The Emperor of the Immortal Realm

Chapter 1.2 Nine Planets Aligned, Celestial Gate Opened

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The wind of Yin was swiftly sucked by the power from the youth, racing straight to the “Acupoint of Celestial Gate” on the forehead.


The Acupoint of Celestial Gate banged suddenly. A great deal of green light streaming out of the acupoint hung over the youth’s body, and a wave of ferocious power were pouring out from him.

All the sixteen flames of the lamps inside the room were fiercely trembling under the overwhelming power, as if they would go out in the next second.




From the youth’s body a dragon’s chant burst out. The sound of chanting was immense, but nobody outside could hear a single sound weirdly.

The power radiated from the youth’s body was getting mightier, gradually soaring into the sky.

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Two streaks of sharp light were emitted from the youth’s eyes, and his eyes became ruthless when a gust of wind blew by.


The youth quickly adapted to the environment, and the powerful aura radiated from him slowly converged into his body.

His eyes were distant, wise, full of vicissitudes, and were not at all what a 17- or 18-year-old should have.

Not far from the bed was a mirror.

The youth slowly walked to the mirror, stretched out his arms, looked at his hands, and touched his face to the mirror.

“Exactly the same, the appearance was exactly the same with the one of prelife!” He narrowed his eyes and sighed.

After that, he lifted up the left sleeve, and on the wrist was a seed-like birthmark.

His right middle finger gently stroked the birthmark for a while, and his eyes slightly narrowed: “The cultivation method of ‘Usurping the destiny and extending the life’? It’s not in vain that I devoted a whole dynasty to open that immortal’s tomb…… Usurping the destiny and extending the life? The secret method left behind by the immortal in that tomb was really fabulous!”

“The treasure of the immortal tomb?” He seemed to think of some painful memories, with his eyebrows wrinkling abruptly and the hostility spreading out in his eyes.

Looking around the study, the youth walked over to where the desk was.

On the desk, there were dozens of brush pens.

The youth glanced over them, and picked purple-jade one curved with dragons.

Dipping it on the ink, he showed cruelty in his eyes with a gloomy face to the extreme. The brush pen began to write on the Xuan paper that was already laid there.


(TL: Xuan paper is a kind of soft paper used for writing and painting.)

The eyes of the youth were overwhelmed by hatred and furiousness, but the his hand was as steady as the mountains, writing stroke by stroke.


Inside the room came a sudden gust of whirlwind that quickly swept every corner of the house. A good deal of books was blown constantly lifting the pages, and some small objects blown by the whirlwind were even rushing around. But the weird thing was, this burst of whirlwind would always bypass the oil lamps and among this wild wind the flames of the lamps remains.

It was not the youth himself that brought the fierce whirlwind inside the room as he didn’t show any power during this time, instead, the characters under the youth’s brush pen did. It was brought by the first written character “Zhen”.

If someone who cultivated by the “character” spotted this, he must be shocked since the characters of the youth had actually reach the sphere of “storm startled upon writing”.

That was literally an extremely high calligraphy sphere, which many cultivators might not be able to reach in their lifetime.

However, this young man, looked only 17 or 18 years old.

Storm startled upon writing! The youth’s characters originated from his calligraphic attainment in his prelife and had nothing to do with his cultivation. A ‘Zhen’ character could be an example for countless calligraphers in the world, and this character had an imperial overbearing aura that made people fearful upon looking at it.

The character Zhen took up half of the sheet of Xuan paper, and on the other half side, the young man wrote down another character.


Zhen Xiong!


With each stroke that falls, the whirlwind around it got larger and larger. When the last stroke of the word Xiong fell, the purple jade brush pen in his hand abruptly emitted a brittle sound.


A crack appeared in the purple jade pen.


More and more cracks appeared.


The purple jade brush pen turned into a handful of powders, scattered by the whirlwind around. Writing only two characters broke the brush pen. If the cultivators who were cultivating by the “character” spotted this, they would either admire the youth’s excellent handwriting, or lamented the quality of the brush pen was poor.

When the two words were finished, the whirlwind came whirling around, hovering above the Xuan paper and rushing straight into the two words.

Staring at the two dark characters was like seeing an abyssal hell. They were full of resentment, full of furiousness, and a flood of negative emotions were written into these two characters by the young man.


The whirlwind was sucked into it, and from the two characters unexpectedly emerged a large amount of dark gas, which hovered over the Xuan paper and gradually coalesced into a dark demon’s head.



The devil’s head, with two horns, eyes like an abyss, and teeth like jaggiess, laughed maniacally in an evil, eerie, and arrogant manner.

The youth had been staring at the dark cloud all along.

“The character that I have been unable to break through for a thousand years now actually break through because of you, ‘Zhen Xiong’? The brush pen falls where the vision shows?” The young man stared at the demon’s head with a vengeful voice.

He was glaring at the devil’s head written out by his own negative emotions. The hatred among the youth’s eyes did not diminish, and his eyes even gradually turned blood red by the hatred.

“Zhen Rou is my queen, you are Zhen Rou’s father, how can there be such a cruel father in the world? In order to get the immortal sword, you actually deceived Zhen Rou, to let her bring the world’s most poisonous thing to eat with me. I can hold alive for ten days, but Zhen Rou died on the spot. Such a cruel father, such a vicious father.”

“Zhen Rou is so kind, you do not deserve to be his father. That immortal sword from the immortal’s tomb, although powerful, but I did not catch a fancy of it. I have my own sword the Son of Heaven. Just for an immortal sword, you poisoned your own daughter, Zhen Xiong? Hahahahaha, just you wait, now I am alive again, and I will definitely cut you open and dig out your heart to see what color your heart really is, to avenge Rou!”

Cruelty burst out from the youth’s eyes, rushing straight to the demon’s head with this fierceness, several times stronger than the one of the demon, forcing back the demon’s head back into the two characters.

Above the Xuan paper shrouded by a layer of dark gas.

Even the cheapest piece of Xuan paper, after written on these two characters, could be priceless. But the youth picked up the Xuan paper and stretched it into the oil lamp.


The Xuan paper kept burning.


“Let me off!”




The devil in the Xuan paper screamed incessantly, but the youth’s eyes were frosty, despite the piece of Xuan paper was turning into ashes.

“Zhen Xiong?” The youth once again ferociously recited the name.

Having calmed himself down, he began to feel the surrounding situation. He slightly closed his eyes, and then raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Usurping the destiny and extending the life, only one of immortal sphere could perform, sure enough! I was not a immortal yet then, and my body was dying, that’s why I rolled the dice. If it were not for the nine stars alignment this time, and the opening of the celestial gate, my will may have to be trapped in the flesh forever…… But now that I’ve been finally out, I wonder if my former flesh is still lying in that coffin. I shall go back someday!” The youth slightly sighed.

With a deep breath, he slowly walked towards the door of the bamboo cottage.


The door of the bamboo cottage was opened by the youth.

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