The Empress Wants To Be Deposed!

Chapter 11: Li Chengxuan Does Not Believe It

Song Jinning does not know how to write poetry but she did memorize more than 300 Tang Dynasty poems.

For the sake of her reputation, she stole one of these poems and changed it a bit to match the cherry blossom subject.

The poem she chose is the best of the best, and even if Jiang Wanqiu is talented, it is still incomparable.

So Song Jinning, who relied on her Tang ancestors, won a big victory.

Empress Dowager Song was simply overjoyed.

Take that Noble Consort Dowager Wei!

As for Noble Consort Dowager Wei, although she didn’t dare to show she was furious, her expression was quite dull.

So after the flower viewing banquet was over, she complained to Jiang Wanqiu while walking to her palace.

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“Rv’p clld ps xydu ulyap pkdnl usw xyaakle xu psd, ulv usw pvkzz byhl ds nbkzeald. Gal usw lhld y osxyd?”

Feeling resentful, Noble Consort Dowager Wei continued: “After I go back, I will pick two maids and send them to my son. You can’t have children, so I’ll have others give children to my son, understand?”

Jiang Wanqiu bowed her head and said yes. Her tone was calm, without any fluctuations.

Noble Consort Dowager Wei felt that she was just hitting a pile of cotton.

Blue veins appeared on her forehead, before she turned and left.

When Jiang Wanqiu followed, she heard Noble Consort Dowager Wei’s impatient roar.

“What are you doing? I’m angry when I see your face. Go away.”

Jiang Wanqiu still responded calmly. After Noble Consort Dowager Wei disappeared at the end of the path, she slowly walked towards the palace gate.

Li Chengxuan soon learned about Song Jinning’s brilliance in the Imperial Garden.

The eunuch who reported the news recited to him the peach blossom poems by Song Jinning and Jiang Wanqiu.

Li Chengxuan was surprised.

Song Jinning is so lazy, how does she have the time to write such profound poetry?

Could it be that she has really changed in these seven years and has studied well?

But Li Chengxuan did not believe it.

After pondering for a while, Li Chengxuan asked Zhou Jing: “This Fu Wang Fei, Zhen seems to remember that she is very famous in Beijing?”

Zhou Jing was able to become the head eunuch and he always has a answer for Li Chengxuan’s questions.

He hurriedly bowed and replied: “In response to your Majesty, this is true. Fu Wang Fei was already well-known in the capital when she was a maiden. When she visited a palace banquet, the previous emperor was impressed with her and personally granted her marriage with Fu Wang.”

Li Chengxuan was somewhat impressed, but he didn’t have any impression of Jiang Wanqiu.

Even though it was his second sister-in-law, there was a difference between men and women. After his brother Fu Wang married Jiang Wanqiu, they moved to a residence outside of Beijing so Li Chengxuan never got the chance to see her.

Then came the death of the previous emperor. He had to deal with courtiers and Empress Dowager Song every day. How could he have the time to care about his second sister-in-law?

Even if Jiang Wanqiu occasionally enters the palace, she only goes to see Empress Dowager Song and Noble Consort Dowager Wei. He was not yet married at that time, so naturally he rarely set foot in the harem.

It’s just that Fu Wang Fei, a person that even his father was impressed with, lost to Song Jinning?

Li Chengxuan carefully recollected the difference between the two peach blossom poems just now, and still felt that Song Jinning’s poem is fake.

How could Song Jinning make such a good poem? Certainly this poem was made by someone else, and Song Jinning just copied it to show off to others.

Seeing that he hadn’t spoken for a long time, Zhou Jing hesitated, and finally said boldly, “Your Majesty, five days have passed since your wedding.”

Although his words were unclear, how could Li Chengxuan not understand?

Since the night of his wedding, he has never set foot in Song Jinning’s Weiyang Palace. He used political affairs as an excuse, but if he keeps doing this, even if Song Jinning doesn’t say anything, the Empress Dowager certainly will.

Instead of letting Empress Dowager Song come and reprimand him, it would be better for him to take the initiative to go.

So after a helpless sigh in his heart, and with a voice sounding like death, he said: “Let’s go to Weiyang Palace.

Song Jinning was standing next to the pear tree in the outer courtyard when Li Chengxuan arrived at Weiyang Palace.

“It’s a pity that the pear season has passed. Otherwise, it would be so nice to watch the moon and eat pears.

Just kidding. She spent a lot of time in the library so poetic things like this sentence is something she often comes by.

Li Chengxuan was walking towards her when he heard these two sentences clearly in his ears.

He paused.

According to his understanding, Song Jinning is a very arrogant and vain woman, but she actually has the elegance to watch the moon?

He couldn’t help but look at Song Jinning.

At that time, the sun was going down, and the gorgeous sunset shone with an orange light.

Song Jinning stood with her back to him. She had a slender waist, and a curvy back bathing in orange light. Li Chengxuan was reminded of the poem ‘Yiren’ when he looked at her.

Li Chengxuan felt that he must be going crazy.

Song Jinning had to remind Bai Lu that she already knew about Li Chengxuan’s arrival.

She turned around and asked him: “Why are you here?”

Li Chengxuan: …

Her voice was full of disgust!

This is the first sentence she said to him after five days.

He thought that Song Jinning must be resentful in her heart since he hadn’t set foot in Weiyang Palace since her wedding night was entirely his own wishful thinking, right?

It was difficult for Li Chengxuan not to frown.

The emperor still cares about face. So he immediately said in a cold voice: “The whole world belongs to Zhen. How come Zhen can’t even enter his harem?”

He immediately strode to the main hall.

Song Jinning: ……

She raised her hand to pick up a fallen lead that was on her skirt, then Song Jinning raised her foot and walked slowly towards the main hall.

The maids and eunuchs who were serving in the main hall were still kneeling.

Li Chengxuan sat on the upper throne, and he clearly saw Song Jinning enter the hall, but he still didn’t say a word. Not even letting these people get up.

Song Jinning understands that this is to give her offense.

Although she is not afraid of Li Chengxuan, this is the emperor and he holds the power to her life and death nonetheless. It’s better not to offend him.

She walked over and greeted your majesty, and then sat down on a chair beside him without speaking.

Isn’t it a matter of competing with patience? Anyway, these servants are not her people, so she doesn’t feel distressed.

She obviously won. Because the final result was Li Chengxuan allowed them to get up.

The kneeling maidservants and eunuchs thanked them for their kindness and got up.

It wasn’t good to let Li Chengxuan sit here, so Song Jinning blinked, and then asked: “Your Majesty, have you eaten dinner?”

“No.” His tone was still not good. However, compared to his tone earlier, it has greatly improved.

Since you haven’t eaten dinner, why did you come to me?

Do you want me to give you food?

God, she really has no patience for this man.

Song Jinning looked up at him speechlessly.

Zhou Jing is fully aware that the Emperor is arrogant, so it is absolutely impossible for him to take the initiative to say that he is here to accompany the Empress for dinner.

He was about to say something, but he remembered when he had to kneel in the imperial kitchen for a whole day, so he kept his mouth shut and looked elsewhere.

As for the other people in the hall, they did not dare to speak. So the hall was really quiet for a while.

Song Jinning felt that it was really too difficult. She couldn’t help but ask herself, Why is Li Chengxuan still here?

She even started screaming for Jiang Wanqiu in her heart, come on female lead, take your annoying guy with you!

But it is a pity that Jiang Wanqiu could not receive her thoughts at the moment, so Song Jinning was silent for a while, and she had no choice but to say politely: “Then, does your majesty want to eat with chenqie?”

As she was saying this, she was screaming in her heart.

Don’t you hate me the most? Go on, disagree with me!

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