The Emperor of the Immortal Realm

Chapter 2.2 Yan Chuan

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Ma’s body went limp. He lost consciousness.

“Ma the priest, what happened?” Zhao Tiande shouted at once.

The glance cast from the youth was directed at Ma the priest, so others naturally couldn’t feel the immense impact of the will, let alone the vast golden dragon cohered from the will.

Ma’s soul was scattered, and he was as dead as a doornail. The previous formation he hosted was also dispelled.

The fog that originally shrouded the bamboo forest faded away soon.


Outside the cottage, the youth shook slightly after the glance, and his face turned pale.

“The flesh of this life was still too weak!” The youth sighed slightly.

“My lord, please follow this old lackey to leave!” The middle-age eunuch was still anxious.

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“What’s wrong? The King’s Guarding Barracks are coming?” A black-armored soldier cried out in shock.


“Brothers, our reinforcements have arrived, they are here!” A silver-armored soldier shouted excitedly.

“They are here? The formation has been breached? Terrific, terrific!” The middle-age eunuch also turned into excitement.

“We’re saved, we’re saved!” the crowd of servants also came back to their senses.

Upon tearing the formation up, although the youth felt a burst of weakness, the will of the prelife emperor still allowed him to calmly stand at the door of the cottage and look around the battlefield coolly.

In the distance came the shouts of the King’s Guarding Barracks, and the black-armored soldiers outside the cottage were all in panics. They suffered king of casualties before, but they could handle though. However, if the King’s Guarding Barracks arrived, there would be no way to escape.

Soon, some black-armored soldiers’ slowed down their fights and were turning around, as if they were about to run away.

The commander in black armor found things were going wrong.

“We’re surrounded by men from the King’s Guarding Barracks, no one can escape! Now we can only capture that bastard, we will either die or capture him, a fight to the finish!” The black-armored commander suddenly let out a loud shout.

The black-armored commander bellowed, igniting the fighting spirit of the black-armored soldiers that had previously faded. They all look at the youth at once.

“Protect our lord to the death!” Huo Guang gave an anxious shout.

“Fight!” The silver-armored soldiers burst into loud shouts.

Reinforcements arrived, and the fighting spirit of the silver-armored army burned up.


“Kill!” [Blood splashed]

The craziest killings began. Among the blades and swords, blood splashed, brain burst out, and the viscera flew. What a bloody scene.

The crowd of servants were too frightened to look, and the middle-aged eunuch also felt a burst of horror, turning his head to look at the youth.

No panic could be seen in the youth’s eyes. Even if the viscera were flying towards him, his face kept calm and cold, affected by the danger.


Seeing he would lose the battle, the commander in black armor exploded to his full potential and lunged at the youth with crimson eyes.

He jumped out of the battle circle with Huo Guang, at the cost of having his right arm pierced by Guo Guang’s spear.

The right arm was crippled, but he still had his left arm. The commander in black armor ignored the injury of the right arm, held the blade with his left hand, and lunged towards the youth.

“Shameless villain, don’t run away!” Huo Guang shouted.

However, six black-armored soldiers were fighting surrounding Huo Guang, and even though Huo Guang’s skill of spearing was sophisticated, he still couldn’t annihilate six soldiers at once.

The commander in black armor flashed to the youth in a blink with a ferocious face. The broad blade was waved ruthlessly down to the youth.

At the moment the blade was cutting down, a blood light was shining on the blade with killing intent.


This attack that targeted the youth’s arm, might not be able to put the youth to death, but enough to shock his armies.

“My lord!” The middle-aged eunuch cried out, but it was too late to rescue.

The blade was about to chop the youth, at this moment, almost all the people’s eyes were focusing over here with someone excited and others frightened.

Over, it was over, the lord would be dead! The youth had been living here for seven years, and although people didn’t pry, they had an basic idea of the youth’s cultivation, which couldn’t help him to resist the attack.

The broad blade was coming, and the youth’s face still remained cold without a trace of panic.

He didn’t run away, instead, the youth took a step forward.

The step might look quite casual, but the real experts all understood that it was not the courage needed to face the slash forward, because this was something you couldn’t achieve when you only own the courage. When the danger was approaching, one would avoid it instinctively. This was the subconscious instinct.

The will of the youth, suppressing his self instinct, allowed him to take a step forward. This need a great deal of confidence.

He took a step and dodged the attack in a trice.

The black-armored commander’s eyes turned surprised when he found he missed the slash.

How, how could this be possible? He himself was the expert who was up to sixth level of the strength sphere! How could a frail boy dodge his slash?

Is this still the frail boy?


Next second, the black-armored commander met the youth’s eyes.

Cold, cold to the extreme, the boy’s gaze was as if he was staring at the dead.

The black-armored commander’s whole body sweat hair stood up, a feeling of death instantly permeated his whole body.

How that could be possible? He was only a frail boy with strength level that might be less than three. Why he could give me such a feeling?

Since the youth took the step forward, they two were standing closely, and others were not able to see the youth’s movement clearly. But the middle-aged eunuch who was next to them, did see it very clearly.

He saw the youth suddenly raised the right hand, which was in shape of a claw and shining with a hint of golden light on the fingertips, with extremely fast speed, thrusted into the throat of the black-armored commander in a trice.


Fresh blood splashed out from the back of the youth’s hand. The throat, which was fragile on one’s body, was pierced by the youth’s hand.

The black-armored commander stiffened, and his eyes widened with disbelief.


The youth kicked at the stiff black-armored commander to kick him away.

The black-armored commander seemed to have lost his strength, dropped his long blade, clutched his throat, and stared at the youth with a frightened face. The youth’s face was still frosty, but in the palm of his right hand he was grasping a bloody flesh, a piece of throat.

The youth removed the black-armored commander’s throat with just one hand.

Almost all the soldiers around had a pang of numbness on their sculps. This, this was still the bastard that should have been slaughtered at will?

Looking at a dark hole at the throat of the commander, the black-armored soldiers instantly lost all their fighting spirit.

“Run! Run!”

The black-armored soldiers scattered and fled away.


From afar came the shouts of the King’s Guarding Barracks.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A series of long arrows came from afar, and soon, the black-armored soldiers were mostly hit by arrows. Even so most of them were shot at their feet, so the arrows were not killing them!

In the twinkling of an eye, nearly a thousand soldiers arrived, swiftly and violently capturing the black-armored soldiers who were fleeing and injured nearby.

“These petty officials were late for guarding your Majesty, please punish us!” After capturing the black-armored soldiers, the group of generals and soldiers pleaded for forgiveness right away.

“Huo Guang failed in the duty of guarding your Majesty, please punish me!” Huo Guang soon knelt down on one knee.

At once, except for the soldiers who were still chasing and guarding the black-armored army, all the soldiers outside the bamboo cottage knelt down on one knee to ask for forgiveness.

“Guarding Majesty?” The youth narrowed his eyes.

Guarding your Majesty, these words were only used on the kings. But his identity of this life was only a lord who was the brother of the king, why were they using “guarding Majesty”?

“My lord? You forgot about the past again, isn’t it?” The middle-aged eunuch next to him suddenly opened his mouth.

“Oh?” The youth turned to the middle-aged eunuch.

“Yes, it’s the ninth day of the ninth month, my lord, this old lackey was ordered to take care of my lord, here it has been the seventh year. Every year on the ninth day of the ninth month, my lord would lose the memory and forget everything in the past, and this old lackey shall tell my lord all the things in the past!” The middle-aged eunuch said respectfully.

Every year on the ninth day of the ninth month, losing the memory for once? The youth suddenly realized the reason. The powerful will of prelife that stored in the Acupoint of Celestial Gate would impact the acupoint at the ninth day of the ninth month, which was not something that the one of this life could compare with, thus, every year the impact would cause the memory of this life to fade. And now, all the memories of this life were washed away.

“My lord, your name was Yan Chuan!” The middle-aged eunuch said with respect.

“Yan Chuan?” The youth read the name.

After a moment of silence, the youth finally nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, then from now on, I’ll be called Yan Chuan!”

The youth accepted the name of this life.

“Your Majesty is the most revered lord in our Great Yan Kingdom, the Equivalent King! The status is on par with his Majesty!” The middle-aged eunuch said solemnly.

“The Equivalent King?” Yan Chuan raised his eyebrow.

In his prelife as an emperor, Yan Chuan understood that a country could not have two kings, and the emperor was the head of the country. No one could be compared to it, and the emperor’s majesty was not allowed to be trampled on. The Equivalent King? So ridiculous, how could there be such a king title?

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