The Best Actress is the Darling of My Heart

Chapter 71.2

Another six months passed, and her parents brought up the idea of an arranged marriage again. This time, Shu Jinyu agreed.

She neither liked nor disliked the man. Since it was all about making do, she didn’t care. In just one month, they went on four dates and finally set a date for their engagement.

They were having a Western-style wedding. Before the engagement, her fiancé took her to pick out rings.

They walked side by side on the sidewalk, a few centimeters apart. Her fiancé sneakily glanced at her and inched closer, trying to hold her hand, but withdrew it with a silly smile when she noticed.

A memory flashed before Shu Jinyu’s eyes.


Once, she had also tried to hold Ke Yu’s hand like this. But Ke Yu never dodged; instead, she would intertwine their fingers.

It was sweet beyond words.

If it weren’t for the occasional dreams, Shu Jinyu would have almost forgotten Ke Yu over the past six months.

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At that moment, a car passed by, blocking the view of the two.


The end.

When the last scene of the stare was filmed, Director Hua Zinan frowned deeply, watching the footage for a long time before gently shaking her head.

The two actors had performed well, but she still felt that something was off.

“Yun Yun, President Xia, please take a look at the footage we just shot,” Director Hua Zinan replayed it once. “Shall we try another take?”

After the second take, Director Hua Zinan’s furrowed brows finally eased a bit.

“Yun Yun, look here. Your gaze needs to be colder, and the emotions in your eyes shouldn’t be on the surface. On the contrary, those swirling emotions should be hidden beneath a cold exterior,” Director Hua Zinan analyzed. “At this moment, Shu Jinyu’s thoughts are very complicated. She hates Ke Yu for deceiving her but can’t let go and still misses her. However, she has lived like a zombie for the past six months and is no longer the naive girl she once was. Her expectations for the future are now just mundane daily life, but Ke Yu’s appearance reawakens the naive, hopeful girl she once was…”

Next, focusing on Xia Shutong: “President Xia, try adding some body language, but don’t overdo it. At this moment, Ke Yu should be feeling regretful and scared, yet she’s finally willing to face her inner self and has mustered the courage. She wouldn’t back down so easily…”

During the third take, Xia Shutong took a small step forward while making eye contact, causing Director Hua Zinan to immediately call for a cut.

“No, Ke Yu’s emotions are not that overt. They should be hidden deep inside…” After a long explanation, Director Hua Zinan shook her head with a wry smile, feeling she was being too hard on the two actors.

Expressing such subtle emotions is inherently challenging, so why set such high standards…?

But in the end, Director Hua Zinan didn’t voice her thoughts and instead waved her hand, saying, “Prepare for the next scene.”

She loved filming emotional scenes, her favorite part being the infectious and explosive power that arises from subtle emotions, like hearing thunder in silence, stunning and shocking. After years of making movies, Director Hua Zinan’s standards for emotional expression had only become more exacting. Every film she directed turned into an award-winning masterpiece.


This one was no exception.

Under her gold-rimmed glasses, Director Hua Zinan’s eyes darkened with determination. Even if it took several more days, she was resolved to perfect the final shot.

The fourth take still didn’t quite hit the mark.

The crew and actors took a two-hour lunch break before resuming filming in the afternoon.

At one point, Director Hua Zinan intended to discuss the scene further with Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu. From a distance, she saw the two of them sitting together, engrossed in the script. One was explaining and gesturing, while the other took diligent notes. Occasionally, they would switch roles or discuss things together.

Both had the same focused and passionate look in their eyes.

Director Hua Zinan watched for a moment, then smiled gently and walked away.

The fifth take in the afternoon.

This time, as she looked at the two of them on the monitor, Director Hua Zinan’s eyes grew red, and her fingers tightened unconsciously—this was the feeling she wanted. That subtle, restrained emotion, ready to erupt at any moment, was there!

“Cut! That’s a wrap for ‘Trajectory’!” Director Hua Zinan’s voice was hoarse as she finally called it.

The extras on set were momentarily stunned, then burst into applause and cheers. On the street, Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu, who had just been immersed in their characters’ emotions—one sorrowful, the other calm and deep—broke into joyful smiles the next second.

They ran towards each other, weaving through the crowd, and embraced tightly in the middle of the street.


Amidst the cheers, the filming of “Trajectory” finally came to an end.

Meanwhile, netizens began their second round of discussions about “Trajectory.”

Before filming started today, fans from Yun Feiwu’s support group took some pictures, one of which happened to include Xia Shutong. The support group initially considered deleting the photo but decided to post it after communicating with her.

Yun Feiwu Support Group: [The filming of ‘Trajectory’ wrapped up today, so we went to visit Yun Yun again! Guess who else we saw? That’s right, President Xia also came to visit~ Just like a loving mother looking after her precious Yun Yun~]

There weren’t many CP fans in the support group; most comments praised Yun Feiwu or expressed anticipation for “Trajectory,” with only a few mentioning Xia Shutong.

[President Xia visited Yun Yun early in the morning? They must have a great relationship.]

[Be bold, maybe she wasn’t just visiting but actually dropping Yun Yun off at the set? Our Yun Yun is President Xia’s little sweetheart.]

[Please don’t spread rumors. President Xia is just like a caring mother. Stop shipping them, it would be awkward for Yun Yun.]

[Yeah, if someone shipped me with my boss, I’d resign immediately. It’s too embarrassing…]

It wasn’t until Peng An retweeted the post that more CP fans joined the discussion.

[Is Peng Ge also shipping President Xia and Yun Yun? The dominant CEO and the film queen, so sweet!]

[Wait, didn’t Peng Ge ship the two leads from ‘Trajectory’ a few days ago? How did he switch sides so quickly? Peng Ge, you fickle man!]


[Peng Ge, you fickle man + 2!]

[Guys, I suddenly have a bold idea…]

[Replying to the above, I do too… As everyone knows, first, Peng Ge likes shipping beautiful ladies, so the other lead in ‘Trajectory’ must also be a beautiful lady; second, President Xia is a beautiful lady; third, no one has identified the other lead in ‘Trajectory’ yet, but everyone guesses she’s a newcomer; fourth, President Xia has never acted before. Therefore…]

[Whoa! That’s bold! But if President Xia is the other lead, it would be amazing. The big boss acting for her own company’s actress, what a celestial love story.]

[Ahem, while it sounds great, don’t get your hopes up. President Xia is a big boss and must be very busy. How could she have time to act? Plus, she has no acting experience. Director Hua, who loves honing raw talent, wouldn’t likely agree to have an inexperienced company president as a lead.]

[Just a quiet thought: Actually, I think President Xia’s acting was quite realistic in ‘Mountains and Rivers’ when she did the skit with Yun Yun. In the last episode, she even discussed acting techniques with Yun Yun and Actress Xie. So, maybe she’s not completely inexperienced.]

[Still, I suggest not overthinking it. Otherwise, it would be awkward for the real lead actress when the official announcement comes…]

[And a word to CP fans: Ship responsibly, don’t get too emotionally invested. From what I know, President Xia is definitely married, or at least engaged. Their families value matching social status and would not agree to her being with an actress. Didn’t you see the shiny pendant around her neck? Though it’s not clear in the photo, if you look closely, it’s a diamond ring, probably from her fiancé.]

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