The Empress Wants To Be Deposed!

Chapter 2: Even if you sacrifice your life, i still don’t want to!

Li Chengxuan was also looking at the corners of their clothes tied together and his eyebrows frowned slightly. Obviously, this made him unhappy.

But he is the emperor, even if he is not happy, he will not try to undress himself.

Clothes that are tied together symbolize that the newlywed’s relationship will be long and harmonious. Who had the courage to come and untie it? What’s more, the Emperor is obviously unhappy.

So everyone bowed their heads, and no one dared to make a sound.

Song Jinning looked around but she didn’t know anyone among the palace maids.

Gu Yu and Bai Lu who are close to Song Jinning were both present, but there are rules in the palace, so there’s a chance they will be punished if they do anything.

So Song Jinning had to turn around and bend down to do it herself.

The knot was very big, and Song Jinning couldn’t untie it. The more she pulled it, the more the knot became bigger.

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But in fact, what Song Jinning was thinking is very simple.

She couldn’t untie her clothes, and she couldn’t undress herself. She can’t be tied with Li Chengxuan for the rest of her life, right?

Moreover, no one dared to do anything, so she had to do it herself.

As for the auspicious and unlucky things, she never thought about being with Li Chengxuan for a long time in this life.

So looking at the people who were kneeling, she was stunned for a moment.

Li Chengxuan was also surprised by her move, and subconsciously glanced at her.

It’s a pity that the makeup on Song Jinning’s face is too thick. At first glance, there is only red and white.

On the contrary, a pair of eyes as clear as autumn water, were shining brightly under the candlelight.

Li Chengxuan no longer remembered Song Jinning’s appearance when she was young, but he still clearly remembered the mocking words she had said to him.

He just wanted to rip the clothes off and let it be done with. But on second thought, if Empress Dowager Song ever hears about it, he will never hear the end of it.

He had to endure the disgust in his heart, so he lowered his head and started to undress.

He was stronger than Song Jinning, and he was more patient and meticulous than Song Jinning. So while Song Jinning was complaining, he easily solved the problem.

Seeing the clothes fall down, Song Jinning fell silent and raised her eyes to thank Li Chengxuan.

Li Chengxuan ignored her, and continued to look at nothing with a cold expression on his face.

He really is a statue.

So Song Jinning ignored him as well, and turned around and sat down in front of the mirror, instructed Gu Yu and Bai Lu to remove the phoenix crown from her head, remove the red gown, and then go to the bathing room beside the hall to wash.

While she was bathing, she deliberately spent a long time and thought about how Li Chengxuan would be impatient. But everytime she looked back, he still sat in the same position, staring at nothing.

What is he still doing here? Does he really wanna consummate with her?

If she hadn’t didn’t know that she was a side character in a book, Song Jinning would not reject consummating with Li Chengxuan. After all, she is already married to him, and it is definitely unrealistic for a married couple to have no relationship for a lifetime.

But now Song Jinning is very reluctant.

In three years, he will leave her and marry the female lead. He obviously hates her now, so what is the point?

But it is unrealistic to speak directly to him. After all, he is the Emperor, and it is not good to offend him.

And if it reaches the ears of the Empress Dowager, she will be reprimanded.

After thinking about it, Song Jinning didn’t look any further. Instead, she relaxed and closed her eyes.

Now is the time to wait patiently. If Li Chengxuan can’t help himself and leaves then it has nothing to do with her.


A mama gave Song Jinning yuanxiao1元宵 (Yuánxiāo): a dumpling ball made of sticky rice flour stuffed with different fillings. I don’t know why SJN described it as disgusting, to me it’s pretty good lol. and asked loudly: “Your Highness, when will you have a son?

Someone had already told her that she needed to eat Yuanxiao during the wedding. But Song Jinning couldn’t help but be disgusted when she saw it.

Why are all these people talking about children? In the future, there will be many concubines who will give children to Li Chengxuan and Song Jinning is not one of them.

Seeing this bowl of yuanxiao, Song Jinning feels sick to her stomach.

So naturally, her hand that stretched out to take food bypassed the bowl of yuanxiao, and she instead reached to take some peanuts.

The servants in the hall bowed their heads, holding their breath.

They heard that the empress was courageous when she was a child and even bullied the emperor, but now on their wedding night, she actually keeps the emperor in the cold?

But the truth is, Song Jinning just didn’t know what to say to Li Chengxuan, and at the same time she was competing with Li Chengxuan, so she kept her eyes down and kept peeling peanuts.

Song Jinning peeled two peanuts slowly, but then she had a problem.

She is hungry!

This morning, she woke up, took a bath and put on her makeup. When the makeup was finished, the servants were worried the makeup would be ruined so they didn’t allow her to eat.

Later, because of the tedious etiquette, there was no chance to eat.

But she was not hungry before, so she didn’t care. But after eating two peanuts, her hungry stomach recovered and began to protest. At this moment, she felt very hungry, and every second was extremely difficult.

In her last life, she had constant stomach aches, so Song Jinning never wronged her stomach in this life.

Seeing Li Chengxuan, she didn’t know when he would leave. Or, if he will even leave tonight. So Song Jinning called Gu Yu and Bai Lu to come so that she could give instructions

“Ask Zhao Mama to cook Bengong23) 本宫 (běn gong): Lit. this palace. illeism for the empress and imperial consorts. some noodles. The one with the beef broth that’s good for hangovers.”

Gu Yu looked at Song Jinning blankly. Is her mistress stupid? During the wedding night, she eats noodles? Who does that!

Bai Lu didn’t have the slightest surprise on her face, and she answered calmly, turning around to leave the hall. Obviously she was obedient to Song Jinning’s words. It didn’t matter what the Emperor thought, he is not her master.

Song Jinning then looked at Li Chengxuan and graciously asked: “Your Majesty, do you also want some noodles?”

Li Chengxuan’s reaction to this was a cold snort, his voice as cold as broken ice.
“No need!”

Song Jinning then glanced at Gu Yu, who reluctantly turned around and followed Bai Lu.

Song Jinning continued to peel peanuts, and Li Chengxuan continued to sit on the edge of the bed. The two people never exchanged words or even looked at eachother.

Song Jinning chuckled softly in her heart.

It seems that the power of Empress Dowager Song is not going to leave tonight. He is still planning to sleep with her?

However, with Li Chengxuan’s indifferent look, he’ll probably choose to die rather than to sleep with Song Jinning.

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