There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 15: Quarrel

Fairy You’re Amazing sent a series of voice messages, wildly asking: “What’s the situation? Ah? What’s the situation, quickly tell me!”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: It’s a long story. 

 ——The NPC took the gold, and after much hesitation, said: “This is earning without working. Warrior, I cannot accept this.”

“Just take it. I’ve already given it to your mother.” Blue Skies said, “Although I’m penniless, although I’m strapped for cash, although I can’t eat, if I give something out, I refuse to take it back!”

Zhang Bocheng: “……”


Blue Skies: “You take it! I’m young, I’ll just go on a diet!”

Zhang Bochen: “……”

Blue Skies: “It’s just that I’m tired of walking, could you lend me a horse?” 

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So she used the set of skills available to her. 


The king of horses suddenly stared wide-eyed in panic, the mouth chewing a handful of weeds was frozen mid-chew. 

Then the golden announcement was sent throughout the server. 

Bai Tian: “……”

[Private Chat] Fairy You’re Amazing: ……

Fairy You’re Amazing roared: “Swear by your gender! Swear that what you’re saying is true!” 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Thanks for affirming my gender. 

Fair You’re Amazing depressingly said: “It always feels like we’re not playing the same game.” 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: I’m going to ride it!

Fair You’re Amazing: “Well?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: It kinda irritates my crotch. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Is this horse trying to test the durability of your pants?

[Private Chat] Fairy You’re Amazing: ……


Blue Skies rode back to the city gate, Zhang Bocheng was in awe. 

“Warrior! Warrior really has outstanding martial arts skill. To be able to subdue this fiery horse.”

Blue Skies: “……It’s quite easy.” 

She was slightly doubting her life. 

Zhang Bocheng said: “The mayor is currently recruiting talented people. Since you seem to have special skills, you should go ahead and try out.”

Her progress was finally on the right track, first go to the Mayor’s house to accept the quest•Ally with a Prestigious Family, then accept the Level 25 dungeon quest.

Blue Skies carried her long spear behind her back and rode her divine horse into the city gates. 

The sunlight drew out a long shadow behind her, and the surging, busy street, halted for a second. 

It was a moment of pride and ambition. 

Blue Skies stretched out her arm and pointed at the sky, roaring: “All under heaven! I am here!”

Bai Tian didn’t know what kind of existence the so-called five-star mount was, but she saw the World Chat go like this→

[World] Arrow to the Chest: Looking for a group photo! Looking for a group photo! Where is Blue Skies right now? 


[World] Distant Mountain: I think I’m going blind. A divine horse? Hmm? It’s not a bug, right? 

[World] Ray of Blood: Who am I? Where am I? What kind of game is this? 

[World] Become a God: I’m not listening! I’m not listening! I’m not listening! You get out of my way!

[World] Feel The Breeze: A five-star mount? Is that the legendary five-star mount that was the prize in the pro-tournament championships? 

[World] F*ck that Healer 10086: Brother Sky, Every time I look at world, my heart and liver trembles……trembles. May I ask if you’re in a guild yet? Tyranny Against Violence welcomes you~

If Blue Skies was just a small name within the guilds, she could now be considered as famous across the server. 

Five-star mounts, it’s usefulness in pk could not even be mentioned, while you couldn’t use mounts in combat, it was a symbol of status. 

It was the exclusive prize for the winners of the professional championships. There had never been a second way of obtaining it. 

Now, it had appeared just 3 days after the new server had opened. 

It’s time to boil things up a bit. 

Though, at this time, it was the big guilds who was feeling the most agitated. 

After all, it was a cut-throat world, and now wasn’t the time to be thin-faced and refrain from asking for a guide. 


But was it worth it? Was their face in exchange for a five-star mount worth it? 

It was obviously worth it, the face just hurts a little. 

The leaders of the guild were still entangled with their word choices, when they saw Tyranny Against Violence had stopped being polite in their pursuit, and struck first. Everyone who followed felt their hearts become sore. 

Amongst them, Conquesting Fish was the most energetic. 

It is said that Blue Skies and them had the most animosity. 

The announcement had just come a second ago, and the guild’s internal “blessing” had already spread all the way to her nth ancestors 1 the guild will welcome even her nth ancestor, this…should not be mentioned. 


Conquesting Fish wanted to slap himself a few more times, but dignity! That damned thing! It’s getting in the way!

Afterlife Reasons finally contacted Blue Skies. 

Blue Skies entered the city after receiving the task, and was at the doorsteps of the mayor’s house when Cold Night contacted her. 

This brother was a mere acquaintance to her, but he was very kind and polite. Even when speaking frankly, without any pretense, Bai Tian still found him very likeable. 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: How did you get that mount? 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: On the Level 20 letter delivery task, I gave the NPC, who issued the task 500 gold coins. Though, I don’t think you can repeat what I did. 

Cold Night was aware of this.

Otherwise, if this hidden quest was public, then relying on the same strategy, a large number of treasures would be produced, then wouldn’t the game be unbalanced? 

But there were naturally hidden tasks already with published guides. 

It’s just that…….

Who would be bored enough to send 500 gold to an NPC? 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: …..You made me understand something. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: That we’re on different levels? [Proud] This is a really good game. 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Character is inherited. 

Three days to dig out hidden content that other veteran players have failed to find after decades of playing. 

Though one can’t attribute it all to luck, but luck definitely plays a large factor. 

Blue Skies’s mailbox alert kept ringing non-stop. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: The other guilds keep sending me messages, so I won’t be able to talk to you for a while. 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Asking for guides? You should sell it to them. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: I like you! You’re a really bad person!

[Private Chat] Cold Night: ……

Bai Tian had the same idea. 

Just because she thinks it’s useless information doesn’t mean that others won’t think it’s useless. It’s good to spend more money to gain insight!

After arguing with the guild representatives for a bit, she opened the chat interface for Afterlife Reasons. 

Afterlife Reasons went straight to the point and asked: “How did you get the mount? Can you trade it?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Of course not, don’t you know that the divine mount chooses its owner? 

Afterlife Reasons: “Then what’s the strategy? Can you sell it to us?” 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Ahahahah! I won’t! I won’t tell you! Come and bite me!

Afterlife Reasons: “Feel free to make an offer. You can ask for anything.” 

Bai Tian thought about it, and replied: 2000. 

Bai Tian meant two thousand gold coins, then she could also earn more from other guilds. 

Afterall, it only cost her 500 gold. 

As a result, one minute later, the system sent her account 2,000 RMB 2 it’s basically yuan, but RMB is the official Chinese currency)

Bai Tian: “……”

Bai Tian: “! !” 

The power of capitalism!

She was so excited that she forgot she was in the game and fell of her chair. 

The helmet hit the floor with a loud bang, and the screen went dark. 

Bai Tian: “……”

She took off her helmet and discovered that it was surprisingly late, Guan Yue was no longer there. 

It seems like the internet addicted girl has lost track of time again. 

Bai Tian came back online and decided to stop messing around, directly giving Afterlife Reasons the information as well going around selling the information to the other guilds.  

Two thousand, two thousand, it seems like she won’t have to worry about her tuition anymore. 

Bai Tian had played a lot of online game, and was very experienced with such dealings. 

She basically played for the chance of experiencing financial success, she never thought that  《Hua Shi》would help her fulfill her long-cherished dream. 

If not for it being so late at night, she would’ve made it known to the world. 

This is a good game! Conscientious production! Exceptionally reliable!

After days of sleep deprivation along with the emotional ups and downs, after logging off, Bai Tian felt very sleepy. 

She didn’t even eat dinner and went straight to sleep. 

The following morning, Bai Tian started doing her homework. Guan Yue was a top student, so she had already gone to class. 

She was not very familiar with the software in the homework, and she had no idea what the hell the book was trying to ask, so she was going in blind. 

Oh well, just copy all the coursework, and she should be fine. 

Just as she finished copying one, Guan Yue called her out for dinner. 

Bai Tian’s heart was hurting. 

Why were other people’s campus life so youthful, while her’s was just eating and playing games?

Can’t I also have a little bit of excitement 

Like picking up a stray bill on some street she was walking on……just a little something. 

When she arrived at the cafeteria, there was a commotion. 

There was a crowd of people that surrounded her all the way to the outside of the cafeteria, and she couldn’t find Guan Yue’s location. 

When she connected to Guan Yue’s device, she heard Guan Yue was yelling: “Help——save me!” 

The people’s heads turned. 

Bai Tian covered her heart…wasn’t this too much excitement? 

She spoke into the optical computer: “are you in there? What did you do?”

Guan Yue loudly said: “I accidentally lifted Chuqi’s skirt!” 

The crowd let out a loud: “Wow——!

Bai Tian was aghast. 

She carefully asked: “So what color was it?” 

A man with a high-pitched voice yelled: “Guan Yue, are you done? Bai Tian, come at me if you have something to say! What are you doing bullying Chuqi!” 

Guan Yue cringed: “It was really an accident. You saw it yourself, she pushed me first!” 

Gao Ting said: “You call that an accident? I just touched you, and you lunged forward so exaggeratedly, you dare say that I did it on purpose?” 

Guan Yue: “……I dare.” 

“Bai Tian! Yesterday, we clearly said that we’d meet at the arena, why didn’t you come?” 

 Among the crowd of melon seed-eaters 3 bystanders watching the drama , the passerby from yesterday appeared and yelled: “Are you playing with us?” 

“Always looking for troubl!” Gao Ting seized the opportunity to yell at Guan Yue’s optical computer: “Why did you send a war post in our name? And you said you didn’t do it on purpose!”

Bai Tians’ voice came out from the optical computer, breathlessly saying: “Your bestie’s panty color is being exposed, and you still care about something like this?” 

The boy standing beside Wei Chuqi lost control and grabbed Guan Yue’s optical computer and fiercely smashed into the ground. 

Guan Yue though he was about to hit someone, covered her ears and screamed. 

The inner circle of people took a step back, the crowd got more chaotic and noisier. 

Bai Tian thought a fight had broken out. 

“Everyone, calm down!” 

She stepped on the cafeteria table and yelled: “Listen to me!” 

The crowd turned their heads to look at her. 

With a sullen look on her face, Bai Tian raised her fist and said: “It was a terrible accident.” 

A man in the middle of the crowd pointed straight at her and yelled: “Bai Tian, get your ass down here and apologize!” 

Bai Tian was furious and raised her middle finger: “She didn’t wear underwear, why are you blaming me?” 

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