The Best Actress is the Darling of My Heart

Chapter 65.1

Yun Feiwu blinked innocently.

Xia Shutong continued, “Cough, I think Xi Ao might be a good choice. Jiang Feng seems not to be very physically strong.”

“Not physically strong?” Yun Feiwu chuckled lightly. “Oh, just like Ruan Ruan?”

Xia Shutong: “…”

She tried to keep a stern face and huffed, “Keep watching the show.”


Yun Feiwu, persistently moving closer, teased, “Ruan, Ruan~”

Unable to resist any longer, Xia Shutong pulled Yun Feiwu’s head into her embrace and gently said, “Behave. Watch the show. Didn’t we say we’d talk about it after returning to the crew?”

Yun Feiwu smirked slyly. “Talk about what? Oh, so Ruan Ruan was thinking about that sort of thing. I just wanted to act spoiled, but if you insist on thinking that way, I don’t mind…”

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Under the vast, endless grassland bathed in sunlight, flowers and grass sway with the breeze. Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu ride together on a large black horse, moving slowly forward with a gentle, swaying motion, their voices harmonious in song.


Despite their distinctly different vocal tones, they surprisingly match each other exceptionally well.

The barrage of live comments explodes once again.

“Who dares to say they’re not a couple?!”

“President Xia’s singing is too gentle! And if I saw it right, Yun Yun was resting her chin on her shoulder. That posture… Ah, I’m dead; it’s too sweet, too indulgent.”

“Why did the director only show us their back? I want to see their faces, their gazes, ah!”

“It seemed like President Xia looked up and locked eyes with Yun Yun once. I can only imagine how tender that gaze must have been…”

This time, for some reason, the fans insisting on clarifying their relationship were pitifully few, and the screen was dominated by the celebratory uproar of the couple’s supporters.

“Cough cough…” Xia Shutong unintentionally coughed out loud upon seeing a comment, burying her head further into Yun Feiwu’s embrace.

“What do you guys think, who tops? President Xia or Yun Yun?”

“Obviously President Xia! Even though she’s a bit shorter than Yun Yun, her presence is incredibly strong, and she’s always taking care of Yun Yun… So, I firmly support President Xia as the top!”

However, the ‘President Xia’ perceived as the top by netizens, just from a single kiss with Yun Feiwu, had turned completely soft, with no strength in her body, curling up in Yun Feiwu’s embrace.


Yun Feiwu also noticed those few comments, her eyes brimming with laughter. She stretched one hand under Xia Shutong’s chin, gently scratching it, and sighed in a teasing manner:

“Ah, so when will we ‘Ruan Ruan’ get to be on top for once?”

Xia Shutong grabbed her hand, protesting, “N-next time!”

It’s not like it’s never happened… just that it’s rare…

“Oh?” Yun Feiwu raised an eyebrow, “When is next time? When we get back to the crew, or back to Haicheng City?”

Saying this, Yun Feiwu leaned into Xia Shutong’s ear and whispered something.

The blush that had just faded from Xia Shutong’s face instantly crept back, spreading from her ears.

How can this brat spout such nonsense! Saying things like wanting to be… to be meowed at in such a manner, can any normal person actually say that?

Xia Shutong, displeased, tightened her body and huffed softly.

Forget it, there’s no winning against this brat. I’ll just wait for her to turn from a shameless wolf pup into a well-behaved puppy, then I’ll have my chance to really tease her, to torment her!

Yun Feiwu seemed to understand what Xia Shutong was thinking. She tossed her phone aside and bent over, laughing for a good while.

Xia Shutong simply burrowed into the covers, ignoring her completely. This prompted Yun Feiwu to coax her for a bit longer, and when that didn’t work, she simply kissed her again. After several rounds of playful fighting, they finally continued watching the show on their phone.


After a lot of commotion, the show was nearing its end.

At this moment, the segment promoting the new movie of Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu was playing, with the barrage of comments being very supportive.

“Alright, I’m going to book the entire theater for Yun Yun and President Xie’s movie!”

“One showing is not enough; at least a hundred!”

“Booking the whole theater? I’ve already transferred a billion to President Xia’s account.”

“I’ve transferred two billion! Mama Xia… no, President Xia would definitely die laughing.”

Xia Shutong didn’t quite get the fans’ jokes, but she couldn’t help laughing: “The fans are really too funny.”

After this segment, there was a barrage comment expressing confusion: “Where’s Jiang Feng? Isn’t Jiang Feng the second female lead in ‘Pursuing the Light’? Why didn’t I see her promoting the movie?”

As if anticipating the fans’ thoughts, the next second, a caption appeared on the screen: So, where is Jiang Feng now?

The camera slowly moved towards the lakeside.

Under the night sky, Jiang Feng and Xi Ao sat shoulder to shoulder by the lake, looking up at the moon. Although it was unclear what they were talking about, just this scene alone was incredibly beautiful.

Fans of the Xi Feng CP were overwhelmed with sweetness.


A gentle smile unwittingly emerged on the faces of Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu.

Jiang Feng and Xi Ao made no attempt to conceal their relationship. Therefore, aside from editing out the part where they disappeared, the production team did not alter any of their segments, preserving the authenticity of each sweet moment. Coupled with Jiang Feng having hardly any solo fans, and the openness of Jiang Feng and Xi Ao, most fans, despite enthusiastically shipping them, did not believe they were a couple in real life. This led to scenes featuring them being celebrated wildly by fans, without any dissent.

Xia Shutong watched with a hint of envy.

After feeling envious, she silently wished the two youngsters well.

However, upon further thought, she realized it wouldn’t be long before she and Yun Feiwu would go public too. A sweet smile couldn’t help but spread across Xia Shutong’s lips.

Early morning.

Having gone to bed after watching the show last night, Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu woke up early today, almost at the same time as the middle school students in the town headed to school.

Upon reaching the school entrance, they were stopped by the security guard again.

“Uncle, I used to be a student here. I’m back to visit my teachers today,” Yun Feiwu said, taking off her mask and showing her ID to the security guard.

The guard scrutinized it carefully before waving them through. However, after they had walked about ten meters, he chased after them, “Y-Yun Feiwu! Aren’t you the big star from TV?”

Yun Feiwu nodded.

The guard’s face lit up with joy, and he pulled out a notebook from his pocket. “Could you give me your autograph? My grandson is a big fan of yours.”

“Sure,” Yun Feiwu said gently, taking the notebook.

Finding fans of Yun Feiwu in such a remote town was unexpected. Standing by her side, Xia Shutong’s eyes softened with pride, feeling a sense of accomplishment as if witnessing her cherished cat’s growth.

“Ruan Ruan, shall we first visit Teacher Zhang at the teaching building and then head to the back mountain?” After signing in, Yun Feiwu took Xia Shutong’s hand and asked.

Their original plan did not include visiting the teacher. However, since they were already there and it wouldn’t take much time, they decided on the spur of the moment to visit Yun Feiwu’s former homeroom teacher.

The town was small, and so was the school, with just over a dozen classes. The old teaching building was located in bungalows on the back mountain, which also served as the filming location for “The Dark”. It was only after the government funded the construction of a new teaching building that the students moved there. Yun Feiwu was in her first year of junior high when they moved to the new building.

Xia Shutong had no objections: “Sure~”

The school was not large, so it only took them a few steps to reach the teaching building.

Before entering, Xia Shutong thought for a moment and deliberately put on a stern face.

It seemed that, due to Yun Feiwu’s parents neglecting her when she was young, Xia Shutong had helped her by attending several parent-teacher meetings and often came to pick her up from school. Eventually, even the teachers became familiar with Xia Shutong.

After asking for directions, they soon found Teacher Zhang’s office. Fortunately, Teacher Zhang was not teaching at the moment and was smoking in his office.

“Teacher Zhang, do you remember me?” Yun Feiwu asked softly.

Teacher Zhang was startled at first, then excitedly extinguished his cigarette: “Yun… Yun Feiwu! Y-you’re back? And this person behind you is, Xia…”

Teacher Zhang suddenly stopped.

He instinctively thought the girl following Yun Feiwu was Xia Ruan. Almost in the moment he was about to speak out, he dismissed the thought. Xia Shutong had long passed away, and everyone in town who knew them was aware of it. This person merely resembled her a bit.

“Yes, Teacher Zhang, I’m on holiday these days and came back to visit,” Yun Feiwu said with a smile. “This is my boss, Xia Shutong.”

“Oh… oh, right,” Teacher Zhang replied politely. “Ms. Xia, please take a seat.”

After sitting down, Xia Shutong began looking at her phone, appearing to be deeply engrossed in work. In reality, she occasionally glanced at Yun Feiwu, listening to her conversation with Teacher Zhang.

Yun Feiwu didn’t talk much; it was mainly Teacher Zhang reminiscing.

“Yun Yun, now every time I see you on TV, I can hardly believe it—the naughty kid from back then, how did she suddenly grow into such a serene and beautiful woman? I don’t know if you remember, but aside from your good grades, you really gave the teachers a hard time. On the first day of school, you even got into a fight with Wang, the class troublemaker.”

Xia Shutong paused in her typing.

She remembered. In the past, Yun Feiwu did indeed get into a fight with a male classmate, and what was even more outrageous was that not only did she fight, but she also didn’t tell her afterwards. It was only later, when Xia Ruan went to the parent-teacher meeting, that she heard about it from the teacher. That day after school, Xia Ruan had originally planned to educate Yun Feiwu, but as she spoke, she ended up crying herself, and it was Yun Feiwu who ended up comforting her.

Teacher Zhang continued, “At that time, you had such good grades, but for some reason, you wanted to pursue acting. We, the teachers, took turns trying to persuade you, but we couldn’t convince you. It really made us angry. Who would have thought that you would succeed and become a big star now? Haha, you’ve brought honor to our school.”

During Yun Feiwu’s time as a student, even though she had a busy schedule with auditions, she never let it interfere with her studies, and she successfully got into the university in Haicheng. Xia Shutong knew this. But… did the teachers actually take turns trying to persuade her not to pursue acting?

Xia Shutong vaguely remembered that Yun Feiwu always had blind trust in her. Whatever she asked Yun Feiwu to do, she would do it. Even when Xia Shutong suggested joining the cast of “Dark,” Yun Feiwu signed up the next day. Xia Shutong never knew that there were people who advised her not to go.

Yun Feiwu trusted her so much, so… that’s why she listened to her suggestions during acting and adopted the concept of “anchor” for herself, and she never changed it over the years, right?

Xia Shutong blinked. She felt something flash through her mind, but she couldn’t grasp it for a moment. However, it was very close.

After a brief chat with Teacher Zhang, the bell for the end of class rang.

Teacher Zhang waved his hand, “I have a class to attend to, so I have to start preparing now. Yun Yun, you and Ms. Xia can wander around the school. If you have time next time, I would like to invite you for a meal.”

After bidding farewell to Teacher Zhang, the two headed straight to the small bungalow in the back mountain.

The trees in the back mountain were dense, and the row of small bungalows in the mountains seemed somewhat eerie. Yun Feiwu calmly embraced Xia Shutong’s shoulder and protected her in his embrace.

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