There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 2 Brother

Blue Skies: “How do you use skills?”

Yellowing Leaves irritatedly said: “Choose a target! Use the skill!”

Blue Skies: “It’s not working.”

“I’m new at this.” Blue Skies said, “Don’t be so fierce.”

Then she raised her spear and took a powerful step forward that grabbed the aggro1A mechanism where mobs prioritize which characters to attack. of a passing fox. Then she used the skill [Wind Breaks Waves], ci ci ci2puncturing sound, a bizarre death. 


Once she got started, Blue Skies grasped the mechanics. She started chasing monsters all over the place and had a lot of fun. 

Thinking about what Yellowing Leaves said, Bai Tian felt better.  

Indeed, veterans shouldn’t care too much about newbies. 

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Eyp kv yzkhl?

 Living equipments were very sophisticated. It required a strong mental fortitude in order to cut, grind3As in finding the materials to upgrade the weapon. A strong mental fortitude will be needed as it can get real tough, refine, and ascend the equipment to improve its attributes. 


Casual players didn’t dare to use this weapon. Professional-players would go through 10 moves and only experience a strand of joy after 9 strands of sorrows. 

While the low-leveled equipment was much easier to use, for a beginner ……it shouldn’t be possible? 

Blue Skies didn’t respond and continued to conduct genocide. 

A little while later, she leveled up. 

Yellow Leaves: “Let’s go find some more people. Beginner teams have an exp bonus.”

Blue Skies: “Where will we find more people?”

They were the only two people in the sand dune area. After all, they directly skipped two leveling zones.

 Bai Tian studied the screen, brought up the menu, and opened up 4 slots. 

After Bai Tian worked it out, she felt that it wasn’t too bad. Except the environmental sensitivity was somewhat reduced.

5 minutes later, 1, 2, 3, 4, tuition fees joined the team at the same time4The usernames are: tuition fee 1, tuition fee 2, tuition fee 3, etc.

Yellowing Leaves: “……”

Yellowing Leaves: “Did you ask for a power leveling team?”


《Hua Shi》didn’t allow direct power leveling as the  moment the character was created, it was already bound to the actual person. 

Unless you changed your brain, no one could get your UID. 

So the power leveling here leaned more towards sparring. 

Blue Skies hummed. 

Opening multiple accounts was an amazing talent ok. 

Just like how some people were ambidextrous while others can’t even draw shapes, it wasn’t easy to accomplish this. 

Having 2 accounts is enough for most players to last awhile, let alone 5 accounts?

There was a hole in Yellowing Leaves brain to think the way he did. But at this moment, he felt like Blue Skies had a hole in his brain. 

Yellowing Leaves: “Brilliant, comrade!  Level 1 power leveling please!”

Blue Skies: “Get me some fox skins, I need money!”

Yellowing Leaves made a kneeling gesture followed by 4 accounts. They started picking up fox skins. 

By the time the two main characters reached level 6, more players started appearing on the map. 


Look at that profile, look at those curves, what an outstanding sister. She seemed to be an archer. 

Blue Skies got her 5 characters5the 5 accounts she created (1 main and 4-sub accounts) and ran around to chase monsters, occupying a small territory, and causing the wild foxes around her to go extinct. 

The girl ran around in a circle, but no monsters appeared. She went to stand beside Blue Skies with teary eyes. 

Blue Skies remained indifferent. 

The archer couldn’t help but cry out: “Brother~ Take me~”

Blue Skies: “Sister, the team is full.”

The archer didn’t move and continued to wail around Bai Tian. 

Yellowing Leaves couldn’t stand it and said, “They’re just auxiliary accounts, we can let her join. She’s also leveling anyways.”

Blue Skies said: “The auxiliary accounts are also human beings, have you ever thought about their feelings?”

Yellowing Leaves: “Then give your provinces6the auxiliary accounts their salary ah.”

“My auxiliary accounts will fight the monsters, you can pick up the skins, what can this girl do except buy soy sauce7Buy soy sauce basically means staying an observer, not interfering. In other words, the girl won’t be able to do anything except observe?” Blue Skies said, “Let me tell you, I’m scared of princess-syndrome. Don’t force my hand.”

The archer, Clear Painting, said: “Hey hey, I don’t have princess-syndrome. I can fight monsters.”


Bai Tian felt goosebumps all over her body. 

Blue Skies: “What a coincidence, I don’t have princess-syndrome either.”

Bai Tian didn’t want to talk to her anymore, and waved her spear around as she chased monsters. 

Yellowing Leaves decided that it was better to be soy sauce and ultimately gave the beauty up.

The dunes were very big. Bai Tian and Yellowing Leaves only occupied a very small piece. The other areas were still empty, and the wild foxes were still carefree. 

Obviously there were better places, and yet the girl decided to keep wandering under their monster spawning area. 

The girl kept at it for the next five minutes, then ran over to Blue Skies saying: “Brother, can you leave some for me?”

Blue Skies paused: “Sister, a dog owns the land it pees on, do you just open your mouth?”

Yellowing leaves who was following her: “……”

Yellowing Leaves: “……”

Yellowing Leaves: “……”

Yellowing Leaves: “What the f*ck? Are you a single dog!”

“My heart is waiting for a white lotus8pure, innocent kind of person ” Blue Skies said, “It doesn’t accept green tea bitches9A woman with a sweet, harmless outer appearance but is actually very scheming on the inside.”

Clear Painting became furious: “Why are you like this ah!”

Blue Skies: “No one made you talk to me ah. You brought this onto yourself ah.”

The girl felt suffocated and couldn’t refute. She angrily ran away. 

Yellowing Leaves: “……wasn’t that a bit too much?”

“Was that your girlfriend?” Blue Skies asked. “She started it. Scammer10The original text was “touch porcelain”, which refers to scammers who put fragile porcelain in busy areas when they sell antiques at stalls (so that they can extort people who accidentally break it. Ouran High flashbacks lol.”

Yellowing Leaves: “How can you say that to a girl.”

“You should get used to it,” Blue Skies said. “I advocate gender equality, I endorse social justice.”

Yellowing Leaves snorted with disgust

Blue Skies attacked another monster, looking back to the assassin who was squatting on the ground, she made a “huh” sound.   

Yellowing Leaves lifted his head: “What?”

Blue Skies said: “I thought you would chase after her.”

Do I look stupid?” Yellowing Leaves asked, “How would I know whether or not she’s actually a girl.”

You can’t tell everything based on voice alone. If you don’t want to expose your voice, it’s very easy to install a voice changer, take Bai Tian as an example. 

Bai Tian nodded: “I like smart people like you.”

The girl stayed quiet for only thirty seconds. 

Bai Tian’s auxiliary accounts were just about to kill a freshly spawned wild fox, when an arrow hit it. The fox kicked its hind legs and gave chase. 

Archers were long-ranged combatants, while her auxiliary accounts were short ranged. If we were to talk about grabbing aggro, no one could beat Clear Painting. 

In order to prevent kill stealing11When someone does all the work, but an uninvited guest takes the final hit and so all the credit (exp, loot, etc.) goes to that uninvited guest, all the loot was given to the first attacker. 

Bai Tian refrained from talking and turned to look for some other mob. 

“The archer’s coming to touch porcelain12See scammer notes again.” Blue Skies sent a private chat to the assassin, “don’t do anything later.”

Yellowing Leaves said: “Damn, she still came back?”

Blue Skies: “That means, she’s targeting you. The time to maintain world peace has arrived!”

As expected, Clear Painting pulled the aggro of a wild fox and ran towards Yellowing Leaves. 

But the wild fox was faster than her, and it started gaining ground.  

Archers were long ranged, so her leverage was compromised in this scenario, and could only run or hide. At that point, she’d been scratched until she lost half of her hp. 

Yellowing Leaves glanced at her, hell, she really was coming towards him. 

He would’ve originally let it go and taken care of the situation for her. But after interacting with Blue Skies for a while, this action strangely made him angry. 

He turned around and coldly walked away. 

Clear Painting: “……”

Clear Painting called out: “Bother! Brother, save me! QAQ13Distressed face!”

Clear Painting: “Brother, can you take me? I’m a newbie.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” Blue Skies appeared behind them and stepped on the girl, saying, “a new person can kill monsters by leapfrogging14kill monsters above their level, but to know how to steal aggro?”

Clear Painting: “QAQ, this person was just not careful, really.”

Clear Painting’s voice was so soft and tender……

Bai Tian felt that it was too hypocritical. She didn’t know if this was the type that men liked. 

At this time, a warlock appeared from a big rock nearby. 

He held a peach wood15peach wood is often used for exterminating evil spirits and ghosts sword in his hand, the ID was “Fairy, You’re Amazing”, he was Level 6. 

Warlock: “eh, there’s a team! Are there any openings?”

Blue Skies: “Yeah, I’m just using auxiliary accounts, you can join us.”

Warlock: “Never mind the auxiliaries, let me look.”

Blue Skies: “I’m power leveling.”

The warlock ran over and said: “That’s great!”

Clear Painting: “Brother, why didn’t you let me join your group? I was here first, are you gay?”

“F*ck! When did this person show up?” the warlock was taken aback. 

Then he saw that the person speaking was lying on the sand, but his line of sight was blocked and couldn’t see them clearly. The guy holding a spear was stepping on her.  

The warlock asked: “……you had such a hobby? I don’t have to participate, right?”

Blue Skies lifted her foot and sent the warlock a team application, explaining: “She’s dead. I just wanted to bury her a little deeper to prevent zombification.”

Warlock: “……what hate, what grievance?”

Clear Painting had already started crying on the public chat.

Clear Painting: “Why won’t you accept me? I said I’ll fight monsters. You’re bullying newcomers and girls.”

The Warlock called Fairy, You’re Amazing suddenly felt awkward. 

Blue Skies decided to finish her off. 

“Because he didn’t call me brother.”

“He didn’t mind my auxilaries.”

“He didn’t ask me to take care of him.”

“He didn’t cry on the public chat as I was killing monsters.”

“He didn’t try to take my mobs and stepped aside.”

“He didn’t pretend to be innocent in order to rob and take my loot.”

“He hasn’t committed any crime.”

“Most importantly, he didn’t pretend to be a ladyboy16A male pretending to be a girl online.”

Clear Painting: “I’m not a ladyboy!”

Blue Skies: “Just move on. Or else I’ll sit on you and sh*t on your face, try me.”

White light flashed and the archer went to the resurrection point. 

Blue Skies cracked his neck, and said with satisfaction: “The world is at peace.”

Fairy, You’re Amazing and Yellowing Leaves: “……”

Damn! Their eyes were shining in admiration and awe!

Fairy, You’re Amazing turned around and asked, “What was that?”

Blue Skies: “Guess.”

Fairy, You’re Amazing: “A transvestite?”

Blue Skies: “I don’t know.”

Fairy, You’re Amazing: “A leech17original is ‘rub experience’ since there are games where you can also get experience by just being nearby when the kill happens?”

“Right.” Blue Skies turned around and continued fighting monsters, “Actually I can’t handle it when she talks. I’m have a hypocrisy-syndrome phobia.”

Yellowing Leaves: “Wasn’t it princess-sydnrome before?”

Blue Skies solemnly said: “No, it evolved.”

Yellowing Leaves: “……”

Why do you keep making sh*t up!

Within the three minutes that the three of them were fighting, more people started appearing in the dunes. 

The three old drivers finished level 6 after committing mass genocide on the wild foxes.

The efficiency of their team plummeted as the exp the wild foxes were no longer adequate. 

Blue Skies: “Let’s change location? We can go to the swamp and kill centipedes.”

“Level 10?” Fairy, You’re Amazing worriedly asked, “won’t we get wiped out?”

Blue Skies: “Let’s try it, we won’t get anywhere by staying here anyways.”

Blue Skies and Yellowing Leaves both reached Level 7 and were first on the ranking list. Beginners didn’t have good equipment, so no one should’ve been able to hunt centipedes yet. 

Fairy, You’re Amazing was silent for a while before saying: “Oh, I’m going to bed since I have to go to class tomorrow. Let’s add each other as friends first.”

So they added each other as friends. Fairy went offline, Bai Tian added her auxiliary account back and they went off to clean out the swamp. 

On the way, Yellowing Leaves said, “Seeing that you play so well, you don’t seem to be a newbie.”

“All online games are the same,” Bai Tian said, “having a brain is great.”

Yellowing Leaving: “You’re not wrong.”

The monster of the swamp was a centipede, around Level 10. As Bai Tian expected, there was no one there.  

Blue Skies: “Old Driver, do you want to drive?”

Yellowing Leaves was left speechless: “What drive, the area is a bit weird and the chances of injury are very high. 

Blue Skies: “You can’t trap them?”

Yellowing Leaves: “You think there are that many BUGs?”

Blue Skies: “Give me your loot, I’ll go to the city and sell it.”

So Yellowing Leaves traded her two bundles, totaling more than 100 fox skins. 

The assassin instantly felt lighter, and was able to move more quickly. 

Bai Tian sent one of her auxiliary account to run back to the city, and sent another one to survey the area up ahead. 

Monks18Original term was Shaolin, which is one of the oldest martial arts school. It is also a form of martial arts based on the Shaolin Temple. were used by main tanks,  and used the skill “Boundless Buddhism” to draw aggro. 

A centipede sprayed out venom when Bai Tian wasn’t paying attention, and the monk lost ⅓ of its health as well as had a debuff that dealt continuous damage put on it. 

“F*ck!” Bai Tian swore, “so strong!”

Yellowing Leaves: “Run! Move! Kiting19A method of killing mobs by staying at a distance and using ranged attacks, running whenever the enemy comes close this thing is really hard!”

It was really hard ah!

Centipedes used medium and long-ranged attacks, but monks were short-ranged. If one didn’t control their distance well, they might accidentally get rid of aggro or get insta-killed. 

Bai Tian was just a newbie, let’s not even talk about the unfamiliar technology. 

Yellowing Leaves came up from behind to help with his knife, shouting: “Hurry up! Your power levelers are already moving!” 

Using the monk to run ahead and attract the aggro of a centipede, four short legs chased after Blue Skies only to be stabbed by a knife. 

Blue Skies: “I made a mistake. We either need a healer or a long ranged attacker.”

It took 5 minutes to finish off a single mob. And the monk barely had any health left. 

Yellowing Leaves tiredly said: “It’s weird, there was too much twisting. You’re the worst main tank I’ve sever seen.”

The mob was felt like a boss. 

Blue Skies: “I’m a newbie.”

Yellowing Leaves: “Are you a newbie in power leveling?!”

Blue Skies: “……”

Her mouth slipped. Blue Skies added: “Newbies are very cheap ah.”

Yellowing Leaves: “……Child labor is illegal ah.”

Blue Skies: “Old Driver, you go try one.”

Yellowing Leaves: “I’m an assassin! How can I get aggro!”

“Just once, just try it once,” Blue Skies said, “I’m confident in my skills.”

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