Transmigrated as a Cannon Fodder Omega, Their Knees Bent


Chapter 47 – Haute Couture

He Yunzhou was usually vigilant, but his downfall was that he took things too seriously, especially when it involved Lou Ting.

In a moment of relaxation, he let his guard down, and Lou Ting managed to sneak a peek without him realizing how much he had seen.

He Yunzhou closed the virtual screen and stared ahead silently, not saying a word.

Lou Ting didn’t have any intention of snooping, but he wanted to tell him something. Unfortunately, he accidentally saw the content of the forum. He cleared his throat and couldn’t conceal the amusement in his smile as he asked, “Feeling shy?”


He Yunzhou thought for a moment and grabbed Lou Ting’s hand, saying, “This post was just an advertisement that popped up. I found it interesting, so I clicked on it.”

“Oh,” Lou Ting nodded thoughtfully, with a lingering tone that seemed to say, ‘So that’s what it is.’

He Yunzhou hastily thought of a reason, regardless of Lou Ting’s reaction. He quickly added, “These kinds of posts are all from trolls, they have no substance. I was actually about to make a post criticizing this false behavior of building up popularity. You didn’t misunderstand, did you?”

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He Yunzhou usually wore clothes from this brand, which were high-end and custom-made.


He didn’t need to walk the runway; the brand would just send the handcrafted clothes directly to his home. He Yunzhou wore haute couture as his daily attire.

As soon as they entered the store, a salesperson approached them with a smile and said, “Mr. He, everything you need is ready. Please follow me.”

Weres was a well-known luxury brand in the interstellar world, with a range of products from men’s and women’s clothing to jewelry and bags.

It was hailed as a brand at the forefront of fashion throughout the entire interstellar world.

The designer for this brand was known as the “Creator of Miracles”. Whatever he designed became a bestseller.

He had never made a mistake in all these years.

The salesperson led them upstairs and stopped at the door, saying, “Mr. Zhan is inside. If you have any needs, just let me know.”

Zhan Zhou, the chief designer of Weres, had an unknown real name and background.

With his skillful hands, he conquered the world of fashion.

Zhan Zhou put down his sketches and greeted He Yunzhou, saying, “Long time no see.”

He Yunzhou nodded and placed his hand on Lou Ting’s shoulder, introducing him, “This is Lou Ting.”

Lou Ting said, “Hello.”


“Hello, beautiful,” Zhan Zhou teased, running his fingers through his long hair. He looked at the two of them thoughtfully and said, “When your secretary called me, I thought it was a joke. I didn’t expect you to actually have the time for this.”

It’s strange how he doesn’t have time to get his own custom-made clothes, but he’s so proactive in bringing someone else along.

He Yunzhou said, “Stop talking.” Lou Ting only has this afternoon off, and if they don’t finish today, they might not have time to come again.

“Alright,” Zhan Zhou raised his hand, intending to place it on Lou Ting’s shoulder. This is how he usually leads customers in. But just as he raised his hand, Lou Ting was pulled into a side hug by He Yunzhou, avoiding his hand.

Zhan Zhou: “???”

Lou Ting: “……?”

They accidentally switched positions, and the two of them looked at each other, confused.

The designer cleared his throat. He was just looking and feeling a little jealous, but he didn’t expect He Yunzhou to react faster than he thought. By the time he realized it, Lou Ting had already been pulled away by him. “Bring out the unreleased designs.”

Zhan Zhou felt helpless. How did he become like a rogue? He swore on his conscience that this is the basic way of greeting. “You have to take the measurements and then customize according to his body measurements.”

The clothes here are not off-the-rack sizes. They are made based on a human-shaped mannequin. Although Lou Ting has a good figure, there will definitely be some differences compared to the mannequin. Just by Zhan Zhou’s estimation, their waist measurements are different.

Wearing ill-fitting clothes may not be comfortable, and… it would be awkward to wear them out and take pictures.

He Yunzhou held Lou Ting’s waist, his face expressionless but regretful in his heart.


Measurements have to be taken personally.


He Yunzhou fell silent.

Lou Ting picked up the measuring tape from the table and waved it in front of him, asking, “Can you read it?”

He Yunzhou said, “Yes.”

Lou Ting said, “Then help me measure.”

“Okay!” He Yunzhou took the measuring tape and held it eagerly in his hand, pushing Lou Ting towards the fitting room. At the same time, he instructed, “Bring out a few unreleased designs.”

Zhan Zhou stood there scratching his head.

What’s going on with these two?!

How did the perennially single A end up like this?

Zhan Zhou looked puzzled, feeling like he had missed some shocking gossip.

Inside the fitting room.


He Yunzhou used the measuring tape to take the measurements, recording the values. When he was measuring the waist, he just wrapped the tape around, but Lou Ting suddenly took a step back. He Yunzhou instinctively wrapped his arms around his waist from behind.

It created a motion of him standing behind Lou Ting, embracing him from behind.

He Yunzhou had hugged him with one arm a few times before, but this was the first time they were embraced like this with both arms.

So delicate.

Lou Ting stabilized himself, half leaning against the man’s chest, looking innocent. “I didn’t bump into you just now, did I?”

He Yunzhou quickly shook his head, “No.”

“Well, that’s good. You…” Lou Ting intended to tease him, but when he looked up, he noticed the redness under He Yunzhou’s nose. He pursed his lips. “You’re nose is bleeding.”

“It’s nothing.” He Yunzhou grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped it off. “The weather has been too hot recently, making me feel dry.”

“…” Yesterday was still a red alert for strong winds.

He Yunzhou felt that it was a bit hot in the fitting room. Maybe the staff had set the temperature wrong. He put down the measuring tape and said, “The waist is 61, you can write it down yourself.”

After saying that, he hastily opened the door and ran out.

Lou Ting raised an eyebrow when Zhan Zhou called him “little beauty.” 

“Hey there, little beauty,” Zhan Zhou entered shortly after He Yunzhou left. “Where’s Mr. He? Why did he leave you alone here?”

Those three words made Lou Ting feel uncomfortable, but it seemed like designers at this level enjoyed calling models things like “cutie, baby, little beauty.” After giving it some thought, he said, “Just call me Lou Ting.”

“Alright, little beauty,” Zhan Zhou smiled and agreed without changing his way of speaking. “I have selected three new designs that I think would suit you. We can try them on, and if any of them fit well, we can customize them in about two days.”

Lou Ting nodded, knowing that haute couture takes time, and two days to have the garment ready would be the fastest possible. “Thank you for your help.”

Zhan Zhou replied, “No trouble at all. It’s an honor to create custom haute couture for Mrs. He.”

“…” Lou Ting furrowed his brow. “That’s not…”

“No need to explain, I understand,” Zhan Zhou interrupted, feeling particularly knowledgeable after catching up on social media gossip. Despite being behind, it didn’t stop him from knowing the name of He Yunzhou’s child.

Zhan Zhou set the clothes aside, took the recorded measurements, and during Lou Ting’s fitting, he had to make comparisons to see which modified garment would be the most suitable based on those measurements.

Zhan Zhou said, “Come on, try these on first.” After saying that, he exited and left the space for Lou Ting.

When He Yunzhou returned, Zhan Zhou was comparing the data. Seeing this, he said, “Your wife is inside changing, and the clothes are a bit complicated. Do you want to go in and help?”

He Yunzhou said, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Zhan Zhou was taken aback. If Lou Ting’s denial could be seen as shyness, He Yunzhou’s firm response made him think more. “Really?”

He Yunzhou suddenly choked. In theory, he should have responded firmly, saying, “Yes, we’re just ordinary friends.” But…

After a brief pause, He Yunzhou seemed hesitant to reveal this matter.

After some thought, He Yunzhou said, “Soon.”

Zhan Zhou raised an eyebrow. “I see.”

It definitely took a long time for this perpetually macho man to fall in love. Zhan Zhou opened another sample book and said, “Instead of just choosing for him, don’t you want to pick a few for yourself?”

“I don’t need to.” He Yunzhou’s clothes were always the latest emergency styles delivered directly to his home. There was no need to spend time selecting these.

“These are the corresponding styles I found for Lou Ting, which are… couple outfits.” Zhan Zhou lowered his voice for the last three words, as if afraid that Lou Ting inside the room might hear.

Zhan Zhou smiled and asked, “So, are you going to choose?”

“Definitely.” He Yunzhou directly took the sample book and said, “Find a few more.”


When Lou Ting came out, Zhan Zhou had already moved on from selling clothes to jewelry.

Seeing Lou Ting’s arrival, Zhan Zhou reluctantly put away the sample book. If Lou Ting had come out a little later, he could have shown He Yunzhou some of the couple’s underwear.

What a shame.

“What were you guys talking about?” Lou Ting keenly noticed that Zhan Zhou’s gaze was off.

“We were discussing clothes,” Zhan Zhou vaguely replied, then asked He Yunzhou, “How do you think the set I chose looks?”

Although most of the clothes were made based on the models’ body shapes, the models themselves have different figures. It took Zhan Zhou a long time to find one that was similar to Lou Ting’s body shape. Except for some adjustments needed around the waist, very little changes were made elsewhere.

Lou Ting also looked towards He Yunzhou, waiting for his evaluation.

He Yunzhou didn’t have much concept of clothes and didn’t know how to compliment. He wasn’t the type to come up with a string of eloquent praises like others. However, the light blue suit paired with a white lining, despite being a cool-toned outfit that should make one look darker, looked inexplicably good on Lou Ting and didn’t make him appear even a bit darker.

He Yunzhou had a serious expression on his face, trying to search for the right words in his mind.

But no matter how hard he tried, all that came to his mind were always stock-related terms.

He remained silent, and Zhan Zhou couldn’t help but feel anxious, wondering if he had made the wrong choice and made He Yunzhou unhappy or something.

Just when Zhan Zhou was starting to doubt his own aesthetic sense and was about to have Lou Ting change out of the clothes…

He Yunzhou said in a deep voice, “It’s gorgeous.”

Zhan Zhou: “???”

You took half a century to come up with just these two words!

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