There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 9: Wild

TL: Someone asked who Fairy, You’re Amazing was. He was the warlock in the very beginning of the story when the archer was trying to cry her way into the group. It feels like so long ago XD

Fairy, You’re Amazing quickly ran back from the wild area to make sure she wasn’t bluffing. While sighing, he came up with an idea: “You should sell it. These days, a fox fur scarf is 1 gold, you can sell the fox fur for 10 coppers.”

A single fox fur scarf required 10 fox furs. At the current exchange rate, a hundred copper coins were equal to one gold. 

Bai Tian raised her eyebrows in doubt: “You’re not trolling? Someone will really buy it?”

Fairy, You’re Amazing vigorously said: “Of course! It helps others gain proficiency. There are many things that you need to sew in late game. Lately, the big guilds are eager to upgrade their equipment, most of the wild fox areas have already been taken by them. Haven’t you seen it? It’s disgusting.” 


Blue Skies: “Then will you help me sell it?”

Fiary, You’re Amazing: “Sure, as long as you let me. But I want some of the profits.”

Blue Skies generously said: “fifty-fifty.”

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After reading the plot, Blue Skies gained a few Level 12 beginner’s outfits. She went to upgrade her weapon and outfits before exchanging the remaining gold coins. 


Bai Tian had only been online for less than 10 minutes before the Yubulu guild had discovered her presence and had started cursing her in the World Chat. She pretended like she didn’t see it. 

When she reached Level 16, Blue Skies squatted by the roadside and started scrolling through the World Chat. She discovered that Yubulu had stopped calling her out. 

She was originally planning on Leveling her auxiliary accounts to 10 before going out to swipe mobs in the wild area, though she was worried that the guild would encircle or suppress her. But it looked like they were currently preoccupied. 

She found Afterlife Reason’s from her recent contacts and started grilling her. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Why no scolding? What are you guys doing?

Afterlife Reason’s didn’t respond. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Hey hey!

[System] You sent a friend request to Afterlife Reasons. 

[System] The other party rejected your request. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Hey, why reject?

[System] The other party has set their account to private. 

[System] You sent a friend request to Afterlife Reasons. 


[System] The other party has blacklisted you.

Bai Tian: “……”

Bai Tian felt like she didn’t do anything wrong, shouldn’t there at least be a good reason for blocking?

She stood up and started wandering around the village, hoping to encounter a few of Yubulu’s members, when she a familiar figure rush past her. 

Seeing the familiar ID, Bai Tian called out to him, but the other party ignored her. 

Academic, wasn’t that the warlock that she killed yesterday? 

Didn’t that warlock say that he’d kill her the next time they met? Did he forget so soon?

Blue Skies quickly picked up her lock spear and started trailing him, leaving the Beginner’s Village. 

Academic ran through the wild fox area, running through the butterfly forest, went through the stream, and kept going. 

Bai Tian brought out the map to take a look and found that there was a cemetery up ahead. It was a wild area that almost no one would go to, it was nearly at the edge of the map. 

Bai Tian had an “oh” moment. 

Eight times out of ten, there was usually a wild boss. 


Sure enough, there were more than a dozen players surrounding a humanoid boss in the area that Academic stopped at.

Blue Skies was far behind the group, hiding behind a tombstone. Taking advantage of the time it took for them to engage in the fight, she quickly got out a guide and started looking fore information on the boss. 

The boss was called Lu Shu, Level 15. 

…..Stupid Team x Team Looser1鲁班x班输, the boss’s name is 鲁输. I guess I can roughly translate it to Stupid Looser? They really didn’t want to develop talented characters.

It was an engineer with a hand cannon. 

…….It would be better to call it a machine gun, right? No cooldowns, no reloading. 

It’s defense and offensive powers were very strong, it could be called a top tier wild boss. 

It could be seen from various strategy guides that the player base held a deep resentment towards this boss. 

According to the Open Wasteland Association of every server, Lu Shu’s offensive power seemed to be gradually increasing. 

All sorts of complaints were sent, and the developer bewitchingly replied with three words. 

“Come at me~”

Countless people flipped out. 


You think you’re so good!

It was hard to describe……

Bai Tian touched her chin. 

Maybe interesting was the word?

It said that this was a very special boss in which brute force didn’t work, and one had to rely on other methods. 

Yubulu was calling people over, she predicted that it would take some time.  

Bai TIan continued to study the map, scanning the surroundings with her mental strength, trying to find a strategy that could work. 

It was just that she didn’t choose to go fully virtual, and her mental perception range was greatly reduced. 

Fairy, You’re Amazing suddenly sent her a voice mail: “Hey! Why are you out of the safe zone? Don’t you know that the whole of Yubulu is chasing you?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: I know. 

She switched her viewing angle and sent a picture to Fairy, You’re Amazing. 

The picture was obviously taken secretly. From her perspective, there was a group of elites from Yubulu in front of her. 

[Private Chat] Fairy, You’re Amazing: “……”

[Private Chat] Fairy, You’re Amazing: Brother, I kneel to you in admiration!

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Did you see the boss?

[Private Chat] Fairy, You’re Amazing: I saw it! I also see a lot of your enemies, are you seeking death?

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Want to get aggro? Are you coming?

[Private Chat] Fairy, You’re Amazing: How many teammates do I have?

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Including my power levelers, it’s four. 

[Private Chat] Fairy, You’re Amazing: You’re done for. [Goodbye] [Goodbye]

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Wild map, graveyard (331, 225). Send this coordinate to the World Chat and tell them that there’s a wild boss in the location. 

[Private Chat] Fairy, You’re Amazing: …..You’re ruthless.

Fairy, You’re Amazing was able to guess that the spearman’s intention was to take advantage of the chaos. Though, they were so weak that they probably couldn’t even do that. 

But as the antagonist, if you could make trouble for Yubulu, then it was still your win. 

So Fairy You’re Amazing decided to fufill her request. 

As soon as the news came out in the World Chat, it sank like a stone in water. 

The rewards for the first kill was very generous. 

Not even mentioning the other rewards, the exp points alone were enough to make people happy. After all, one’s level illustrated their position in the early game.  

So, the cry of wolf 2remember the story of the boy who cried wolf, yeah. Calling out wolf, when there’s no wolf, basically fake newscirculated around all day. 

The large guild was helpless, even if they knew it was a lie, they still had to send someone to investigate just in case. They were at their wits end and were mentally exhausted. 

Fairy, You’re Amazing repeated the same news several times in the World Chat, but failed to elicit a major reaction, so he bought a speaker for 10 soft bitcoins. 

[World Chat] Hundred Daybreak Paste: I think you’re a ghost! Weren’t you just in the Beginner’s Village?  Going back to the wild area, why not just go to heaven!

[World Chat] Ray of Blood: I didn’t expect you to be a fairy!

[World Chat] Become a God: This name isn’t good. I can only look forward to the next new server. 

[World Chat] Start Hoarding: Even though I’m just a fake account, I still paid the IQ tax, muah! 

[World Chat] It’s Not Love: Just came from the chicken coop, can’t you give us a break? Why are you still talking, do something else!

[World Chat] F*ck that healer 10086: I just wanted to be a wallflower, then our support still saw it QAQ!

“Eh, you’re telling the truth?”

The engineer who bought fox fur from before ran back when he saw the news and asked. 

Fairy, You’re Amazing irritatedly said: “It’s up to you to believe.”

Depressed Balls: “I didn’t want to post it, but I do have a fool’s guide.”

Fairy, You’re Amazing: “How foolish?”

Depressed Balls: “No matter how stupid, you can still kill without forming a party.”

Fairy, You’re Amazing trembled: “You’re telling the truth?”

Depressed Balls copied him: “It’s up to you to believe.”

Fairy, You’re Amazing quickly sent him a team invite. 

Two seconds later, a spearman entered the team. 

Depressed balls said with surprise: “This name seems so familiar! Isn’t this the name of a celebrity in the 5th server?”

“It’s fate, fate!” Blue Skies said: “Brothers! Follow me to the graveyard (112, 225).”

Fairy, You’re Amazing: “It’s different from the one you sent?”

Blue Skies: “The fool’s telling the truth. Hurry up! Bring your fool’s guide.”

Depressed Balls: “Let me talk about it first ah, you’re so demanding, this must be the level of a great god.”

Blue Skies: “Isn’t that just talking about me? Hurry up!”

At this time, the Yubulu guild members who received the coordinates were in a state of panic. 

Academic: “Should we send people to take a look? Who did it?”

Afterlife Reason: “The coordinates are wrong, aren’t they just talking nonsense? There are so many people yelling the World Chat.”

Yubulu’s guild leader: “The guild said that the warlock, Fairy, You’re Amazing, was seen in the Beginner’s Village.”

“It’s definitely deliberate, the coordinates are too close!” Sword Light and Shadow angrily said, “F*ck! They’re up to no good!”

Academic: “Do we want to move the mob away first?”

Afterlife Reason’s: “How would we move it?”

Lu Shu not only dealt immense damage, but also had an abnormal far attack range. Their MT was only Level 12, 3 levels of level suppression. Plus, they didn’t have any good equipment. Not to mention, it would be hard to move the boss by kiting it. 

When they originally found the boss in this environment, they were all secretly happy, and they planned on quietly taking the first kill. In order to prevent any accidents, the guild didn’t even send out any messages. But it turned out to be a waste of happiness, no matter who it was experiencing this, they would all feel uneasy. 

Guild Leader Conquesting Fish ordered: “Dagger, you go see if there’s anyone ”

Once the fight had officially started, the boss made a few big moves and if the people from before arrived, they would undoubtedly be annihilated. Although forming an alliance with another guild was tantamount to dividing out the spoils they would’ve earned, there was no other choice. 

Conquesting Fish cursed Fairy, You’re Amazing a hundred times in his heart. He could only hope that this didn’t happen again. 

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