The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus

Chapter 114 Extra: Story of Returning Home (1)

“The son-in-law has lost his mind.”

Ling Miaomiao just entered the door with a delicate bamboo basket and was stunned by the huge crowd of people at the door.

The town was remote, deep in the mountains, and the environment was rather harsh. She had not seen so many people for a long time since the last few neighbors had hastily fled.

A’yi, whose back to her, was still in front of a group of people and was lecturing: “So, when you see the son-in-law, say hello as usual, don’t laugh, and, don’t stare at the son-in-law, do you hear me? 

“We hear you.” replied the servants, both the men and women, in unison.


A’Yi picked his ears: “I didn’t hear you.”

“We hear you!” The reply turned into an earth-shattering roar.

“Who told you that the son-in-law has lost his mind?” The crisp voice sounded immediately after.

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Ling Miaomiao paused and glanced at Mu Sheng’s face, secretly holding back her laughter.


“What did Sister Mu say?” She placed the vegetable basket on the ground.

A’yi brought out a letter from in front of his chest: “This one is for you. The other one was sent home, saying that the Master Gu was sick and asked you to go and live back home.

He sighed as he spoke, his face full of pity: “Miss, it’s already like this, why didn’t you tell your family.”

“Aren’t we going home now?” Miao Miao looked at him innocently.

Their original reasons for living here were to prevent Mu Sheng from hurting people and to facilitate their rendezvous with Muyao and Liu Fuyi in the far north. But now that he could control himself, there was no harm in changing their location. Since Muyao sent a letter asking them to move, it meant that they were making progress.

As such, why not move. The Taicang County mayor’s Mansion still had her luxurious boudoir, which was much better than this deserted wilderness.

Glancing at the group of people behind A’yi, she couldn’t help but laugh: “What are you doing with so many people?

After traveling from the south to the north, they looked as pitiable as sick chickens after a long drive.

A’Yi swore: “To help the miss move things… Don’t worry, we can still help you if the son-in-law can’t”.

Ling Miaomiao unlocked the door and pushed it open. Just as she was leading him in, was perplexed upon hearing his words: “We have nothing in our house. It’ll be fine if only we leave, there is nothing to move.

“How is there nothing?” A’yi came around to her front. “I just saw it through the window. There’s a large mountain of stuff in the kitchen.

Miaomiao: “……You don’t need to move that.”


“Hey, wait.” She called out to A’yi, turned her head to glance at Mu Sheng who was staring at A’yi. “Forget it, bring it along. We’ll just treat it as a greeting gift from the son-in-law to father.


On the boat to Taicang, Ling Miaomiao opened the letter sent by Muyao.

Ling Lushan once again hired a luxurious passenger ship at great expense to pick up his daughter, and this compartment was specially prepared for her and Mu Sheng, quiet and comfortable, only hearing only the slightest sound of the waves. A delicate smoke rose from the incense burner.

Those who were helping, carried boxes. Sealed in the boxes were frozen wild game broken off from the iceberg. They also all lived next door. Seeing as there were no strangers, especially strangers who surrounded Ling Miaomiao, Mu Sheng was visibly much more relaxed. He obediently sat down and calmly ate with his chopsticks, looking no different from a normal person.

Ling Miaomiao glanced at him a few times while eating and reading the letter. Considering that he may be bored, she read the letter out loud to him.

Duanyang married down to the promising top-scoring scholar in the summer, and four seats at the banquet were specially reserved for the protagonist group during the wedding.

——Of course, none of them were able to make it. They said the princess was so angry that she scolded the court eunuchs at the wedding for not delivering the invitations.

The princess, who has always been fond of fussing, felt it was not enough to get married herself, and actively played matchmaker to get the emperor to accept Peiyun as Imperial Concubine Yun.

No matter what the future held for her in the harem, for the time being, Peiyun was getting what she wanted.

Mu Yao and Liu Fuyi traveled into the far north until they found the base camp of the succubus community, Qilin Mountain. Throughout this time, they went through countless dangers and there was probably enough material to have another Demon Hunter to be written.

Although the succubus community rejected Murong’er, they also did not dare to accept Mu Sheng. In the end, based on the slight emotional ties of their blood relationship, they pointed out a clear path.


The snow spirit ice silk was not produced by them, but by the silkworms on Qilin Mountain. They cocooned only once every two to three years and could only be found by chance. The two searched earnestly and were barely able to find a few scarce cocoons.

Unfortunately, the silkworms were not in cocooning season, so they waited and waited but to no avail. They ended up putting down roots in Qilin Mountain and built a house to live there, keeping an eye out every day.

After settling down, they stayed for two years. The two of them had a daughter in the time they waited, and they named her Xue Can.

The letter was written while Mu Yao was pregnant again.

“……Sister Mu is going to have a second child.” Ling Miaomiao sighs and rubbed her soft belly.

They had never taken any measures, but her period still came every month, which was quite unbelievable.

“It’s probably an issue on your part.” Ling Miaomiao concluded while stirring her rice.

Species segregation was no game. A horse and a donkey can give birth to a mule, but can a mule give birth to a mule? No, it couldn’t.


Ling Miaomiao was startled, and her mouthful of rice almost got stuck in her throat. When she looked up, he slammed his chopsticks down and was staring at her with a pair of dark, steely eyes.

“……” Ling Miaomiao was delighted, “So, you understand?”

Ling Miaomiao grabbed another pair for him and tried to stuff them into his hand, but Mu Sheng retracted his hand away and put it directly behind his back, only staring at her without saying anything.


Pft, he even has a temper.

“I don’t mean to blame you.” Miaomiao went around and explained assuringly while pulling his hand out from his back, “How great is this? And I don’t have to be afraid, I’d rather not want any.”

That was right, she couldn’t imagine what the man before her would be as a father, and given another ten years, she probably still wouldn’t have been able to think of it.

“If he were like Brother Liu, holding two children within three years, who would be able to bear it…… Ahh!”.

Her words had barely fallen when his hand caught her by the waist and stood up, lifting and dragging her up by the waist and throwing her into the soft quilt.

A’yi passed by the window, heard a scream, and vaguely saw the lady being picked up by the son-in-law, and remembered the day of the wedding, it was raining heavily, and the young man carried her out and stuffed her into the sedan, and his appearance as he told him to hold an umbrella.

Although the son-in-law was a little jealous, he treated the lady very well. Ai, unfortunately……

He was very sad as he walked away.

On the other side, there didn’t seem to be much sadness.

Ling Miaomiao was roughly pressed onto the bed by him, subconsciously stretching out her arms to avoid him. Mu Sheng stopped, supporting himself over the bed, his long hair slipping down from either shoulder.

He did not press her down, but just kept that pose, keeping her motionless, staring straight at her face.

Ling Miaomiao could not figure out what he wanted to do, looked at him for a while, and read through the subtle sorrow in his eyes.

“……There’s no problem on your end?” she said probingly.

The young man’s expression eased slightly, and his eyes flashed.

“Don’t say it’ll take three years to hold two children, you are much stronger than brother Liu; you’ll give life to a whole soccer team within a year!” Ling Miaomiao’s face was full of sincerity, and she began to talk big.

Mu Sheng still seemed to be unable to understand the substance of the words, just look at her black and white almond eyes which had a smile in them, about the look of certainty, believe it to be true, his eyelashes moved, and his arm was retracted.

But before letting her go, he didn’t feel not very relieved. He pinched her chin and bit her twice on the lips, before feeling comfortable.


The ship took three days reach Taicang. Ling Miaomiao looked at the neatly planned market and felt like it was a lifetime ago.

In the early morning, the cold fog had not yet cleared, and there were few pedestrians on the road. She raised her head and looked around, somewhat unfamiliar with the surroundings: “Where’s our entrance plaque?”

She remembered that the county mayor’s house was a continuous house with a huge garden in the middle, with flying eaves and two huge stone lions at the entrance, very lavish.

“Miss, this way, we moved.” A’Yi led them around a corner.

“What happened to the old mayor’s residence?”

“It was sold and exchanged for money to supplement the relief money. A’Yi stopped and pointed to a small house about the same size as the one in Wufang Town, “Here.”

Ling Miaomiao was a bit surprised and hesitantly stepped inside the doorway: “Is the Wan River flooding again?”

Immediately upon entering, she was stunned. The house was small and exquisite, not to mention the simple decoration, which was contrary to her father’s extravagance and wastefulness.

“No. It’s because Miss was away.” A’yi was walking ahead, smiling as he turned his head around. “Master said, in the future, no one will compare to him in terms of being uncorrupt. He’s doing it for the sake of doing good deeds and accumulating merit in order to seek more blessings for those who are far away. 

Ling Miaomiao’s heart was in a twist.

Soon after, a figure ran out from the back of the house, saw them standing in the front yard, and was stunned for a moment, before running over with a big belly: “My precious treasure?”

“Daddy!” Ling Miaomiao climbed Ling Lushan’s arm and stared at his silk trousers with some surprise: “What is this?”

“I am also running in the morning.” The mayor father proudly touched a wiped off the sweat on his forehead and stuck out his stomach, “I’ve persevered for years. How is it? Even A’yi says I’ve lost a lot of weight,” he said.

Miaomiao looked him over a few times: “……Mm, you have lost a lot of weight.”

“Hurry and say something.” The mayor father, beamed as he stroked her hair.

Mu Sheng’s hand tightened fiercely, revealing a warning look, Miaomiao grabbed his hand behind her, gesticulating: “It’s dad, dad, do you remember?”

However, it seems that he did but did not remember a little bit. He tilted his head, dark eyes looking into her eyes and then relaxed.

She looked back at Mu Sheng, who was standing obediently, and wasn’t sure how to explain: “Father, he……”

The mayor father pulled her with one hand and Mu Sheng with the other, like pulling two children, laughingly pulling them into the house: “It’s all right; it’s all right; Daddy knows.

It was only then that the day dawned.

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