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  • The Emperor of the Immortal Realm

    Chapter 3.1 The Stratagem

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    Yan Chuan was still sizing everyone up, when arrogant clamors came from the distance.

    Soldiers were escorting a man in fancy dress towards him.

    “What are you doing? I’m the young master of Zhao clan, I’m Zhao Tiande, are you fucking blind? Let go of me, or else I’ll sentence you nine familial exterminations!”

    Zhao Tiande aggressively cursed the group of soldiers, and although the soldiers all felt embarrassed, they didn’t untied him, and escorted him to the cottage.

    Behind him soldiers were carrying the corpse of Ma the priest and eight banners.


    “Tell me your name, I’ll sentence you nine familial exterminations!” Zhao Tiande roared.

    Yan Chuan sized up Zhao Tiande who was this arrogant, narrowing his eyes slightly.

    “Nine familial exterminations? Who gave you this power?” Yan Chuan’s voice was icy.

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    “Yes, my lord!” Huo Guang who was kneeling on one knee stood up.


    With his fists clenched, Huo Guang stepped forward.

    “What are you doing? Who dare to slap me, I’ll sentence him nine familial exterminations!” Zhao Tiande roared with a vengeance.


    A bright red palm mark appeared on Zhao Tiande’s face.

    “You dare to slap me?”

    Snap! Snap! Snap!

    Yan Chuan didn’t call a halt, so Huo Guang slapped one by one without a stop, and soon, Zhao Tiande’s face was getting puffy and swollen with a slurred speech and the terrified expression.

    “Don’t slap anymore, please, don’t slap!” Zhao Tiande began to beg for mercy.

    Snap! Snap!

    But Huo Guang didn’t stop it at all.

    “Please, don’t slap me anymore, my teeth were falling out, don’t slap anymore!”

    Yan Chuan watched ruthlessly. When Zhao Tiande’s previous temper was completely beaten down and he found nowhere he can escape, he right away begged for mercy in fear.


    “Stop!” Yan Chuan’s voice kept deep.

    Huo Guang stopped slapping. Zhao Tiande tottered to clutch his face, gazing at Huo Guang in horror. Only when the slapping was over he could put down his hands, but his face had been swollen out of shape.

    He stared at Huo Guang with resentment and fear.

    Yan Chuan glimpsed the corpse of the old Taoist priest on the ground who had been wiped out by his will. His eyes were frosty.

    “Tell me, why did you come to me, tell me everything!” Yan Chuan said in a deep voice.

    “I, I was coaxed by the men of Great Zheng Kingdom, I was tricked, your Majesty spare my life!” Zhao Tiande learned his lesson this time and answered right away.

    Yan Chuan stared at Zhao Tiande with a cold smile: “Even at this point, you still want to lie to me? Am I that easy to deceive? Break his arm!”

    “Yes, sir!” Huo Guang responded.

    “Please, no!” Zhao Tiande shouted shrieked.


    Zhao Tiande’s right arm was broken by Huo Guang.

    “Ahhhh!” Zhao Tiande let out a pig-killing scream.


    “Say!” Yan Chuan bellowed seriously.

    At this moment, the resentment in Zhao Tiande’s eyes had turned into horror, devil, this Yan Chuan was a devil, devil!

    “Say!” Huo Guang also burst out.

    Zhao Tiande had a jolt. But he still insisted with gritting his teeth: “All I said is true, is …!”

    “Ooh, I hated when people lie to me, especially someone like you. Since you are still unwilling to tell the truth, Huo Guang, pull out his tongue!” Yan Chuan said indifferently.

    Pull out the tongue?

    Zhao Tiande’s eyes immediately widened. “He dares not, he dares not”, he told himself in his heart.

    But Huo Guang dares. He stretched his hand to pinch Zhao Tiande’s chin, and used the other hand reaching out towards Zhao Tiande’s tongue.

    “I’ll say, I’ll say!” Zhao Tiande screamed in horror.

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