The Best Actress is the Darling of My Heart

Chapter 68.1

“Alright! We’ve finally wrapped up our shoot in Chuan City,” Director Hua Zinan excitedly stood up, intending to help Xia Shutong up. But before she could reach Xia Shutong, Yun Feiwu came running from the train.

Xia Shutong looked in Yun Feiwu’s direction, slowly stood up, and opened her arms.

Yun Feiwu suddenly rushed into her arms, hugging her tightly.

“Maomao, I feel like crying a little,” Xia Shutong’s voice still had a hint of stiffness. Due to the different acting styles, she always took a while to get out of character when her emotions surged.

“Okay, then let’s cry for a while,” Yun Feiwu shifted, changing from being hugged to wrapping Xia Shutong in her embrace. After speaking, she glanced at the staff members.


The crew members very tactfully turned their heads, pretending not to see anything.

Xia Shutong nestled in Yun Feiwu’s arms for a while, feeling her empty heart gradually warm up. In the end, she didn’t cry; instead, she showed a faint smile. “Alright, Maomao.”

Yun Feiwu immediately returned the same smile and lowered her head slightly, planting a kiss on Xia Shutong’s temple.

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In the warm yellow light of the bedside lamp, Xia Shutong glanced up and saw the deep affection in Yun Feiwu’s eyes.


Xia Shutong instinctively licked her lips, her gaze suddenly darkening.


It’s just a small product launch, right? Actually… she could afford to miss it, couldn’t she? Xia Shutong could bear that loss.

Looking at the profound affection in Yun Feiwu’s eyes, Xia Shutong felt that if she voiced this thought, Yun Feiwu would definitely agree without hesitation.

As long as she spoke up…

“Hmm?” Yun Feiwu’s voice held a hint of confusion.

Xia Shutong lowered her gaze, a rare flicker of struggle crossing her eyes before she returned to calmness. “It’s nothing, Maomao. We have a long journey tomorrow. Let’s sleep early.”

Yun Feiwu hesitated for a moment but then suddenly leaned in closely, her voice husky: “Ruan Ruan, I want to…”

Her eyes sparkled, reflecting the same look Xia Shutong had just moments ago. With just one glance, Xia Shutong understood what she was thinking. Yun Feiwu also wanted to… abandon the upcoming press conference and go shoot the film at the glacier with her.

In the end, Yun Feiwu’s words were swallowed by Xia Shutong’s lips.

It was just a light kiss, but when they separated, both were slightly out of breath.

“Maomao, go to sleep,” Xia Shutong gently rubbed her head.


Yun Feiwu still looked reluctant and nostalgic, but she obediently nodded without saying anything more. Instead, she snuggled up to Xia Shutong’s neck and closed her eyes to sleep.

Xia Shutong had to leave earlier than Yun Feiwu, boarding the bus at seven in the morning. Yun Feiwu got up early to have breakfast with Xia Shutong and followed her around reluctantly.

“Maomao…” Xia Shutong’s voice was slightly exasperated. “It’s just three days. Be good; I’ll be back in Haicheng soon.”

Xia Shutong let out a long sigh in her heart.

“I’ll see you onto the bus,” Yun Feiwu finally said, lowering her head. In public, she wrapped her arms around Xia Shutong’s waist.

Xia Shutong blushed slightly but did not push her away.

Yun Feiwu followed her onto the bus, and they hugged for a long time. It wasn’t until the bus started its engine that Yun Feiwu reluctantly got off, looking back every few steps. This drew a round of whistles from the nearby staff.

Xia Shutong sighed lightly but couldn’t help showing a doting smile.

Even though she wouldn’t see Yun Feiwu for the next three days, Xia Shutong quite enjoyed… this clingy and affectionate wolf pup side of Yun Feiwu. Just thinking about it made her heart melt.

No, that’s not right. She liked Yun Feiwu, no matter what.

It wasn’t until the bus drove deep into the mountains that Xia Shutong put away her smile, though the soft expression in her eyes remained.

After a while, Xia Shutong looked down and sent a message to Qian Lingling.


Her diamond ring was already customized, but Xia Shutong was afraid she wouldn’t be able to hide it well and that Yun Feiwu would discover it. So, during this period, Qian Lingling had been helping to keep the ring safe, and Xia Shutong hadn’t even had a chance to see it yet.

“President Xia.” After receiving the message, Qian Lingling walked over from the front row and took a small box out of her bag. “Your diamond ring.”

Seeing that delicate little box, the smile that Xia Shutong had just tucked away appeared again.

Xia Shutong quickly opened the box to take a look. The large diamond ring reflected the sunlight from outside the car, looking absolutely stunning. She gazed at it for a long time before nodding in satisfaction and putting the box into her bag.

The diamond ring was secretly customized by her, contacting the designer on the sly. The platinum ring was shaped like a crown, encrusted with small diamonds around it, with a large diamond perfectly set in the center of the crown, signifying “You are my one and only queen.”

Xia Shutong smiled. “Xiao Lingling, thank you for your trouble during this time.”

Qian Lingling waved her hand vigorously and turned her face away slightly. “It’s no trouble, no trouble at all. It’s my duty…”

At that moment, Xia Shutong’s mind was entirely on the ring, already starting to plan how to propose, so she didn’t notice Qian Lingling’s slightly guilty expression.

By the time they arrived at the glacier, it was already around six in the evening.

After entering the scenic area, the staff began setting up the scene. Xia Shutong first discussed the plot with Director Hua Zinan and didn’t go to the hotel to rest until the evening. They would continue filming the next afternoon and evening.

Before going to bed, Xia Shutong opened her phone and received several photos from Yun Feiwu at the press conference. There were solo shots of Yun Feiwu and group photos with others. Ever since she was praised for looking good in a photo she sent to Xia Shutong for the first time, Yun Feiwu seemed to have discovered a new passion, snapping selfies wherever she went and sending them to Xia Shutong.

The corners of Xia Shutong’s lips immediately curled into a gentle smile.


She typed: “Looks good. I’ve arrived at the hotel.”

Up to now, Xia Shutong was still clumsy at giving compliments, but when Yun Feiwu sent a photo, she could now smoothly type out the words “looks good.”

After some thought, to make her straightforward message less monotonous, Xia Shutong added an emoji: “^_^”

After saving all the photos, Xia Shutong’s finger moved towards the dial button but hesitated for a moment before pulling back.

Yun Feiwu might not be finished over there.

Yun Feiwu had just left the press conference and received Xia Shutong’s message as soon as she got into the van.

There was even an adorable emoji at the end.

Thinking of the old-fashioned Xia Shutong trying to figure out how to use an emoji, Yun Feiwu’s eyes instantly curved into a smile.

She raised her hand and dialed Xia Shutong’s number.

Xia Shutong’s eyes brightened slightly, and she immediately answered Yun Feiwu’s call.

“Maomao?” Xia Shutong’s voice softened, “Are you done over there?”

“Yes, yes, I’m on my way home,” Yun Feiwu’s voice lifted.

Before leaving, Xia Shutong had given her a set of house keys and an elevator card, so she would go directly to Xia Shutong’s place later.

They chatted for a bit, but Xia Shutong had terrible signal, often making it hard to hear the other side clearly, so they had to hang up early.

Looking at the disconnected call screen, Xia Shutong’s face fell. She opened the camera to take a picture of the snowy scene outside and sent it to Yun Feiwu.

The Wi-Fi signal on Xia Shutong’s end was also intermittent, so it took about ten minutes for the picture to successfully send.

Only then did Xia Shutong type: “Good night, sweet dreams.”

After sending the message, Xia Shutong blinked at her phone in confusion, feeling like she might have forgotten something, but couldn’t recall what it was.

Just as Xia Shutong was frowning, trying to remember, Yun Feiwu sent a reply: “The scenery is beautiful ≧≦”

“Good night, Ruan Ruan. Rest well, mwah.”


Even through the phone screen, Xia Shutong blushed.

Their previous chat records on WeChat had always been very concise, not even actual conversations, mostly just exchanges of “good night” and “good morning.”

But just now, in a moment of whimsy, Xia Shutong had added a slightly cute emoji. And now, Yun Feiwu was clearly acting cute in response to that emoji.

Although she knew that on the other side of the screen, Yun Feiwu was undoubtedly looking at her phone with an ambiguous smile, Xia Shutong couldn’t help but instantly imagine a younger, innocent, and adorably naive Yun Feiwu whispering in her ear, “Chumi!”

…It was too overwhelming, just too overwhelming.

After receiving Yun Feiwu’s reply, Xia Shutong didn’t dwell on it any longer. She turned off her phone screen and went straight to sleep.

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