There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 3 Open

TL note: I’m changing mental fortitude to mental strength. 

This stalemate could not continue, Yellowing Leaves was in danger. F*ck~ He picked up his short knife and took a step forward. 

Blue Skies: “Close ranged attack.”

An assassin’s combat method was arguably the most flexible. Individualized, short ranged, and long ranged combat styles were all possible. 


After all, they had hidden weapons. They could do as they wished. 

Since it was just a temporary change in career, Yellowing Leaves chose the long whip, testing it out on the way, probing and beating at the same time. 

Bai Tian didn’t know why assassins could use whips. 

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Bai Tian wasn’t aware that due to the holographic binding, the player’s reaction speed has exponentially improved. With that said, the old driver that she casually picked up was really a rare expert. 


From a distance, Yellowing Leaves shouted: “Do you not comprehend! Are you really going to wait for me to kill it?!”

The monk that was meditating was almost at full health, Bai Tian chugged a bottle of red health potion before running up to attract aggro. 

The monk attacked, received the aggro and ran forward. Yellowing Leaves followed suit and shouted a few instructions: “Bro, jump! There’s a pit in front of you! It’s almost OT2Off tank, the sub-tank that relieves the pressure from the main tank, hurry up and take the aggro!”

Finally, the centipede died. 

Yellowing Leaves weakly said: “I’m so tired.”

Blue Skies: “Yeah, it was much faster than the first one.”

Yellowing Leaves: “It’s so tough and it’s just a small fry!”

“Now, now,” Blue Skies said, brimming with energy. “The path to god-hood is just around the corner.”

By the third time, her utilization of the monk was already practiced, and she able to do exactly what the assassin asked her to do. They were able to quickly finish another monster off. 

What a fast learner, Yellowing Leaves praised: “You’re pretty good at power leveling!”

Blue Skies: “ Hire me, only 9883988 is an encouraging message: “Keep working hard, your efforts will be rewarded.”  a day.”

Yellowing Leaves: “……Do you think I’m that weak?”


“Ah, let’s finish it all in one go.” Bai Tian patted his head, “I want to reach Level 10 before going to sleep.”

Prolonged concentration brought an intense sense of mental fatigue. 

Especially for virtual reality games, it’s really not sustainable. 

Even if Bai Tian was used to staying up all night, she still felt a headache setting in. 

When the two of them finished off the 5th centipede, they were already feeling lethargic. 

No one even wondered why they wanted to be on the rankings. 

Bai Tian ran ahead to look for more mobs and saw a group of people slowly coming down the mountain. Looking at the bright, glowing IDs, it could be determined that there were about two teams total. 

Blue Skies: “Someone’s coming.”

“So what if someone’s coming,” Yellowing Leaves said. “I’m telling you, don’t use this opportunity to fight soy sauce4Don’t try to pick a fight with people that are minding their own business.!”

Blue Skies: “Am I that kind of person? I just saw an acquaintance, that’s all.”

A complete beginner talking about an acquaintance he knows……

Yellowing Leaves looked up: “The archer?”


Blue Skies: “Yup!”

Yellowing Leaves: “What the f*ck! She’s not giving up?”

Blue Skies: “No. She’s found a new brother.”

As they were talking, the two teams had already approached them. 

There was a support, main dps5main damage dealer, crowd control, and a healer; it was a complete configuration. It looked like an elite team.  

They obviously didn’t expect to meet other people here. Taking a closer look, there was indeed someone on the team who was on the ranking board. 

In all actuality, the majority of the ‘new players’ on 《Hua Shi》’s new server were old drivers. The professional team’s guild management had assigned part of their core members to go gather resources. 

Similar to mental fatigue, prolonged concentration was physically demanding. 

《Hua Shi》didn’t allow players to buy levels, so the character levels rose very slowly. It could be said that it directly reflected the individual’s skill. 

At this time, Bai Tian and Yellowing Leaves were already playing in the open zone. Their mental strength had already exceeded that of ordinary people 

So even though the team didn’t know the duo’s origin, they still came over to say hello. 

Bai Tian nodded in greeting. Yellowing Leaves went on the team chat: “Focus on the mobs, let’s not worry about them.”


The newcomers wanted to traverse the map in order to choose the best location.  

Just having noticed something, the archer called Clear Painting stopped and asked, “Brother, where did the warlock go?”

Bai TIan didn’t bother with her and silently grabbed aggro before withdrawing. 

In the team chat, Yellowing Leaves sent out text bubbled “[surprised] [surprised] [surprised] Why didn’t you trouble her?”

Blue Skies copied his tone and said: “Do I look stupid? There are so many people. If you can fight them off, I’ll be stunned.”

It was rare for Bai Tian to be so tolerant, but the archer didn’t notice. And bashfully circled around her. 

“Brother? Why aren’t you talking anymore? I’m no longer mad at you.”

Bai Tian: “……”

But I’m still mad at you. 

Bai Tian painfully said: “I’m guilty of having hypocrisy-phobia.”

Yellowing Leaves whooped: “Fight Fight Fight”

Clear Painting didn’t stop talking: “I’m really a beginner and didn’t want to steal from you. Later on, I met Brother Swordsman at the resurrection point, I’m so sorry~”

Blue Skies: “……”

Clear Painting: “[Cry] [Cry]”

Blue Skies growled: “Is there something wrong with me?! Why do you cry whenever you see me! Are you trying to flood Jinshan Temple6In the story of “The Legend of the White Snake” where the White Snake flooded the temple to get her kidnapped husband.?!”

Yellowing Leaves was enjoying the exchange. 

The other team stopped. They could see lips moving but couldn’t hear anything, they concluded that it was a private conversation. 

Then they heard the archer say: “OK, it’s him.”

Blue Skies finally stabbed the centipede to death, before giving out the reminder: “Get ready, they’re about to fight us.”

The swordsman stood up and said: “Bullying a novice? You’re too much.”

Blue Skies: “Are novices that cheap?”

A musician at the back of the group was furious: “Who are you calling cheap? Your mouth’s cheap!”

Blue Skies glanced at her, “What this old man wants to say, what’s it got to do with you?”

“Let’s not do this,” Clear painting waved her hand, “It’s my fault. I should stop talking, I’ll shut up now.”

Clear Painting raised her finger: “[Wronged] [Wronged] [Wronged]”

Bai Tian: “…….”

Ah——! Hypocrisy-phobia ah!

Yellowing leaves: “I used to think that such girls were very cute…….”

Blue Skies: “Then you’re pretty blind.”

Yellowing Leaves: “My three views were all ruined by you.”

“I have a recording of you,” the swordsman said. “Robbing monsters everywhere, see if you don’t get scolded to death. Just find any comment on the forum, they’re all saying that you’re in the wrong.”

Blue Skies: “She’s long ranged and I’m melee. Why are you blaming me? Tell me how the hell I stole it.”

Swordsman: “……”

The musician said: “She’s just a novice, she doesn’t understand the controls well.”

Blue Skies: “I’m also a novice.”

Musician: “Lier!”

Blue Skies: “Lier. Why can’t I be a novice? Is it because I’m a guy? Or is it because I can’t be called brother?”

Musician: “Do you think we’re blind?”

Blue Skies: “You said that she was a novice, isn’t that being blind?”

The musician drew out their weapon: “You’re asked for it!”

“What else do you want? Why do you have to be so disgusting. How about I say” Blue Skies coughed twice and whispered, “Musician Brother~ Was that good?”

Everyone was starstruck: “……!”

Yellowing Leaves fell to the ground laughing: “Ahahaha! Brother, my knese in this life have been given to you!”

“Only true heroes can maintain their real characters, virtuous men will eventually distinguish themselves7From Cai Gen Tan, by Hong Yingmin during the Ming Dynasty. I mens that a truly elegant character doesn’t need to be pretentious.,” Blu Skies casually shook his head. “I’ve won this round.”

At the same time, a Qing Ye healer8In any case, Qing Ye is a type of Chinese Opera. They have a certain style of personality as well as fashion came out from the side of the group. From her facial features, it looked like the healer was of mixed blood. 

When she opened her mouth, what came out was fluent English: “I think we need to talk.”

Blue Skies typed in the team chat: “Talk my ass, I want to gank9Using an underhanded method to defeat and opponent her.”

And while everyone was unprepared, she pulled out her spear and took the healer’s belt. The three other members immediately started attacking. 

Yellowing Leaves hesitated for a bit before joining in on the fun. 

Blue Skies retreated after picking up the belt, before going back in to pick up people. She picked up the healer first in the case that she healed herself.

Near the edge of the swamp, Bai Tian continued to throw moves at the group before grabbing the aggro of a far off centipede. 

The elite team was unable to react to the sudden change, and froze in place. They didn’t move until the swordsman cursed. 

The healer was only a Level 7 support, handling a 5 person siege. Even though they moved a little slower, they couldn’t afford to wait for support. Before long, she was already a dead corpse. 

“I hate people who try and pull foreign words on me the most.” Bai Tian stuck out her middle finger at the corpse, “Your biggest mistake was insulting this scumbag’s dignity.”

The dead healer: “wtf!”

“This isn’t very realistic. How can a corpse talk? I’m gonna complain,”  Bai Tian avoided the attacks flying at her and complained. 

She got one of the auxiliary accounts to make a delivery to the city, and the three other accounts ran in different directions. 

At this moment, her blood pressure rose and she felt her cheeks burn with excitement. A four person pk and intensified her focus. 

The swordsman felt like it was impossible. 

Although they had two teams, there were only 12 people. The majority of them were healers, and even if they divided themselves into 5 groups, it was easy for the other party to just escape

He saw the two actual players and shouted: “Get the assassin and the spearman!”

Blue Skies’s pressure plummeted. 

Three auxiliary accounts ran towards the Beginners Village. She only needed to pay attention to the polearm user. 

Blue Skies leaned against her teammate: “Ahuang10Yellowing Leaves in Chinese is 叶子黄了啊 (Yezi huangle a). Meaning the Leaves are yellowing ah. So Ahuang (阿黄) is a short version of his name. Also, Ahuang is definitely a dog’s name, let’s go!”

Yellowing Leaves: “……”

Yellowing Leaves: “F*ck! Who are you calling Ahuang!”

Blue Skies quickly changed the form of address: “Old driver, let’s go!”

Yellowing Leaves: “Go my ass! They have so many people on the other side, why not just leave me here to die?!”

“I could do that. But at the moment,  you owe me so much soy sauce,” Blue Skies said. “The time has come for you to repay me with gratitude!”

Yellowing Leaves angrily said: “Go away! I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person!”

Blue Skies had already approached him. 

Stretching her spear out, she got his belt and flung it behind them. 

Yellowing Leaves: “……!!”

Yellowing Leaves flew up and shouted: “I-F*ck you Skies!”

Blue Skies saluted: “Good luck!”

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