The Best Actress is the Darling of My Heart

Chapter 68.2

The next day’s shooting involved Ke Yu’s inner monologue, a year after Shu Jinyu left the mountains.

Xia Shutong had read the script many times before, especially this part. She and Yun Feiwu had discussed it repeatedly, so it didn’t take much effort for her to accurately capture Ke Yu’s state.

Ke Yu knew well that Shu Jinyu was tricked by her parents into returning home and that once she left, she would probably never come back. Ke Yu would spend the long years alone in the mountains until she eventually… decayed deep within the mountains.

Indeed, a whole year had passed, and Shu Jinyu had not returned.

The flower in Ke Yu’s heart withered along with her.


Ke Yu knew full well that Shu Jinyu wouldn’t return; she had conspired with Shu Jinyu’s family to deceive her. Yet, in the days that followed, she couldn’t help but hope… that maybe one day, that little girl, as lively as a sparrow, would reappear by her side, pulling her hand, jumping with joy, and excitedly sharing the latest happenings from the city.

Xia Shutong prepared her emotions and started filming.

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During the day, Ke Yu would sit by the window, staring blankly at the vast expanse of white outside, lost in thought for the entire day.


At night, she would toss and turn in bed, her head throbbing with pain, unable to sleep no matter what. Ever since Shu Jinyu left, she had developed insomnia. A year had passed, and not only had it not improved, it had gotten worse.

Every time she couldn’t sleep, the only thing left in her mind were the three words: Shu Jinyu.

Even when she did fall asleep, Shu Jinyu’s figure would always appear in her dreams… No, it was only her voice. Ke Yu couldn’t see Shu Jinyu in her dreams, but she could clearly hear her voice.

Sometimes, Shu Jinyu’s voice in her dreams was cheerful: “Sister Ke! My parents like you so much, they can’t wait to meet you. When are you coming over?”

Other times, it was calm and sarcastic: “Ke Yu, you cowardly and incompetent fool. Even I, a girl in my early twenties, can face the gossip from the village. What are you afraid of? You are weak, selfish, and don’t love me enough, do you?”

But more often, it was sorrowful and despairing: “Sister Ke, why didn’t you come to find me? Why did you lie to me and send me back? Why did you leave me to face all this alone… why…?”

Ke Yu woke up countless times from nightmares.

She desperately hoped, as she did on that summer night last year, that Shu Jinyu would suddenly knock on her courtyard door, come into her room, and sleep in her arms.

But Shu Jinyu never came back. Every night, Ke Yu’s courtyard was especially quiet, so much so that she could hear the sound of a leaf falling.

Tonight, as usual, Ke Yu lay in bed, lost in thought, missing Shu Jinyu.

Suddenly, a fierce barking erupted from the courtyard.

Ke Yu’s pupils dilated in surprise. She froze for a moment, then immediately tumbled out of bed, forgetting to put on her shoes, and ran into the courtyard. She nearly stumbled because she was running so fast. Her feet wobbled as they hit the snow.


Two large black dogs were playing exuberantly. When they saw Ke Yu, they stopped barking in embarrassment and hid in the corner of the courtyard.

The courtyard fell silent again.

No one knocked on the door.


Ke Yu stared blankly in the direction of the courtyard gate, a sorrowful smile forming on her lips.

After a long while, she could no longer control her emotions. She fell to her knees in the snow and began to wail.

She regretted it.

In her confusion, fear, and remorse, Ke Yu finally decided to face her most shameful side, to cast off the demon within her, and summon the courage to leave the village and go to the city to see Shu Jinyu.

Regardless of whether Shu Jinyu still loved her, or even remembered her, she was willing to face the consequences. She had deceived Shu Jinyu’s sincere and passionate feelings, and now… it was time to make amends.

“Cut! Well done! President Xia, your emotional transition was superb.”

As Director Hua Zinan spoke, Qian Lingling immediately approached with a coat and slippers, helping Xia Shutong put them on. Behind her, another staff member quickly handed over a cup of hot water.


Xia Shutong sat on the bench for a long while, finally emerging from the sorrow and despair she had just portrayed, but her heart was still empty. Driven by these emotions, she only wanted to see Yun Feiwu as soon as possible, even wishing she could return to Haicheng right now and hold Yun Feiwu tightly.

However, Xia Shutong felt somewhat relieved that Yun Feiwu wasn’t around. Otherwise, seeing her perform that scene just now would have broken her heart.

Xia Shutong sighed inwardly and prepared to unwind by looking at her engagement ring once she returned to the hotel.

Yun Feiwu wouldn’t be seen tonight, but imagining their wedding while looking at the ring was still possible.

Thinking about the ring filled Xia Shutong’s previously empty heart bit by bit.

It was almost midnight, and just as Xia Shutong was about to get up and head back to her room, Director Hua Zinan walked over with a smile. “President Xia, I heard there’s a blue moon tonight. How about we go to the glacier and take a look?”

Xia Shutong hesitated for a moment. She had indeed seen the news about the blue moon yesterday, but the night sky was now covered with thick clouds, and there wasn’t even a shadow of the moon. She was about to refuse when she heard Director Hua Zinan say, “The sight of the glacier and snow mountains under the blue moon is rare. President Xia, you could take some pictures to share with Xiao Feiwu.”

Only then did Xia Shutong follow Director Hua Zinan, smiling lightly. “Director Hua, you really know me well.”

The filming location was not far from the glacier, and within a few minutes, the group reached the edge of the glacier. A few more steps along the path, and the scenery opened up before them as they emerged from the forest.

Under the vast and clear night sky stretched an endless expanse of pristine white glaciers, with rows of snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Fortunately, the clouds in the night sky suddenly parted a bit, revealing a sliver of the moon. Although it wasn’t a blue moon, the moonlight on the glacier was still indescribably beautiful.

Xia Shutong couldn’t help but hold her breath. After a few seconds, she took a few steps forward, took out her phone, and prepared to capture the stunning scene.


After taking the photos, Xia Shutong turned around, only to find that the crew members who had accompanied her earlier were nowhere to be seen.

She hadn’t had time to think much when a beam of light shone down from the mountains, illuminating Xia Shutong.

Xia Shutong was stunned.

She took a small step forward, and the light immediately followed her, moving ahead as well.

In the midst of a thousand miles of icy rivers, this scene was extraordinarily romantic.

Xia Shutong: “?”

The film crew wouldn’t do this for no reason, unless…

In the next moment, Xia Shutong suddenly realized something. Her fingers started to tremble involuntarily, and her breathing became rapid.

Sure enough, in the next second, another beam of light fell into the nearby forest.

Yun Feiwu, dressed in a long silver-white gown, walked out from the forest, step by step, approaching Xia Shutong.

When Yun Feiwu reached her, the two beams of light converged.

Under the lights, Yun Feiwu’s gown reflected starlike glimmers, and she looked like a forest fairy, holding a freshly picked rose, gently brushing off its dewy droplets.

Xia Shutong wanted to rub her eyes. In her daze, she even felt that the scene before her was somewhat unreal.

It felt more like a splendid, fantastical dream.

“Softie, happy birthday.” Yun Feiwu’s starry eyes were filled with love as she spoke, handing the rose to Xia Shutong.

Xia Shutong took the rose in a daze.

The stem of the rose still retained the warmth of Yun Feiwu’s hand—comfortingly warm.

The touch was real, not a dream.

She finally remembered what she had forgotten. Tomorrow… no, it was already past midnight; today was her birthday.

Xia Shutong hadn’t celebrated birthdays since she was a child. After returning to the Xia family, her birthday was arbitrarily set by the family, so she cared even less about this day.

Later, when Xia Shutong married Yun Feiwu, they rarely saw each other, and even a phone call on her birthday was a luxury. As for Qian Lingling, whom Xia Shutong had mentored, she also lost interest in birthdays, never bringing up the subject since Xia Shutong didn’t celebrate hers. Over time, Xia Shutong almost forgot about this day.

Yun Feiwu had actually traveled from the distant Haicheng just to celebrate her birthday with her.

The temperature near the glacier was very low, but Xia Shutong felt incredibly warm inside, though her mind was somewhat in disarray.

In such an atmosphere, the first words Xia Shutong uttered were, “Maomao, aren’t you cold…?”

Yun Feiwu was only wearing a long dress, her arms exposed, which made Xia Shutong’s heart ache just looking at her.

Xia Shutong was about to take off her own coat but suddenly stopped, her mind exploding with fireworks.

Because… Yun Feiwu suddenly knelt on one knee before her.

“Ruan Ruan, marry me.” Yun Feiwu looked up at her with deep affection and warmth in her gray eyes, holding Xia Shutong’s fingers.

Xia Shutong’s breath halted, her mind going completely blank.

Under the starry night and expansive glacier, Yun Feiwu’s voice was soft yet filled with tenderness. Just those four words… filled Xia Shutong’s heart completely.

Not only her heart, Xia Shutong felt every cell in her body cheering, her whole being seemingly floating on clouds.

Yun Feiwu… was proposing to her?

Yun Feiwu’s proposal at this moment was so unexpected. No, just Yun Feiwu’s presence was enough to make Xia Shutong’s heart race, almost leaping out of her chest, making her momentarily unsure if she was in reality or a dream. Yet, Xia Shutong vaguely felt that proposing in such an environment… seemed to be the most fitting thing.

Xia Shutong stood there in a daze, one hand covering her cheek, unable to suppress the soft laughter escaping her lips. Even the corners of her eyes welled up with a few tears.

In just a few seconds, Yun Feiwu had already slipped the ring onto her ring finger.

“Ruan Ruan,” Yun Feiwu stood up, gently kissed away the tears at the corners of her eyes, and smiled softly, “What, you don’t want to?”

“No, no…!” Xia Shutong finally came to her senses.

She wasn’t hallucinating; her Maomao had indeed proposed to her.

Xia Shutong leaned forward, hugging Yun Feiwu tightly, burying her head in her shoulder. After a long while, Xia Shutong slowly raised her head and whispered in Yun Feiwu’s ear, “Silly Maomao, I already… married you.”

Under the light, Yun Feiwu’s ears were visibly red.

Only then did Xia Shutong step back a bit and make eye contact with Yun Feiwu, their eyes reflecting the same affection. A few seconds later, Xia Shutong leaned in again, placing a gentle kiss on Yun Feiwu’s lips.

After this kiss, the forest immediately erupted in cheers. Yun Feiwu’s assistant, Xiao Dai, quickly ran out and draped a heavy cloak over Yun Feiwu. Then, Director Hua Zinan and Qian Lingling came out together, pushing a birthday cake, and the surrounding staff began to sing the birthday song.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

The cake was exquisite, with two layers covered in dark chocolate and adorned with various fruits. Under the light, it looked incredibly appetizing.

Xia Shutong held Yun Feiwu’s hand, feeling warmth not only in her palm but also in her heart.

She hadn’t celebrated her birthday in many years. When she turned twenty, the Xia family hosted a birthday banquet for her, but it was merely an excuse to entertain business partners. As the birthday girl, Xia Shutong was the one who ended up being overlooked.

Tears welled up in Xia Shutong’s eyes again but quickly subsided. Holding Yun Feiwu’s hand, she sincerely thanked Director Hua Zinan and the others, “Thank you.”

“What’s there to thank?” Director Hua Zinan waved his hand with a smile. “Xia Shutong, you’ve worked so hard on the film. We should be the ones celebrating your birthday properly. Alright, go ahead and blow out the candles and make a wish.”

Director Hua Zinan called her “Xia Shutong,” not “President Xia.”

Xia Shutong nodded, bowed her head, gently blew out the candles, and closed her eyes to make a wish.

Scenes flashed through her mind: when she was a child, Yun Feiwu held a big white steamed bun with a candle in it to celebrate her birthday; when she grew up, Yun Feiwu came alone to Haicheng to find her; and now, they were finally standing side by side, facing life’s challenges together…

So, her wish was… to always stay like this.

—Eternal peace and happiness.

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