The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus

Chapter 105 Past Hatred, New Resentments (5)

“Huaijiang went out with Kongqing to say a few words. When he returned to the dungeon, he found that the girl had been killed by someone.”

When saying the word “kill,” there was a sharp pause, like iron suddenly fell on paper, so that the ink smears gradually appeared.

Mu Yao’s heart fell and her eyelid jumped.

That pause seemed to have used up all the strength of the letter writer, and the handwriting behind it became slack and weak, as if it were a long sigh.

“If there is a harbinger for the decline of everything, this is the beginning of the decline of the Mu family.”


Succubi were naturally born spirits, the frost and snow shaped their bones, grass and leaves formed their skin, the mountains and rivers gave them gracefulness, and from all things in the world, they received beauty, all of this making their bodies.

Since the heavens favored them so, they naturally must also be equally punished.

The succubus and the resentful banshee, their two souls shared one body. The greatest good and the greatest evil, darkness and light, the two were separated as yin and yang, just like the world’s morning and evening.

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So, an undercover investigation began. First the most suspected mute women guarding the dungeon were secretly locked up in the dungeon, followed by a few of the servants who had been seen passing near the dungeon that night. As the rumors spread within the mansion, panic began setting in.


The usually riotous Bai Yirong was sick before this, lying in bed until after the New Year, and was not involved in this turmoil.

After locking up ten people, Mu Huaijiang decided to call it off.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t guarantee the resentful girl was most definitely one the ten locked up, but he felt that things could not go on like this, them scaring themselves, and adding to their troubles.

He called Bai Jin to him and licked his lips that were dry and cracked from the exertion: “A’Jin, we won’t kill Mu Sheng.”

Bai Jin lifted her head and looked at him silently and wordlessly, with a bit of blame and resentment in her eyes.

Bai Jin was carefully cultivated by the Bai family, beheading demons and eliminating countless demons. She had long been hardened like iron. She could not be compared to ordinary delicate women. But regarding this, she still could not accept Mu Huaijiang’s cold-bloodedness and ruthlessness.

Before that, he had followed the approach of Taoist Kongqing, in order to forever eliminate the resentful banshee, he arranged for Mu Sheng to release half of his demonic energy and die with his mother. Once done, it would solve both troubles at once.

She strongly opposed it, and did not hesitate to have a big fight with him.

She just felt that Mu Sheng was still a child. Before, he was bewitched by a resentful banshee and nearly almost killed his father. But now he was being made to kill his mother, which was a disregard for human decency—— even if he had demon blood, he was still at least half human.

As he leaned obediently in her arms, she could clearly feel the touch of his cold cheek, the skin was delicate and soft, the same as when Mu Yao when she was a child, soft and fluffy.

And Mu Yao was still young, she never knew that in the so-called justice of this world, there were still many disagreements hidden within that only adults could understand.

Fearful of Mu Huaijiang, Mu Yao followed the rules, only carefully asking her every few days, “Mother, when will my brother come out of the dark room?”


“Mother, why does brother never cry? I’m afraid he’s terrified in Lotus Bloom Hall. Why don’t you let him out?”

“Mother, brother is already seven years old, if he doesn’t practice, it will be too late, isn’t father going to release him?”

As the number of times she was asked this increased, she gradually lost the mental fortitude to muddle through her questioning. The sharp little girl was the hope for the reflourishment of the Mu Family, while she and Mu Huaijiang had long become the worn knife’s edge.

“What are you going to do?” She asked calmly.

“I want Mu Sheng to stay, no matter what method you use, I want him to recognize only you and me as his parents and Yao’er as his sister.”

Bai Jin smiled a little.

She understood what he meant, the power of the resentful girl was still in this child, holding Mu Sheng within their grasp was the best way to force submission from the resentful banshee, and the only capital they had to fight against her.

“All right.” She was silent for a long time, before nodding with a pale smile, “I will make a trip home in a few days and ask for help from my parents.”

“But you have to promise me that from now on, no one in the whole house is allowed to mention Mu Sheng’s lineage anymore, just treat him as an ordinary child.”

Ten days later, Bai Jin returned from the Bai family, holding a box in both hands.

The box contained silk woven from the moon soul ice silk that the Bai family had looked for in the far north, cut down to a thin, narrow strip.

The comb went down the black shiny hair, brushing all the way down to the end. A slim hand picked up the ends of his hair, holding them in her hand, and revealing his ears.


Bai Jin was face to face with him, looking into his dark eyes from within the mirror, her tone soft, like all the mothers in the world when combing their children’s hair: “A little higher, or a little lower?”

“……” His blank eyes slowly came into focus, his gaze fell on her face, fixing onto her. His long, delicate eyelashes trembled, and he answered her in a very small voice: “A little higher. “

“All right.”

She curved her eyes and smiled, the moment when the ends of her eyes curved down, she saw in the mirror, the fine lines at the corners of her eyes, like the spiders pulled out of decaying wooden furniture.

Not far away, was Mu Yao’s ignorant and tender face.

How time flew, as quickly as the life of a mayfly.

In this moment, love and hate, right and wrong, grievances between humans and demons, were temporarily put aside, and the action of combing her hair seemed to become her life’s work.

She carefully brought out that luminous ribbon from the velvet lining, as if pulling out a ray of hope from the ruins. The moment her hands tightened the hairband, she finally coughed up the fishy sweetness in her throat.

Mu Sheng quietly looked at the delicate and beautiful boy in the mirror, hair combed up in a high ponytail, a little of the beautiful white hairband peeking from the top of his head, like a butterfly, wings drooping, and resting on it.

After a long time, he curiously reached out and touched the cold mirror.

This person…… turns out to be me.

“Yao’er.” Bai Jin took Mu Yao’s hand and led her to the wall, “You must watch your brother and never let him take the hairband off.”


After she made her vow, Bai Jin finally took a long breath and patted the back of her hand, something flickering in her eyes.

“Today, your brother will be able to come out of that dark room.”

She ignored the weary tinge between her brows and finally gave a lighthearted answer.


The letter slipped from Mu Yao’s hand, Liu Fuyi reached out to catch it and also caught her thin shoulders firmly.


The scene that surfaced between the two slowly faded, and the moment Miaomiao met his eyes, she knew things were bad.

Seeing his look…… the contents of this memory fragment were also seen by him.

The two met eyes, Miaomiao’s eyelashes trembled in panic, and stared as Mu Sheng slowly sat up from the bed and silently hung up the curtains.

His butterfly bones were prominent and beautifully shaped. From the back, he still carries the frail impression of a teenager.

He moved his hands extremely lightly, but perhaps his hands were shaking, thus the bell rang out.

As the memory fragment played, time seemed to stand still for a moment, as if they were wedged into another time and space, and after it ended, it was still a winter morning before daybreak. The quilt had long lost its temperature and Ling Miaomiao was like someone who had been thrown into the ice and snow. Her cheeks were hot from panic, but her body was shivering in bursts.

He turned back to look sidelong at the girl who was staring at him with wide open almond eyes, and after a long time, he reached out and took her into his arms.

He also had little warmth on his body, the satin of his clothes was cool, and Ling Miaomiao shivered uncontrollably. He paused for a moment, took her jacket placed on the wooden bench at the head of the bed, draped it over her, and once again embraced her in his arms.

The young man’s hand tenderly stroked the girl’s hair, and only after a long time did he speak: “Someone from another world.”

It was a light, definite tone.

As if lightning struck her head, the mental script that Miaomiao had just prepared was instantly and completely forgotten.


Horrified, she tried to check his expression, but she was held down in his arms and could not move, her forehead pressed against his chest, smelling the white plum fragrance of his body.

She suddenly thought of something and carefully felt the skin above his heart through his clothes.

Soft, and warm.

It was gone……

She then realized as an afterthought.

The key, did it have to look like a key? This memory fragment, it was not for her, it was simply a prop to unlock the forgetfulness spell on black lotus……

But she never thought that one day, the fact that “she was not of this world,” would be directly seen by her target.

In this game, she had long changed from an outsider to a player. But now, the player had also been caught.

Ling Miaomiao licked her lips and gave up struggling: “How did you know?”

The teenager’s eyes were dark, the corners of his mouth carried a ridiculing smile. His fingers ran along her hair to her neck, his fingertips rubbed the veins, feeling her restless pulse: “Miaomiao, be smarter next time. Don’t let someone bluff and admit it meekly at the first swindle.”

“……” Ling Miaomiao’s insides burned.

“I am the person from another world that you are talking about, and I don’t want to hide it from you.” She leaned stiffly in his arms, still unable to resist asking, “When did you…… you suspect me?”

“《The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art》, Pythagorean theorem.”

Mu Sheng lowered his eyes and looked mixed unconcerned, “Similar to how new dynasties rise from the ashes of old dynasties, the principle is the same. They’re called differently, but it’s nothing extraordinary.”

Ling Miaomiao thought back on her gleeful successes, and let out a long breath, feeling like a complete fool.

The black lotus was really too smart. With him pretending to be obedient for so long, she nearly forgot about his keen insight.

However…… she struggled out of his arms, broke down, and asked, “If you were suspicious, why didn’t you ask me earlier?”

She stared at his face for a while, not seeing anything resembling disappointment or anger.

“Are you going to leave?” His eyes were pure, reflecting her face, with a small bit of fractured hope in them, mixed with a thick black fog that surged within.

“Huh?” She froze for a moment, not expecting him to skip steps and come straight to this question, fiddling with her fingers irritably, a hint of aggravation was revealed in her words, “I’m not like you, I can’t leave.”

The darkness in his eyes slowly receded and his words were extraordinarily gentle: “All right. You can go anywhere, just don’t leave me.” He touched the girl’s face, his eyes lowered as he fastened her ties, his voice soft: “Whoever takes you away, I want them to die without a complete corpse.”

“If you leave on your own, I will……”

He stopped and looked at her with his head tilted, seemingly weighing his words. Thinking that she didn’t seem to like being treated too roughly, he silently changed the word “lock up” to ” shut in”.

Ling Miaomiao couldn’t care less about his intimidation, so she hurriedly interjected: “Who told you to ask this?”

He froze, his eyes showing a blank look.

Ling Miaomiao felt a little anxious for him, and took the initiative remind him: “I am not Ling Yu…… I…… took over this body, that, reincarnated into this body…… “

“Hm.” He answered.

Ling Miaomiao anxiously looked at him, almost like holding a lightning attractor in her hand, holding her hands high to the dark clouds in the sky, actively seeking punishment.

The black lotus usually held it in in the beginning when angry, rarely showing it, but if you didn’t let him vent, he would easily go into a rage.

But when not a single strike came down, he lowered his eyes, there was a surprising warm color which filled his eyes.

He knew what Miaomiao was afraid of, but in this world, humans and demons coexisted. The world had been chaotic for many years, and if his half-demon body did not scare her away, did she think that a taken over body could scare him?

The girl’s almond eyes were full of anxiety, near overflowing with tears. He looked at her eyebrows covetously and went along with her: “You knew about my story long ago?”

It was as if Ling Miaomiao had successfully been struck by lightning, sitting upright and clearing her throat, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hide it from you. Since arriving here, I’ve had some strange dreams……” she twisted the truth without any change in her face, “I didn’t think it was your past.”

And she dumped the blame all on the system, “I don’t understand anything; I don’t know what’s going on.”

She looked at him carefully, her small face buried in the fluffy collar, red and full, like juicy fruit, and pursed her pink lips, “Do you mind……”

He moved over, kissed her lips, and lingered on the fruit-like cheeks, pausing a moment before saying, “Isn’t Miaomiao just Miaomiao?”

Not Ling Yu, but Ling Miaomiao, from beginning to end, she was this Miaomiao.

After saying these words, a hint of hidden satisfaction swept through his heart.

Miaomiao might not have remembered that she once said to Mu Yao, “Isn’t he just him, what does it matter if he is a human or a demon.”

When he returned these words to her, he finally felt himself slowly approaching this flame, more qualified than anyone else to hold it tightly in his arms and never let go.

No matter who she was, no matter what secrets she had, as long as it was her, nothing else mattered.

He stroked her soft earlobe, sniffing the familiar gardenia fragrance of her body: “I really want other people to know too.”

“…… Wh, why?” She wrapped her arms around his neck, a little confused by the kiss.

It’s nothing glorious……

His voice was soft: “It’s best if they all retreat and no one dares to covet you.”

“……” Ling Miaomiao bottled up her feelings until her face turned red, so angry that she pushed him aside and climbed off the bed with her bare feet, “Get out of the way, I’ll feed the bird.”

Mu Sheng reached out and picked the girl up by the waist, deftly changing their positions and putting her back on the soft bed. His black eyes looked at her, so clear that only warm light remained: “I’ll feed it.”

The birdcage swayed, and the glistening yellow millet poured down like quicksand, piling up into a mountain of grain.

The little bird did not think that unfinished begging could really be exchanged for food. Its feet deftly jumped to the food trough, then it looked up and saw a pair of black eyes.


Surprisingly, today is the big tiger’s turn to feed!

The slender esophagus suddenly protruded, and it choked.

The author has something to say: Ziqi: If I’m happy, I’ll feed the bird, If I’m unhappy, I’ll hit the bird.

Bird: To hell with you!

Translator Note:

I’m tired too. Yawn. Recently I’ve been reading another apocalypse setting novel, it’s great and I’ve been sharing what seems like every funny part to my siblings. Do you guys do that too?

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