The Emperor of the Immortal Realm

Chapter 2.1 Yan Chuan

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“Kill them all!”

“Brother! You killed my brother, I’ll fight against you to the death!”

“Anyone who stops me shall die, kill, kill, kill!”





Outside the cottage, where shouts of killing spread, blood spilled, mud splattered, and a bunch of dead bodies sprawled on the ground, the silver-armored soldiers had suffered heavy casualties, but the left were still fighting to death to protect the cottage.

Huo Guang and the commander in back armor had fought to the bitter end with their eyes even turning red. They were both injured, and the fighting was getting fiercer.

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The youth glimpsed the middle-age eunuch indifferently and ignored him, instead, he went on observing this bloody scene of killing.


“That bastard had come out, now, let’s kill him!” A black-armored soldier’s eyes widened at the sight of him.

Upon the soldier’s yelling, all the men looked over here.

“My lord! Please run!” The silver-armored solders called.

“kill him!”

The gang of black-armored solders advanced more and more ferociously.

“My lord, allow me this old lackey escort my lord to leave! This place had been set up by a formation by the Great Zheng Kingdom, as long as we rush out of this formation, we can survive, outside the formation were our King’s Guarding Barracks!” The middle-age eunuch rushed up with an anxious face.

The panic that should had been there did not appear on the youth’s face. The youth glanced around the crowd — full of unfamiliar faces — but this didn’t stop him from judging the situation in front.

“The formation?” The youth asked lightly.

“My lord, it will be too late if we don’t leave now!” The middle-age eunuch got more anxious.

The youth shook his head and turned to look around with his eyes slightly narrowed. Only for a while, his sight targeted somewhere into the bamboo forest. Staring at the direction of the bamboo forest, the youth’s eye became incredibly icy.

Deep inside the bamboo forest were standing two men at this moment. One was dressed in fancy clothes with smugness in his eyes, gazing somberly at the direction of the cottage. The other was an ugly elder in Taoist robe.

In front of the old Taoist priest was a small flag, and faint yellow light was emanating from his palms, flowing to the small flag constantly. His eyes were full of smugness.


“Zhao Tiande, if it was not you, we would never find this place! The king of Yan Kingdom would never think it was actually you, the Zhao clan of Yan Kingdom, who are eager to skill this bastard.” The old Taoist priest grinned evilly.

“The king of Yan? He can’t wait to see this bastard die, after all, the identity of this bastard is so special, and his parents died long ago.” Zhao Tiande said with a sneer.

“The birth of this bastard is peculiar, if I was the king of the Yan, I’ll also give him an execution by forced suicide. However, this bastard has been living here for seven years, and the king of Yan didn’t get an excuse to execute him. So the king is not in a hurry, but you Zhao clan can’t wait to kill him? Hahah!” The old Taoist priest cackled.

Zhao Tiande looked at Ma the priest, smiled slightly: “Rest assured, when our Zhao clan takes control of Great Yan Kingdom, what has been promised to you will certainly be handed over to you. Sixteen cities south of Yan state, every single bit of land will belong to you!”

“Hahah, Zhao Tiande is the first son of the Zhao clan, and of course your words would represent the Zhao family, I can trust you!” Ma the priest laughed with a sinister look.

To Ma the priest, it didn’t matter at all whether Zhao Tiande would keep his words, what mattered was the Great Yan Kingdom should be getting turbulent by this.

“The bastard came out!” Zhao Tiande yelled.

Ma the priest looked over and showed a trace of distain: “So what? He’ll die anyway. Surrounded by this old-timer’s formation, the disorder here was not able to be noticed by the King’s Guarding Barracks at all.”

“Something was wrong, the bastard was looking over here!” Zhao Tiande’s face turned off-color.

“Impossible, how could a mortal body recognize my formation?” Ma the priest didn’t believe it.

Just the moment he finished the words, Ma the priest suddenly felt he was being stared by a poisonous snake, and all the sweat hairs on his back stood up. He gazed at the youth at the door of the cottage with an incredulous face.

The youth was staring at Ma the priest. The formation couldn’t stop his sharp gaze at all.


The two stared at each other, and Ma the priest felt a huge mountain was pressing onto him.

“What, what the hell is the gaze?” The voice of Ma the priest was in horror.

The youth’s eyes were glaring, bursting out a wave of fierceness.

Outsiders couldn’t perceive it, but Ma the priest saw it quite clearly – the glare of youth almost lightened up the whole universe. A wave of vast will rushed straight towards him.

The will! It was hidden in the soul, emanated from the eyes, and had nothing to do with the level of cultivation, originated from the sophistication and inward nature of the youth’s prelife.


Ma the priest seemed to hear a huge dragon roar. Such a deafening roar that the sense and soul of Ma the priest were shaking, putting him into a trance.

In a flash, a huge golden dragon was rushing from the youth’s eyes.

The golden dragon glared, baring its fangs and waving its claws with saber-rattling, and deeply roared while swinging its tail. The power that seemed to bring the end of the world rushed straight to Ma the priest.

Ma’s face instantly became frightened to the extreme. Under the powerful dragon mighty pressure, Ma’s whole body stiffened and couldn’t move, letting the huge golden dragon pounce onto him.


The golden dragon struck on Ma’s body in its roaring. Vaguely, a green light around the body of Ma abruptly dispersed. The green light looked like the form of Ma’s body, and if there was a cultivator spotting this, he would be unexpectedly shocked since that green light was actually the soul of Ma.


Just a look? That dispelled Ma’s spirit and soul?

How powerful will would the man own to achieve this? What kind of a powerhouse he was?

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