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  • The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus

    Chapter 113 Extra 1: Story of Pilfering

    “What’s wrong with your family? You’re stealing all the time. One or two, we’ll let it slide, but seven or eight? Do you not want us to live? Why are young people with hands and feet so shameless……”

    The door was only a vain covering, and opened with a creak, crashing into the wooden table at the door.

    A woman in rough clothes came in aggressively. As she walked, she neatly rolled up her cuffs. In her gruff sounding voice, she declared: “I’ll see what’s going on with your family today……”

    Ling Miaomiao was caught off guard by a spray of spittle which hit her face. She looked at her wide-eyed dumbfounded, and opened her mouth. Before she could react, a dark cloud swarmed over her body and spread over her.

    Unidentifiable, the dark cloud coiled around her body, coming from under her feet


    Riled, the approaching person’s pupils glowed red, expressionlessly revealing sharp teeth. In his raised hand, he squeezed the neck of a chicken, which had its neck broken and its head hung limply to one side. The whole body of the chicken was in his hand, swaying from side to side like a pendulum, and still dripping blood.

    The woman’s scolding came to an abrupt end, her mouth wide open, her lips trembling, her eyes rolled back and she fell limp to the ground.


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    Ling Miaomiao and the dead chicken on the ground were speechless.

    After a moment, she pinched the chicken’s wings and carefully lifted up the fat chicken and threw it into the kitchen.

    The kitchen was remodeled and had a huge space for storage. The piles of wild animals of all shapes and sizes were taller than a person and frozen into what almost looked like an iceberg.

    Just after she swung it up, she felt something was wrong.

    The chicken was not killed by magic, but strangled by his own hands, so it would not be long before it spoiled.

    She rubbed her arm, but when she tried to take the chicken down, she couldn’t reach it.

    She stood on her tiptoes and tried three or four times, but her fingertips just barely touched the chicken’s wings and only pulled off a few small pieces of down.

    She was at her wits’ end and had to call out for help: “Mu Sheng.”

    As if waiting for her call, a black cloud condensed and his figure instantly appeared in front of her.

    The thick black hair was softly scattered down to his bare ankles, and the exposed ears were tipped with fine fluff. His snow-white neck was long and slender, above it was a pale face, adorned with a pair of ignorant black eyes, of which the upturned ends were ablaze with crimson.

    As a result of the wind which followed his steps, his footsteps were soft and silent, and the black bed sheet-like coverings gave him a majestic aura of an immortal.

    Now this person was displayed in their home, wandering around, a free-handedly painted vase.


    Ling Miaomiao tilted her head to look at him for a moment, changed her tone to an imploring one, and pointed to the chicken on the top of the mountain of meat: ” Bring it down, we’ll eat it today.


    Today, they had braised whole chicken.

    The hot chicken was emitting a rich aroma, Ling Miaomiao stared at the huge plate and was unable to begin eating for a while.

    When Mu Sheng set the plate, for some strange reason, he bent the chicken’s head at a weird angle, and the chicken’s dead eyes were staring straight at Ling Miaomiao.

    Ling Miaomiao wordlessly poked the chicken’s head twice with chopsticks, causing the dead chicken to yield and fall over, and was genuinely intrigued: “Setting it like this, does it look good?”

    The person in front of her sat upright, listening to her words, but only tilted his head in bewilderment, a few strands of hair slipped down to his cheek, as if wondering why she was not willing to eat.

    A ruckus sounded from outside, and Ling Miaomiao looked back and saw through the window that the family of the woman next door had packed her bags and bedding, and several people were carrying the furniture and moving them out in a hurry.

    “Tsk.” She turned her head and tapped her chopsticks on her plate somewhat gleefully. “The last neighbor was scared away by you. From now on, we’ll be alone. Let’s see who you can steal from in the future.”

    In the blink of an eye, they had already stayed in this small town in the north for more than half a year.

    At that time, they were trapped in the formation, and they could only see a small piece of the sky from the top of the array center, so they did not know what was happening outside. Such as how Liu Fuyi and Mu Yao joined hands to attack the center of the formation. As well as how Duanyang suddenly woke up and inadvertently used the Nine Mysterious Demon Restraining Pagoda to restrain the resentful banshee, along with…… when Mu Sheng undid his hairtie and released his half-demon power, the resentful banshee had already been half-devoured by the Demon Restraining Pagoda, and the formation center was already unable to withstand futher attack.

    His energy went out in vain, like an iron fist, landing on the broken wooden door, and immediately falling through empty air, scattering in space between heaven and earth, without realizing his presumed “after my death”.


    However, the demonic power that had been repressed suddenly lost its restraint, and he immediately lost control.

    It was not until Liu Fuyi and MuYao arrived and leveraged the power of the Nine Mysterious Demon Tower to jointly suppress him that they were able to stop his endless desire to kill.

    But in the end, it only cured the symptoms and not the root cause. And he had changed to this appearance.

    The rising hostility had overwhelmed his human reasoning and language, except for the fact that he still slightly recognized her, he was no different from a rabid beast.

    He had to kill to vent his energy, Ling Miaomiao controlled and restricted him He could only kill what was around him. The purpose of stealing chickens seven to eight times in a row, was for killing, and not for the chickens themselves.

    At this moment, Ling Miaomiao looked at him sideways.

    The young man calmly lowered his eyes, skillfully pulling off a chicken wing, and then another.

    Well, he could cook, do all the housework, and was also very obedient. But there was just one thing, he couldn’t speak, nor communicate. For the past six months, Ling Miaomiao talked to herself every day, and even when she pulled down his face and called him Liu Fuyi, he had no response at all.

    But in the end, his person was still here, so Ling Miaomiao did not dare to ask for more.

    In order to reverse this situation, Liu Fuyi and Mu Yao went to the far north to find another of the snow spirit ice silk found by the Bai family back then. They planned to bring it back and cut it into a second hair tie to bind up his uncontrollable hair, in hopes it could be the solution to suppressing his demonic nature. 

    As for the two of them, it had been around two months since they had last written to each other.

    These events had completely deviated from the original plot of “Demon Hunters”, and she had no reference for the future, nor did she know the future ending.


    From the beginning of the changed ending, the world’s movements were no longer restricted by any established rules, and after temporarily turning off system prompts, no more annoying voices appeared in her mind.

    They are, and will be, writing a new, unknown story.

    While Ling Miaomiao wasn’t paying attention, he had already piled the chicken wings into her bowl.

    Miaomiao: “I can’t eat that much ……”

    He did not listen to her, focused on smoothing down the other chicken wing. Upon putting it into her bowl, he found it would not fit, so he very cleverly poked it with his chopsticks, poking at it hard, until it stuck into the rice. Then he raised his eyes, looking at her expectantly.

    “……You used the chopsticks well.” Ling Miaomiao blinked and thought for a while before sighing.

    Mu Sheng looked down at the rice on the table, long and delicate eyelashes curled up and smiled.

    He went around in his original half-demon form, displaying a compelling beauty, cruelty, and hostility.

    In the beginning, as long as he needed energy, regardless of whether it was raw or cooked, he would grab it then put it by his mouth. It would automatically turn into a black gas to be sucked into his mouth.

    If it was alive, the blood would flow down his snow-white arm, dripping dots of blood on the ground. He would squint, licking his bloodied fingers, enjoying the fruits of victory. That scene was more shocking than you could imagine.

    The door could not be left open. The first thing Ling Miaomiao did was to lock the door and teach him how to use chopsticks, but after a week’s effort, he still couldn’t use them. She was so angry that she slumped down on the table and cried, but when she straightened up to wipe her tears, ready to continue, she found him holding the chopsticks with difficulty and looking at her with pursed lips. The helpless look in his eyes overlapped for a moment with the one in the past.

    From then on, he only knew to eat when he saw her pick up her chopsticks, becoming very obedient.

    “Sigh, you can’t steal chicken from now on, you know.” Miaomiao gnawed on the chicken wings while staring at him, feeling like she was raising a pet.

    “……” The other party’s wet eyes were dark, staring straight at her, seemingly flashing with helplessness and grievance, wanting to say something.

    Ling Miaomiao looked at him baffled, counted the days in her mind, and suddenly understood.

    After eating and cleaning up the tableware, Mu Sheng was like a programmed robot, seriously and meticulously taking on all the work, and after everything was over, he sat back in his chair, looking down at the table. But his fluttering eyelashes gave away the restlessness and anxiety in his heart.

    Ling Miaomiao went to close the doors and windows, took a deep breath, turned the man around with difficulty, hiked up her skirt, sat on his lap, and clasped her arms around his neck.

    “……” The young man’s eyes slowly turned bloodshot, his eyelashes fluttered, and he turned his head to the side, staring intently at the air.

    Ling Miaomiao brought his face back and said in a huff: “Look at me.”

    He turned his head aside again in panic, sat upright, and his body began to tremble.

    Miaomiao wore a crane-embroidered hezi1A type of undergarment which only covers the chest and lacks shoulder straps. In the image below, it’s the light blue piece. This is probably a good representation of how Miaomiao is wearing her’s. For those who are interested, here‘s an article on it. By the way, doesn’t it kind of look like a bandeau? As she pulled on the tie at the back, it fell down. Inside, was a light chest-level ruqun. Her snow-white breasts were half covered, revealing the line of a shallow dip.

    As she pulled on the tie at the back, it fell down. Inside, was a light chest-level ruqun. Her snow-white breasts were half covered, revealing the line of a shallow dip.

    After all, the sexiness of a young girl was the most tempting thing of all.

    Because she didn’t like such revealing clothing, she wore her hezi outside her clothes to cover herself up tightly, but now it looked superfluous.

    He was completely stunned, then visibly agitated as his eyes reddened and his hands grasped the corner of the table, as if it would escape in the next second.

    Every now and then, he would have to concentrate and let out his powers. But he did not forget to not waste it, so he would pick up all the loot, dutifully pile them up in the kitchen, and freeze them into what looked like an iceberg.

    The demons in the back of the mountain were only so many. Even if she were to allow him to kill and destroy them as he pleased, after those who died, died and those who fled, fled, it was evident the demons would not be able to afford it.

    But if he was not allowed to kill demons, he would kill people, poultry, and livestock, disturbing the neighbors. In the end, Ling Miaomiao had to think of other ways for him to vent.

    For example, sleeping with him.

    With this, he could live peacefully for most of the month.

    But compared to his reckless killing, in this matter, he was much more cautious. He held himself back very strictly, as if afraid of mistakenly hurting her. He would hold himself back until the last minute and not permit himself to touch her recklessly.

    Ling Miaomiao hung herself on him, kissed his soft and pointy ears, and touched them with her hands, feeling like a delinquent girl who was abducting adolesents: “Yes, yes, come on ……”.

    The young man’s dark eyes were watery and moist. He narrowed his eyes; the corners of his eyes were red as if blood had seeped into them. He stood up quickly, distractedly holding her in his arms, and dove into the nearest canopy.

    And just like that, this crisis was easily resolved.


    That night, Ling Miaomiao had a dream.

    In the dream, she went back to the time when she first came to this world. In Chang’an City, Mu Sheng was bullying her in a thousand different ways.

    In the daytime, he left her in the middle of the crowd, and only when nightfall came did he come to her and bring her back with a sneer.

    He walked in front, wearing stiff boots that were wide at the top and narrowed as they went down. A kylin patern was embroidered on his back; his wristbands were tied tightly, and the Demon Restraining Circlets hung on his wrists like bracelets. The young man’s ponytail tied up high, distinct, and he walked forward steadily, just minding his own business.

    ——At this time, even if he was heartless, it is also good.

    Despite knowing that it was an illusion, Ling Miaomiao followed for a couple of steps, then suddenly ran up and hugged him from behind.

    Shocked, he stopped in his tracks, turned around, pulled her off his body, and looked at her with something that wasn’t quite a smile, “Miss Ling is not walking properly, what is she trying to do?

    Ling Miaomiao only got a word out before a lump rose up in her throat and her tears fell.

    “Nothing,” she wiped her tears and said calmly, “I just missed you too much.”

    She was too aggrieved despite knowing it was unreasonable, but she couldn’t help but speak the words in her heart out to the man in her dreams.

    Mu Sheng reached out and caught the tears on her face, took a quizzical glance at his wet fingers, and reached out his fingers to wipe her face: “Don’t cry.”

    Ling Miaomiao made a sound of agreement and looked away. She flapped her hand, gesturing for him to go first: “Let’s go.”

    He did not move for a long time, Ling Miao Miao raised his eyes, the young man is lowering his head, smiling at her, with a hundred restrained lingering, that look she is all too familiar with.

    However, he did not move for a while, Ling Miaomiao raised her eyes, the young man had lowered his head, smiling at her, with an utterly restrained fondness, a look she was all too familiar with.

    He smoothed Miaomiao’s wind-blown hair, kissed her on the cheek and said softly, “I missed you too.”

    Ling Miaomiao opened her eyes wide and reached out her hand to touch him, but just as she touched him, she suddenly woke up from her dream.

    The crickets were chirping in the dead of night, and a desolate quiet ran through the night.

    Ling Miao Miao looked blankly into space and felt her face dampen.

    The black hair of the person next to her was spread all across the bed. He held her face and was kissing away her bitter tears.

    She turned her head to the side. Mu Sheng’s eyes were dark and bright, looking at her ignorantly.

    She slowly snuggled up to him and wrapped her arms around his cold body, so tight that the back of his clothes wrinkled.


    [1] A type of undergarment which only covers the chest and lacks shoulder straps. In the image below, it’s the light blue piece. This is probably a good representation of how Miaomiao is wearing her’s. For those who are interested, here‘s an article on it. By the way, doesn’t it kind of look like a bandeau?

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