There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 7.2 Fishing

The noon class had been temporarily changed to a larger classroom. 

Bai Tian saw  Chuqi and her little friend, and her whole person felt depressed. 

It really was a small world. 

She took her drumsticks and sat in the furrhest corner from the two of them. 

The aroma of the food wafted up and Bai Tian couldn’t control herself. She went under the table and started eating the chicken legs. 


Halfway though eating, someone sounded a loud and clear “Wow.”

Guan Yue pinched her nape: “Stop eating! Senior Du is here!”

Bai Tian: “Let go! I’m telling you to let me go!”

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Pw Zwduk: “Gal usw kd vbl Plryavxldv sq Ykde Usdvasz?”


Du Yunyi: “When I was in the cafeteria today, I heard someone say that the mental strength of the students under the Department of Ancient Literature was lacking. Hehe.” 


Bai Tian had never heard anyone say “hehe” so stylishly. 

Bai Tian raised lifted her head and asked: “He’s also majoring in Ancient Literature?”

“He used to.” Guan Yue replied, “he was our school mascot. Later, the school asked him to transfer to the Department of Mind Control.”

 Bai Tian nodded. 

“I would like to invite two students from the Department of Mind Control, and two students from the Department of Ancient Literature as educational examples.” Du Yunyi read the two names off the list of students, “Wei Chuqi, Gao Ting.”

The two girls stood up. 

Very good, none of them ran away. 

“Senior, are you trying to compare us to yourself?” Gao Ting said, “I will admit that today in the cafeteria……”

Du Yunyi didn’t let her finish, asking: “Does anyone from the Department of Ancient Literature  want to volunteer?”


Everyone turned their heads. 

Bai Tian clapped her hands and stood up excitedly: “I’m coming!”


Guan Yue instantly grabbed her hand: “She’s just kidding!¨ 

Bai Tian: “I’m serious!”

She stepped on the chair, then the table2T/L: her shoes were probably clean….hopefully, over Guan Yue and onto the aisle. 

Vigorous, skillful, neat, and handsome. 

Du Yunyi was a bit surprised as he watched her, then he said: “We need one more volunteer.”

“Me me me!”

A shota stood up. He copied Bai Tian’s actions, stood on the chair, then table, and then landed on the aisle. 

Guan Yue stared for a while, trying to recognize him. She discovered that she really did not know him. 

When did the Department of Ancient Literature have such a cute boy? 

Gao Ting and Wei Chuqi saw that Du Yunyi didn’t take action himself, but it was Bai Tian instead. So they went onto the stage without any objection. 

Du Yunyi said: “The stereotype is that the stronger the mental strength, the better the perception. But is that always true? Let’s play a small game to find out.”

The four people put the VR headset on and entered the game. 


They were in a lake. 

Bai Tian and the shota were sitting in the same boat, while Wei Chuqi and Gao Ting sat on the other boat. 

On the big screen in the classroom, four different holographic scenes of the four participants were shown. Four different perspectives, four different scenes. 

Du Yunyi began his explanation: “There are fish within the lake. You can use your mental strength to perceive their location. Each team has a fishing rod and a bamboo rod. The bamboo road is used to steer the boat, and the fishing rod is to catch fish. I don’t care what method is used, whoever has more fish in the basket at the end of the round wins. Any problems?

Everyone said that they were ready. 

Du Yunyi wanted to say one more thing: “I don’t care what the results are, if I hear any cursing or personal attacks in my class, I will have to ask the offender to get out. Does everyone understand?”

Bai Tian felt that this was a bit of a disadvantage for her. After all, her mouth was naturally dirty, and it had become a sort of habit. To her, swear words were just a tone of voice. 

Guan Yue was ready to accept Bai Tian’s defeat. 

No one here believed that they could win. 

Even if the Department of Ancient Literature had produced a few outstanding talents, it could not change the fact that the students Department of Ancient Literature of Lianmeng University generally had low mental strength. 

The suppression of those with low mental strength is very obvious. Talent determined how most people treated you. 

Wei Chuqi and Gao Ting dared to be arrogant because their mental strength was not only superior amongst the ordinary people, it was also superior to those in the higher echelons of society, they were amongst the best of the best. 


Meanwhile, Bai Tian originally didn’t care for these things……Guan Yue didn’t know what Bai Tian’s mental strength was, but it shouldn’t be higher than these industry elites, right?  

The shota……It’s impossible for no one to know him, right?

Guan Yue was immersed in heartache when the match officially started. 

Bai Tian lifted the bamboo pole with her feet and started assigning tasks to the shota: “You fish, I hit people.”

The shota readily agreed: “Okay!”

So Bai Tian drew the bamboo pole and rowed towards Chuqi’s boat. 

On the opposite side, Chuqi took the fishing rod and Gao Ting took the bamboo rod. 

Chuqi said: “They’re coming over.”

Gao Ting hummed: “It’s good that they came. Just focus of fishing, I’ll do the fighting.”

Although the boat was moving, fish continued to bite on the shota’s bait.

Bai Tian approached the opponents fishing boat, stretched out her bamboo pole, and slapped the water, scattering the fish. 

Chuqi frowned. Gao Ting angrily said: “Seeking death!”

She swung the bamboo pole to hit Bai Tian. 

Bai Tian instantly raised her bamboo pole, then hit the bamboo pole into the water.  

With the resistance of the water, it would take awhile before she would be able to get the rod out to take a shot at Bai Tian. 

Bai Tian went in for another stab, not giving Gao Ting a break. 

After third time, taking advantage of Gao Ting’s lowered guard, she raised her bamboo pole and vigorously slammed it at Gao Ting. 

Gao Ting was shaken and let go of the bamboo pole, allowing it to fall into the water. 

Bai Tian gave flicked the bamboo pole to her side. 

“Hahaha!” Bai Tian grinned, and gave two vigorous stroked to bring the boat over until the distance between the two boats could be covered by the bamboo poles. 

The bamboo pole in her hands was not flexible. Strike, shift, receive, stab, it was the same as her hands and feet. 

Gao Ting wanted to parry it, but was unable to. The bamboo pole hit her joints and she couldn’t stabilize herself, her whole person jerked around like she was dancing. 

Gao Ting crouched on the boat to try and get her center of gravity. 

Bai Tian evilly stretched out her bamboo pole towards Wei Chuqi. 

Wei Chuqi didn’t expect Gao Ting to pretend to be dead with her lofty ambitions. 

Bai Tian swiftly stabbed at her, Wei Chiqi screamed and fell into the water along with the fishing rod. 

There were still five minutes before the round ended. Bai Tian began her process of beating the drowning dog3beat the living daylights out of bad people even if they’re already drowning

The shota glanced at her: “Pretty sister, your moves are so shameless.”

He dropped the fishing rod in his hand and ran over: “Teach me!”

Bai Tian showed him: “Look at that, pinky promise! Don’t give her a chance to recover.

The shota quickly got started. He shouted the phrase like a slogan: “Promise! Promise!”

Bai Tian jumped into the water, reaching out to grab the other person’s bamboo pole.

She then drove Gao Ting’s goods into the water. 

Everyone in the class looked depressed. 

Looking through Chuqi’s screen was too pitiful. She didn’t have a chance to call out for help. 

The shota’s fighting stance was not as good as Bai Tian’s. 

A boy asked: “Senior, is the time almost up?”

“Not yet.” Du Yunyi sat cross legged and said, “It’s better than admitting defeat.”

Bai Tian grabbed the pole, and went back to teach: “Yo, friend, hit her ass!”

The shota raised his pole and fiercely thrust it. 

Chuqi couldn’t help it anymore, she took off the headset and gloomily stood up. 

Gao Ting took off her helmet and started cursing: “Bai Tian! Are you sick?”

Bai Tian applauded: “Cursing, please get out.”

Gao Ting: “This wasn’t a fair game in the least! If she didn’t play her tricks then she wouldn’t have been able to win!”

Bai Tian was upset.

It was obviously a tough fight, what tricks was she playing?

The shota was also unhappy: “Sister, have you ever heard of weisuo liu4A type of PK confrontation where unconventional methods are used, causing the opponent to be overwhelmed. Most opponents will be unable to accept the outcome because of how stimulating it is, so it can be called ‘cheating’. ? We are upright students, okay? There were no foul or insidious tricks, why are you personally attacking us? Don’t just label others just because you can’t beat them!”

Gao Ting: “Are those not shameless tricks?”

The shota: “Then should I tell you when I attack? Is it fine to shout slogans? Should I tell you my position? Do you even know how to play?”

Gao Ting: “It’s because you guys are so sneaky that it’s basically foul play!”


The classroom suddenly fell silent. 

Du Yunyi: “Are you guys going to keep talking?”

No one dared reply. 

Du Yunyi said: “How about we have another round to compare?”

The shota was still unhappy: “If you lose, can you compete again? Are leagues endless? Are people in the Department of Mind Control really that scared of losing?”

Bai Tian: “……Why do you like to talk so much?”

The shota stiffly turned around: “I don’t……” 

“Just now, the Department of Ancient Literally did not play foul, use tricks, and there was no victory without war. However, since the Department of Mind Control is so reluctant to admit defeat, as I am in the same major, I will give them another chance.” Du Yunyi said, “If you loose again, for our school’s dignity, please apologize seriously and sincerely.”

Gao Ting: “I dare, it depends on wether or not she dares.”

The shota rolled up his sleeves: “Don’t be afraid pretty sister, I’ll take you to fly!”

Bai Tian curled her finger and made a come here motion. 

The second round of fishing immediately began. 

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