The Best Actress is the Darling of My Heart

Chapter 65.2

As they approached, they could see that the walls of the bungalow were covered in ivy, clearly neglected for a long time. Perhaps to deter students from sneaking in, the iron gate at the entrance was locked. However, through the dusty windows, one could barely make out the classroom inside—unchanged from years ago. It seems no one has entered these small bungalows since the crew of “Dark” left.

Inside the classroom, desks and chairs were piled up in disarray, and words were still written on the blackboards at the front and back. The names of a few students who had appeared in “Dark” were faintly visible.

Xia Shutong’s fingers unconsciously traced the glass, picking up a thick layer of dust and leaving a clear streak on the window.

She slightly parted her lips, her eyes fixed on the classroom, flashing with various emotions.

She had finally pieced together the last fragment of her childhood memories.


Yun Feiwu stood quietly behind her, not saying a word.

After a long while, Xia Shutong came back to reality. She took Yun Feiwu by the hand, and together, they walked to a large rock behind the bungalow and sat down.

Just like many years ago.

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Xia Shutong gently pulled her hand closer and continued, “So, when you were acting with me, you couldn’t distinguish between me and Ke Yu, couldn’t find where your anchor was, and thus didn’t know how to exit the role, right?”


Yun Feiwu nodded again.

Then, Xia Shutong pressed Yun Feiwu’s hand directly against her own chest.

“Silly Maomao, you’ve got the location wrong,” Xia Shu Tong said with a light laugh. “The anchor isn’t on me; it’s here, in my heart, in the depths of my soul. No matter what this body looks like, whether it’s Xia Ruan, Xia Shutong, or Ke Yu, my heart is always fully inscribed with ‘I love you.’ My soul has long been filled by you; we have always been… inseparably one.”

After finishing these words of affection, Xia Shutong felt her cheeks flush, a realization that came to her belatedly.

Meanwhile, Yun Feiwu just stared at her, her demeanor unchanged.

A flood of memories instantly passed through Yun Feiwu’s mind.

In these two days back in Yun City, not only was Xia Shutong gradually regaining her lost memories, but Yun Feiwu was experiencing the same—forgotten childhood memories resurfacing vividly before her eyes. As Yun Feiwu and Xia Shutong walked hand in hand through the town’s streets, it was as if she saw the two children who once ran and laughed together there.

Xia Ruan was the first person to bring warmth to Yun Feiwu, the first to show her what “home” meant, and the first to love her. Therefore, Yun Feiwu had always wholeheartedly relied on and trusted Xia Shutong. Xia Shutong’s profound love was met with equally deep affection from Yun Feiwu.

For Yun Feiwu, whatever Xia Shutong said was absolute truth. Yun Feiwu had never doubted any of Xia Shutong’s decisions.

However, she hadn’t realized just how much she loved Xia Shutong, nor how terrified she was of losing her.

Though in one sense, their hearts were always together, never apart, from another perspective, Yun Feiwu had lost Xia Shutong twice.

The first time was at the age of fifteen when Xia Shutong was taken back to her family, and Yun Feieu could only watch helplessly, unable to intervene. The second time occurred when Xia Shutong lost her memory in a car accident. If it weren’t for Xia Shutong’s instinctive love for her, Yun Feiwu dared not even contemplate the outcome.


Therefore, Yun Feiwu’s sense of stability was merely an illusion, incredibly fragile. If anything truly happened to Xia Shutong, she would fall into an endless abyss, never to return.

When Xia Shutong played the role of Ke Yu in the play, Yun Feiwu subconsciously believed her anchor had vanished. Consequently, Yun Feiwu often couldn’t distinguish between Xia Shutong and Ke Yu, becoming lost in the play.

At that moment, Xia Shutong’s words sharply awakened Yun Feiwu.

“Maomao?” Xia Shutong asked with a slight smile, “Do you understand now?”

After a moment, Yun Feiwu slowly nodded, her eyes brimming with joy and laughter.

“I… understand now.”

Xia Shutong leaned in and lightly kissed her on the forehead.

Yun Feiwu immediately tilted her head upwards, smiling somewhat foolishly. In that instant, her heart and vision were filled with Xia Shutong, her mind replaying Xia Shutong’s recent words, her ears ringing with Xia Shutong’s voice, laden with love.

Xia Shutong then pinched Yun Feiwu’s face, making no further moves, yet internally berated herself for her lack of resolve. Despite having just said at the hotel that she wanted to tease ‘the puppy’ Yun Feiwu, to the point of making her meow, when faced with Yun Feiwu’s docile appearance, Xia Shutong found herself reluctantly holding back.

It wasn’t because she was too soft, definitely not! No one could bear to harm such an adorable ‘puppy’!

However, this time, Yun Feiwu regained her composure remarkably quickly. In the brief moment Xia Shutong was distracted, a cunning spark flashed in Yun Feiwu’s innocent eyes.

“Ruan Ruan,” Yun Feiwu said as she moved forward, one hand steadying Xia Shutong’s waist, her voice husky, “you’re seducing me.”


Xia Shutong was momentarily stunned, her gaze following Yun Feiwu’s beaming eyes downward, only then realizing… her hand was still pressed against her own chest. To be precise, it was her who had grabbed Yun Feiwu’s hand and placed it there.

Xia Shutong: “…”

Seeing Xia Shutong’s face about to fall, and knowing full well she was pretending, Yun Feiwu swiftly withdrew her hand and tenderly hugged Xia Shutong, saying, “Ruan Rua, I’m sorry, no more jokes. I…after hearing what you said, felt my heart was about to melt, and then, and then…”

Yun Feiwu fell silent.

Though she was still smiling, tears trickled down from the corners of her eyes.

She was moved to tears, hence her attempt to divert attention just moments ago.

A complex emotion arose within Xia Shutong—a mix of sadness, relief, emotion, and happiness that mingled together, spreading through her blood and eventually turning into a gentle, warm flow.

Finally, with a light chuckle, Xia Shutong shook her head and wiped away Yun Feiwu’s tears: “Shall we buy train tickets after lunch and then head back to Sichuan City to continue filming?”

“Mhm,” Yun Feiwu nodded.

Xia Shutong: “No more problems then?”

“Mhm, no more,” she nodded again.

“I believe in you, Maomao.”


Yun Feiwu didn’t nod this time; instead, she sprang up, throwing herself onto Xia Shutong and embracing her. Looking up, her smile was so bright it was all teeth and no eyes.

It’s a bit silly.

Xia Shutong: …

It’s said that love can make one less intelligent. This trait had never been evident in Yun Feiwu, the big, loyal dog, before, but now it’s displayed in full measure.

On the way back, Yun Feiwu remained in this state almost the entire time, occasionally giving Xia Shutong a goofy smile.

Xia Shutong is a reserved person. Her love has always been shown through her actions, thus, she rarely speaks such straightforward words. Phrases like “My heart is completely filled with love for you,” “My soul has long been filled by you,” and “We are an inseparable whole” bring immense sweetness to Yun Feiwu just by thinking about them, so much so that it makes her head spin with sweetness.

It turns out, her awkward, straightforward softness could also be so sweet.

Aside from Yun Feiwu being out of it, Xia Shutong couldn’t help but become restless with excitement on the return bus trip.

Where should the engagement ring be customized? When should it be bought? Should she start paying attention to options online?

Taking advantage of Yun Feiwu’s distraction, Xia Shutong secretly sent a message to Qian Lingling, asking her to help keep an eye out. Qian Lingling, having been an assistant for many years, was definitely better at handling such matters than Xia Shutong.

Upon returning to Sichuan City, Yun Feiwu finally reverted to her usual aloof goddess demeanor.

It was only early evening by then. After Director Hua Zinan finished shooting today’s part, she called Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu over, asking them to practice tomorrow’s content in front of her to ensure there were no issues before letting them go.

“Let’s start.”

Yun Feiwu and Xia Shutong exchanged a look.

Xia Shutong slightly curved her eyes, subtly pointing at her heart. A deep smile immediately flashed through Yun Feiwu’s eyes.

The next second, both of them entered into character.

“I’m not very good at reading, Miss Shu. Could you write it down for me?” Ke Yu softly extended her palm towards Shu Jinyu, her voice timid yet unintentionally seductive.

Shu Jinyu retracted a bit but still grasped Ke Yu’s fingers, slowly writing down “Shu Jinyu” on her palm.

“I’ll remember it,” Ke Yu lifted her gaze.

Then, she shifted her eyes towards Shu Jinyu’s collar.

Shu Jinyu was wearing a moon-white robe today, with the buttons done up right at the neckline, enveloping half of his swan neck, yet it possessed a unique allure.

“What’s wrong?” Feeling Ke Yu’s gaze, Shu Jinyu shivered uncomfortably.

Ke Yu did not answer but instead reached out and gently tugged at the collar of her shirt, loosening the button.

Shu Jinyu’s neck immediately turned red, and her fingers trembled slightly due to nervousness.

After smoothing her collar, Ke Yu slowly said, “This style of clothing looks better with the top button undone.”

Feeling Ke Yu’s soft, boneless fingers gently stroking the side of her neck, Shu Jinyu’s mind exploded, and she couldn’t grasp a word of what Ke Yu was saying.

After being dazed for a few seconds, Shu Jinyu suddenly turned and ran away, saying, “S-Sister Ke… I, I have something to do and must go now…”

Watching her retreating back, Ke Yu glanced at the vegetable basket she had dropped on the ground, revealing a helpless yet gentle smile.

“This girl… is indeed very interesting.”

“Not bad, not bad. Let’s go with this state tomorrow,” Director Hua Zinan said, smiling with her eyes squinted, and continued praising, “Yun Feiwu, I really didn’t misjudge you. It’s only been two days, and you’ve adjusted already? Ah, getting too deep into character is a problem many actors face, somewhat of a tricky issue. I was worried it wouldn’t be resolved in less than ten days or a half month…”

Thinking of what Xia Shutong had said, Yun Feiwu’s ears turned a shade redder. “Director Hua, please don’t praise me anymore, it’s all thanks to President Xia’s efforts.”

Director Hua Zinan turned towards Xia Shutong and continued to praise her for a while before letting the two of them go back to rest.

Back in the room, while Yun Feiwu was washing up, Xia Shutong quietly checked her messages with Qian Lingling.

During the afternoon, Qian Lingling had sent several messages. Xia Shutong looked through them; she had sent information about several custom jewelry brands and also recommended a few designers.

Xia Shutong didn’t know much about jewelry; she just felt an overwhelming sweetness in her heart at the sight of the glittering diamond rings in the pictures. So much so that the palm of her hand holding the phone began to warm up slightly. It was as if she wasn’t the one proposing but rather the one being proposed to.

Xia Shutong was dazzled by the choices and didn’t know which one to choose.

At that moment, Qian Lingling sent a message: “President Xia, which brand or designer do you prefer?”

Before Xia Shutong could even process the question, her fingers had already typed out a response. After calming down for a few seconds, she looked at the screen full of exclamation marks and felt that she had been too impulsive. She was about to delete the message when Yun Feiwu walked over from the bathroom.

“What are you looking at?” Yun Feiwu asked with a light laugh. “You look so happy.”

“It’s nothing…” Startled, Xia Shutong instinctively tried to turn off her phone’s screen. Instead, she accidentally sent the message in the chat box.

Xia Shutong: “The most expensive one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Qian Lingling: “??”

The system showed: Qian Lingling has withdrawn a message.

Qian Lingling: “Understood, President Xia.”

“Nothing?” Yun Feiwu sat on the bed, glancing at Xia Shutong’s phone.

Xia Shutong’s fingers tightened, and her cheeks reddened slightly. She decided to directly hug Yun Feiwu’s neck, trying to divert her attention.

“Right, Qian Lingling was just reporting work to me. Tianjun Media just secured a big deal, so I was…just very happy.”

“Oh, is that so?” Yun Feiwu hugged Xia Shutong in return, not exposing her clumsy lie. However, her gaze still lingered on Xia Shutong’s phone, thoughtful.

A few seconds later, Yun Feiwu’s contemplative look turned into a sweet smile.

She guessed it.

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