The Empress Wants To Be Deposed!

Chapter 7: Put it on Again!

Song Jinning met Li Chengxuan’s surprised gaze, and she subconsciously sat up straight.

But then she thought about it, she needed to pretend to be a lady in front of Empress Dowager Song, but why would she need to pretend to be a lady in front of Li Chengxuan?

This person was very tired of her in his heart, and she doesn’t need him for anything, so she could do whatever she wants.

It is better for Li Chengxuan to think that she is not doing well, so that he will depose her sooner.

As a result, the back that had just straightened immediately fell back. Her sitting posture was worse than it had been before.

Li Chengxuan accidentally caught a glimpse of her sitting posture, and he was truly surprised.

After being surprised, he immediately frowned.

Although Song Jinning was born in a noble family, she did not have the etiquette training that aristocrats should have. As a child, she was very arrogant and domineering, not to mention having extremely rude mannerisms that were definitely the opposite of a lady.

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However, Li Chengxuan is only 18 years old now, and he has not yet become the cold emperor he was in the book, so Song Jinning can still see what he is thinking by looking at his face and eyes.

But what does this have to do with her? She was just a passerby in this person’s life. In two or three years, she would wave her sleeves and leave, and then never see him again.

She stretched out her hand and took a cup that was on the side table, opened the cover, and while slowly sipping the tea inside, she looked at the furnishings of Shoukang Palace.

It took about half an hour before Empress Dowager Song returned.

After coming back, she continued to talk endlessly.

Soon enough, it was time for lunch.

If this is a normal family, having one’s nephew or brother for dinner, it would be a normal thing.

But this is the palace and the two people Song Shao will be eating with are the Emperor and Empress Dowager.

So this is not just ‘lunch’, but a great honor worthy of two lifetimes.

Song Shao hurriedly knelt down to give thanks.

Ater a short while, servants and eunuchs came to serve food.

From the plates, to the utensils, to the food itself, Song Jinning felt that it was too ostentatious.

As for the dishes, it’s probably because Song Jinning has followed her father’s tastes over the years, that she felt that these royal dishes are lacking in taste.

After sitting down and tasting a few dishes, disappointment surged in her heart.

But after thinking about it, she understood why.

One of the rules in the palace, that even if it is just food, the ‘royalness’ cannot be lacking. In short, the more precious the ingredients, the better. This greatly limits the performance of the royal chefs.

Secondly, if the chefs make new food, they also have to worry about their masters not liking their food. With this in mind, who would dare to create different food?

It means making more mistakes, and that is not good.

Lastly, how is it possible for the masters to eat only one or two dishes? This is the Forbidden City, anyone with standing would eat at least ten dishes at a time.

If it’s a particularly high ranking master, more than a dozen dishes have to be made during a meal.

What’s more, how many masters are there in the palace? There are just too many.

So these imperial meals must be prepared early in the morning, so with just one order of the master, the food will come running.

In order to ensure that the pre-made imperial meal is still hot when it arrives in front of the master, it must be kept in a cage for heating, or warmed with hot water. In this way, no matter what the dish is, it would still be hot and ready for eating.

If it’s someone else, this royal meal would be fine, but Song Jinning has an expert foodie for a father….

Song Jinning raised her eyes and looked at her brother. Although no expression can be seen on his face, it is still obvious that the meal is not to his taste.

So after sitting still a little bit, Song Shao got up and told everyone that he will be leaving for Yunnan tomorrow.

Empress Dowager Song was naturally reluctant for him to leave, but with the previous emperor’s decree, she was helpless.

She had to nod and agree.

Song Shao knelt down to say goodbye to Empress Dowager Song, Li Chengxuan, and Song Jinning.

Song Jinning felt very uncomfortable.

Knowing that she shouldn’t come after him, but seeing Song Shao turning away, she still got up and said to Empress Dowager Song and Li Chengxuan, “Auntie, Your Majesty, Chenqie has a gift to give to her brother.”

For the Empress Dowager, these two are her relatives. One is her nephew and the other is her niece.

Moreover, Song Jinning is now married, and Song Shao will be far away from her from now on. Empress Dowager Song doesn’t know when they will meet. Why won’t she let them say goodbye?

So she immediately nodded in agreement.

As for Li Chengxuan, he naturally has no reason to object.

Song Jinning got up and walked out of the hall with Song Shao.

Due to her current identity, Song Jinning didn’t dare to get close to Song Shao in front of Empress Dowager Song and Li Chengxuan, but as soon as they left Shoukang Palace, Song Jinning raised her hand and held Song Shao’s right arm.

Song Shao was taken aback. He was trying to break free, when Song Jinning stopped.

“What’s the meaning of this elder brother? How is it possible that when I am married, I will no longer be elder brother’s sister? Otherwise, why would you be so unfamiliar with me, and call me Empress, and no longer call me Ning’er? You didn’t treat me like that before.” The tone was soft, and her face was also very aggrieved.

When Song Shao saw it, his heart felt soft.

He only has one sister, how could he not love her.

But now she was married into the royal family and has become the Empress. As a man, with so many eyes around him, how could he still be close to her like that?

But looking at Song Jinning’s aggrieved appearance at the moment, and the fact that he doesn’t know when he will see her again, Song Shao couldn’t help but feel sour.

“Ning’er”, he whispered to Song Jinning, raising his hand to pat the back of her hand holding his right arm.

“Your eldest brother will leave the capital and go back to Yunnan tomorrow. From now on, you will be here alone, and you have to learn to take care of yourself.”

Song Jinning has never been far away from them since she was born, but now she will be left alone in the capital by herself.

Song Shao disagreed very much when Prince Nanyang’s manor received the imperial decree that Song Jinning was to go to Beijing and become the Empress. He would rather Song Jinning marry someone from a normal family than a noble family where she had to be far away.

But this is destiny, and they have to obey it.

Although Song Jinning had some sad emotions in her heart, she felt much better than Song Shao.

Because she knew that in three years she would be able to leave Beijing and return to Yunnan.

But she didn’t dare tell this to Song Shao. She just said vaguely: “Brother, I like the yard where I live at home. You have to keep it neat for me. You can’t allow anyone to live there.”

But Song Shao felt even more sour when he heard what she said.

Silly! You are married into the royal family, how can you easily return to your natal family?

And your natal family is thousands of miles away in Yunnan…

If they are not summoned by decree, they will not be allowed to enter Beijing. It will be hard for Song Jinning to see her family from now on.

But there was still a smile on his face, and he said softly, “Ning’er, don’t worry. I will definitely take care of your yard.”

Song Jinning pressed against Song Shao, and smiled at him with her eyes bent. Then she listened to Song Shao’s instructions to her one by one.

Song Jinning nodded again and again: “Big brother, don’t worry.”

She is too lazy to be with Li Chengxuan, and she’s just waiting to return to Yunnan after being deposed as soon as possible.

Seeing her careless and indifferent appearance, Song Shao couldn’t help sighing in his heart.

But there is nothing that can be done.

Fortunately, Empress Dowager Song is here to protect Song Jinning.

And although Prince Nanyang’s mansion is far away in Yunnan, Li Chengxuan must still be careful with the Song clan, and he must not dare to really wrong Song Jinning.

Song Shao finally left with a full stomach of anxiety. Song Jinning stood at the palace gate and only turned around until she couldn’t see his back anymore.

Empress Dowager Song and Li Chengxuan in the hall were talking, but when they saw Song Jinning return, they stopped talking immediately.

Song Jinning didn’t care about what Empress Dowager Song just said to Li Chengxuan.

As the saying goes, there are some things not worth caring about.

She sat upright in the chair, with slightly drooping eyebrows, listening to Empress Dowager Song with a gentle smile on her face. From time to time, she answered in a slow voice.

Li Chengxuan sat on the opposite and glanced at her coldly, snorting in disdain.

Put it on again!

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