Li Na cleared her throat, “Yu! Long! Gar-den! Community…” The first few words sounded like it was broadcasted, but the last two words were muted, and Fairy was speechless. Seeing colleagues around her, including general manager, Jiang Ke, looking her way, she asked, “Who lives in Yulong Garden Community, please help me and bring comrade Xiaona back.”

Yulong Garden Community was a high-end neighborhood nearby. Although not all the people who live there were rich, they were people who had certain economic conditions and popularity in City A.

It didn’t look like the recruit Li Na had some family background. Everyone had their own ideas, but no one answered.

Seeing Li Na’s sleepy appearance, Jiang Ke sighed and said, “Take her to my car, I’ll take her back.”

“General Manager…” Fairy said, “Don’t you live in the Garden?”

He Suanran, who was standing next to Jiang Ke, heard his words and looked at him: “General Manager, it’s very late. You also drank some wine, so don’t drive. I’ll send you back.”

Jiang Ke was a little overwhelmed. He wanted to get angry but didn’t know what to get angry about. He said helplessly, “My sister lives in Yulong Garden Community. I have to find her for something, so it’s on the way.”

Fairy nodded to show that she knew.

Jiang Ke glanced at her: “And Fairy, what do you take me for? Your boss, am I the kind of guy who’s out to scheme against his employees?”

Fairy froze and shook her head. “General manager, I was wrong, I thought too much.”

Jiang Ke pointed at his car expressionlessly and asked Fairy to help Li Na up.

Li Na stood up unsteadily, and when she heard Jiang Ke’s word “scheme”, she opened her mouth to answer, “Scheme? Fairy, you think too much, if the general manager wants to scheme, it must be a beautiful woman like He Suanran, rather than my average figure. A girl with an ordinary appearance, unless the man is blind, only then can he see me, hahaha…”


He Suanran’s face suddenly turned cold.

Li Na’s words were self-deprecating, but they even offended Jiang Ke and He Suanran. Fairy didn’t expect the tactful Li Na to be so troublesome after drinking. She began to worry about what would happen to Li Na if she and Jiang Ke were together. Thinking of this, she began to desperately pull Li Na, and said with a smile, “General manager, she is drunk, let me send her back.”

Jiang Ke just thought it was funny. He could understand that Fairy was protecting the new employee, but he wasn’t angry. He just felt that Li Na’s personality after drinking was so different from before drinking. He was a little curious about what Li Na could say or do.

“It’s okay, it’s on my way,” said Jiang Ke, who took Li Na directly from Fairy’s arms and helped her take two steps. The drunk Li Na was hanging on Jiang Ke’s body. Jiang Ke felt too aggrieved. Noticing that Li Na was wearing pants, he picked her up in a comfortable posture and walked towards his Rolls-Royce.

Fairy did not forget to step forward to open the door for Jiang Ke, because she was worried that a drunk Li Na could disturb Jiang Ke’s driving if she was sitting in the co-pilot, Fairy opened the rear door. Additionally, the co-pilot seat has always been Xiaomi’s special seat, and no one dared to use it. 

Fairy straightened Li Na, fastened her seat belt, closed the car door, and waved, “General manager, take care.”

It was already a bit over ten o’clock at this time, and Li Na’s biological clock was very accurate, so she sat in the car with her head tilted and fell asleep. Jiang Ke glanced at Li Na through the rearview mirror, smiled, and swerved into the parking lot of the Yulong Garden Community.

Jiang Ke took Li Na out, placed her on the chair in front of the convenience store, bought a bottle of water, and woke Li Na up. Li Na opened her eyes, and said, “What’s wrong…”

Jiang Ke unscrewed the cap on the bottle and put the bottle of water in her hand. “Drink this bottle of water and dilute the alcohol. It will help you to sober up.”

Li Na rubbed her eyes and said, “Hmm? Oh.” And she obeyed.

Two minutes later, Li Na pushed the empty water bottle forward, and said, “I’m done drinking, I can go to sleep now.” Then, without waiting for Jiang Ke to say anything, she laid down on the table and closed her eyes to go back to sleep.

Jiang Ke wakes Li Na up speechlessly. “Hey, Li Na, wake up. Where’s your house? Tell me where it is, I’ll send you back.”



“Hey, don’t go to sleep. I don’t think you can go back by yourself. You have to tell me which building you live in, I’ll take you there!” Jiang Ke tapped Li Na’s left cheek lightly.




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