This Heroine Is Not Pretty

Chapter 10 part 2

Liu Haonan took his father and mother to Haidilao in the food street. After all, it was a family meal, so it was natural to go to a down-to-earth place.

Inside the restaurant, they were placed on a square table on the first floor, near the large glass window. The waiter quickly began to place the soup base and boil it.

Father Liu and Mother Liu sat in their seats to rest, while Li Na and Liu Haonan went to get some food from the buffet.

Afterward, everyone chatted and laughed together at the dinner. They were very happy, those that didn’t know would have thought that it was a big family. It’s just that Li Na didn’t deliberately continue the topic that Liu Haonan talked about, so the two of them seemed a little awkward.

Father and Mother Liu’s flight was at 9:20 pm. They had to arrive at the airport at 9:00 in advance. They had dinner for half an hour. Liu Haonan looked at his watch and ate some more, and got the bill. Then they left the restaurant.


On the way to the airport, Father and Mother Liu talked about Li Na and Liu Haonan’s previous school days, as if they were deliberately trying to ease the relationship between the two.

Li Na smiled and said something once in a while. The atmosphere in the car was quite warm.

At the airport, Liu Haonan took his parents’ documents to check in, while Li Na and Father and Mother Liu were waiting at the boarding gate.

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“He’s the general manager of the company I work for. I’m his employee, that’s all.” Li Na added.


“Oh, I see.” He was relieved.


Liu Haonan contemplated for a while, and when he was about to speak again, Li Na’s cell phone rang. It connected and she said, “Hello?”

“Li Na, I told you that we’re having a barbecue on the side of the road. Cheng Tian and Xiao Xiao are both here, come over quickly. We just started, and I have saved your share, so come quickly.” It was Fairy’s voice.

“There’s no need, I just finished eating. You guys can eat it.”

“Hey, Nana, come on. We have too few people to drink. Come on over, I’ve got something to tell you.” Fairy said coquettishly.

Li Na thought for a while. She originally didn’t want to go, but she was afraid of what would happen if Liu Haonan sent her back, and Fairy insisted that she would go…

“Where are you? I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Moon Bridge, come quickly. There are a lot of hawkers here. And the food is delicious.”

“Okay, bye-bye.”


After hanging up, Li Na said to Liu Haonan, “Do you know the Moon Bridge? Just send me there.”


Liu Haonan frowned. “It’s half-past nine, you’re a girl…”

“It’s okay,” Li Na interrupted. “It’s a few female colleagues from work. They’re just having a late night snack, and they don’t go to nightclubs, and we will go back in a while.”


The Moon Bridge was a night-view bridge in City A. At night, it would be lit up with bright lights, which were colorful and endlessly changing. And that place was also near the downtown square, next to a technical college.

There were also many hawkers, a feng shui treasured place to set up stalls. At night, a lot of people strolled around and shopped there. But the bridge was quite old and cars have been banned from passing through.

Liu Haonan dropped Li Na off on the side of the road. After Li Na got out of the car, she remembered something and leaned over the car window: “Liu Haonan, let me ask you something.”

“What’s up?”

“Didn’t Xiaobai, the Persian cat I picked up when I was a freshman, and the one I gave to you, died?” Li Na looked at him, half-squinting, her expression cold and calm.

Liu Haonan pursed his lips. “Who told you?”

Li Na suddenly laughed. “So you lied to me about Xiaobai dying, but you actually gave it to Ye Lili, right?”

Liu Haonan looked at Li Na’s strange smile, and he began to panic: “No, Nana, listen to me.”

“Don’t say anything.”


Leaving such a sentence coldly, Li Na straightened up and walked over to the Moon Bridge without looking back.

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