There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 14: Ox City

“A declaration of war? Me?” Bai Tian pointed at herself, saw the other party nodding, and said with amusement: “Oh? How interesting.” 

The passerby shrugged and said: “I don’t have any conditions if you lose, but if I lose, I’ll give you a high grade gem.”

Bai Tian laughed: “You sound very confident.”

The passerby used his optical headset: “This is my ID, my name is Nian Geng. At 8pm, I’ll open a room in the arena. You coming?”

Bai Tian grinned: “If it’s my post, then I’ll be there.”


Passerby: Then I’ll wait for you.”

Getting the reply they wanted, the onlookers walked away in satisfaction. 

Guan Yue was surprised: “A war declaration? You made a war post?”

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“Ms elzkhla xu blye? Zsw vbkdj R’x vbyv ewxc?” Jyk Mkyd pyke, “Jwv kv eslp pswde kdvlalpvkdt.”

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“Wkapv ulya, nzypp 3, sq vbl Plryavxldv sq Gdnkldv Nkvlayvwal, Jyk Mkyd. R blalcu plde yd kdhkvyvksd vs ewlz ydusdl. Rv eslpd’v xyvvla obyv uswa xyfsa kp, fwpv nsxl qktbv kq usw esd’v zkjl xl. R’x pvyvkdt vbyv vbl Plryavxldv sq Gdnkldv Nkvlayvwal kp dwxcla sdl kd Nkydxldt Bdkhlapkvu.&dcpr;

The comments were full of cursing, and even people within the Department of Ancient Literature weren’t very happy. 


The number of people who wanted to fight spanned across all grades and majors, and it was about to break through the four digits. 

The forum was only available to those on the campus internet, and judging by the number of comments so far, she might’ve been the last person to realize that she was being challenged. 

Guan Yue asked: “But didn’t you promise him?”

In Lianmeng university, failing to keep your word was more disgraceful than losing the match. 

It’s not that she didn’t have confidence in Bai Tian……

It’s just that she didn’t have confidence in Bai Tian!

Bai Tian said: “I didn’t promise him.”

Guan Yue: “You did!”

“I said that if the war post was mine, I’ll go.” Bai Tian burried her head in her arms and thought about what she was going to do, then asked: “Eh, what other celebrities are there in Lianmeng University?”

Guan Yue asked: “What are you up to?”

Bai Tian: “Making a war post.”

Guan Yue leaned over to take and look and found that two identical titles had appeared on the forum home page. 


“First year, advanced class, of the Department of Mind Control, Wei Chuqi/Gao Ting. We hereby send declare an invitation to fight anyone, including my seniors, including my classmates. It doesn’t matter what your major is, just come fight if you don’t believe us. We hereby declare that we, Wei Chuqi/Gao Ting, are the number one genius that will save the galaxy!

Guan Yue: “……”

Bai Tian clapped: “Oh! And there’s that something name…Du Yunyi, right?

Immediately, a third post made its way to the top. 

Bai Tian: “Should I add you next?”

Guan Yue: “…….No thankyou.”

Instantly after, another dozen posts appeared. 

“A spammer? Is something wrong?”

“Moderator! Someone’s spamming the forums!”

“Who did it? Or is it Bai Tian trying to create a diversion?”

“Moderator! Someone’s trolling on the forums!”

“Moderator! There’s a crazy person in here!”


The last entry. 

“I am xxx, 《Hua Shi》ID is Nian Geng, here to challenge everyone in the forums in a declaration of war. 8pm, 《Hua Shi》, see you soon. 

After posting this, she finally closed the tab. 

Guan Yue: “……What the hell are you doing?”

Bai Tian shrugged: “I’m not doing anything, just screwing around, I don’t want to go.”

Judging from the degree of heat the discussion was generating, if she actually went, it’s estimated that she would not be able to return to the dorms tonight due to endless challenges. 

Ten minutes later, all the posts with names that were not created by the person who owned the names, were deleted by the moderator. 

The included the earliest Bai Tian post. 

Guan Yue refreshed and suddenly found the posts were gone, she excitedly exclaimed: “Eh! Bai Tian, you’re so smart. Can this be traced?” 

“What?” Bai Tian leaned over and nodded: “That unexpectedly worked, not bad.” 

Guan Yue: “Are you really not going tonight?”

Bai Tian put on her helmet to log in, saying: “Not going. I’m going to play the game for a while, go make yourself at home.” 


When she came online, her field of vision was filled with a blanket of green leaves. 

She jumped off the tree and started going through her rewards. 

Since it was the first, first kill of a wild boss, and it was in the fighter type, a player terminator, the reward was very generous. 

The experience alone sent her straight to Level 20. 

One didn’t have to mention the other rewards. 

There was one purple clothing, and then a Level 25 healers’ silver needle, which she could not use.  

Then there was seven or eight mid-rank materials, which were worth a lot in terms of volume. 

She looked at the leaderboard, her level was still the highest, followed by Fairy You’re Amazing and Depressed Balls. 

There were also a few people who reached Level 15 and were starting to establish their guilds, so the world chat was now full of guild advertisements. 

Bai Tian sneaked towards the Beginner’s Village, and received a message from Fairy You’re Amazing. 

500 gold, that’s the payment for the fox skin. 

Fairy You’re Amazing: “Were you able to get away yesterday?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Of course!

Fairy You’re Amazing: “What are you investing in?”

Blue Skies sent the equipment and material information. 

Fairy You’re Amazing: “Not bad. Now that gems are rare, I’ve started selling.”

Bai Tian then remembered the dude who challenged her to a match. 

A senior actually pulled out gems to try to tempt her. Oops, feels like I missed a large amount of money, my heart feels unhappy ah. 

Blue Skies was getting closer and closer to the Beginner’s Village when she encountered some players with guild names above their character. 

She was initially very wary, but it turned out that the other party didn’t care about her, brushing right past her. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Eh, after I ran away yesterday, is no one looking for me? 

Fairy You’re Amazing: “No. They’re all too busy forming their guilds, you all right?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: No, they’ve suddenly become smart, makes me feel uncomfortable. 

Fairy You’re Amazing: “……”

It seems that after the initial chaos, everyone was starting to calm down. 

It’s definitely not a good thing to get into a fight with someone at the beginning of the new server’s opening. 

The consequence of the Lu Shu incident was too tragic for them to repeat the same mistake again. 

They had already realized that it didn’t matter if Blue Skies, with his strange moves, was an expert or not, the assassin who was in cahoots with Blue Skies was definitely an expert. 

When facing an expert, one cannot be stubborn. 

Moreover, they found out that these two ancestors were only online for short amounts of time. 


Problems that can be solved with time aren’t called problems. 

As long as you can suppress them by having a higher level, then you won’t be afraid of them. 

So bear with it, grit your teeth, and let this previous incident slide!

Bai Tian could not accept such a result. 

Thinking about the wanted notice that Yubulu had on her, it would be a shame for her not to cause some trouble. 

So she decided to take a leaf out of her fellow compatriot’s book. 

[World] Blue Skies: I’m here. 

No one commented. 

Blue Skies walked into the Beginner’s Village and proceeded to brush up on the beginner’s quests that she hadn’t done. 

[World] Blue Skies: With all due respect, everyone here is trash. 

[World] Blue Skies: I know you guys aren’t convinced, and so I’m going to give you guys a chance to redeem yourselves. If anyone wants to challenge me, then give me a medium-grade gem. Only one try, this challenge declaration will be valid for a long time. 

[World] Blue Skies: But if I’m not in the mood, the price will go up. First come first serve. 

Yubulu’s guild chat experienced an explosion. 

Sword of Light and Shadow: “Wtf! This person is too arrogant!”

Old Musician: Is this person actually sick in the head?”

Afterlife Reason’s: “This post…….gives a sense of deja vu.”

Sword of Light and Shadow: “Either I go kill him now, or let him grow up.” 

Conquesting Fish: “Don’t be impulsive, just let him shout whatever he wants. We need to build our guild, don’t mess things up.”

Blue Skies waited for a bit and was met with no responses, so she started picking fights again. 

[World] Blue Skies: Yubulu, Tyranny Against Violence, Set Sail? Do the dead not want to come for revenge?

[World] Blue Skies: So good at bullying/ [Surprise] I thought you guys were a big guild? Really not coming to kill? I want to have my head cut off~ 

Sword of Light and Shadow and the others really wanted to storm out. 

Conquesting Fish: “Just block world chat. Look at his level, don’t be fooled. After two days, we can challenge him after we exceed his level. Anyway, he said that this declaration will be effective for a long time. 

The situation was similar in the other guilds. The management team went to pacify their members. 

The moment that Blue Skies went online, the entirety of Hua Shi’s fifth server was in an uproar, what the hell’s with this person!

So good at grabbing hate. Even the guild leader of Spring Flower Autumn Moon, who had been pretending to be dumb and deaf, couldn’t stand it anymore. 

He was afraid that if someone checked Blue Skies’ ID, then would his team’s face still be intact1 just a reminder that he’s the manager for the Xinyue Fox Team ?

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Big Brother ah! [Teary Eyed] What the hell are you doing!

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: I want to earn some gems. 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: ……

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Stop making things up! They’ve been busy these two days, okay? Does Cloud not care about you guys?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Who’s Cloud? 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Good, good, you’re really doing it. [Admiration] Don’t come crying if you lose. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Me lose? Haha. 

After waiting for half a day, no one really came. Bai Tian was disappointed. 

She wanted to make money, ah. 

So she mailed a high-grade stone, that she had promised a certain someone, to Cold Night. 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: !!

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Give this to Yellowing Leaves. I’m sleepy and won’t be online tonight. 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Big Brother, I thought you would continue to make waves. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: I’m in a wave right now.  

She had gone around and found that she hasn’t received a quest that would let her into the main city, which was incredibly odd. 

According to the manual, you should be able to enter Ox City when you were Level 20. 

Bai Tian pondered for a bit before going to find a friend to ask about it. 

“Warrior!” The familiar grandmother NPC caught up with her, “Your fox skins.”

Blue Skies: “No, it’s your fox skins.”

Granny: “Take it, I have no use for them.” 

Bai Tian’s mood was indescribable. 

Did she really have to rely on an NPC to make a fortune? 

Blue Skies stretched out her hands to receive the fox skins when the granny bent down and coughed a few times. 

The incredibly realistic NPC said: “The weather’s been getting colder lately. Young warrior, you must remember to wear more clothes.” 

Blue Skies: “I’m wearing quite a lot, you should do the same.”

Granny: “I’m fine, it’s just a little cold.” 

Bai Tian hesitated between whether or not to continue the conversation, when she remembered the 500 gold coins that Fairy had sent her. 

It’s not that the hand is short 2 taking advantage, scamming , but the other person was an npc. 

But she really didn’t earn it, so she donated five hundred gold coins to the grandma. 

“I can’t use all this gold.” The grandma said, “Can you bring this to my son? He’s a guard at the city gate in Ox City. Also, do you mind helping me bring him this letter?” 

[System] Do you accept the task: Go to Ox City? 

Bai Tian finally breathed a sigh of relief and clicked accept; thinking in her heart, ‘this was a very expensive mission!”

While Fairy You’re Amazing was collecting the fox skins, she followed the map route and sped all the way to Ox City using qi gong3 ‘light’ power. A martial arts style that incorporates your ‘qi/chi’ to lighten your movement

As the capital city of Hua Shi, the amount of detail in the design was really incomparable to that of the Beginner’s City. 

When Blue Skies arrived at the entrance, she was the only player and was herded into the NPC queue line. 

After ten minutes of dilly-dallying, she finally arrived at the front of the line, but was stopped by a city gate guard. 

The guard asked: “Who is this?” 

“A messenger” Blue Skies showed the bamboo strip given to her by the grandma. 

The guard looked at the name and said: “Zhang Bocheng is at the East City Gate. You should to the East City Gate to find him.” 

Blue Skies: “……”

So she went to the East City Gate. 

The guard at the East City Gate: “Brother Cheng? He went to patrol the South City Gate. You should go to the South City Gate to find him.    

Blue Skies: “Can you let me in first? It’s the fastest way between the two points, you know. I’m tired of going around the city walls like this.” 

The guard flashed his spear: “No, you can’t enter without a permit!”

Blue Skies: “……”

I’m going to f*ck your old man for that permit!

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Fairy! Fairy! Let me ask, is the Level 20 entry quest hard?

Fairy You’re Amazing: “Not difficult, just annoying. After all that running, you’ll get a date red horse.”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: That’s relieving. 

Fairy You’re Amazing: “Do you feel like the NPC tricked you?”

Fairy You’re Amazing: “After giving the letter, you need to ask for the horse.” 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Understood. 

Knowing the set-up, Bai Tian had an uneasy premonition settling in her heart. 

She circled around the outskirts of Ox City before finally meeting the legendary Zhang Bocheng. 

“Thank you for delivering this letter.” Zhang Bocheng said, “How’s my mother doing?”

Blue Skies: “Pretty good.” 

Zhang Bocheng sighed: “I haven’t seen her for years, I really miss her. My position is insignificant, but I don’t dare to leave without permission. Little brother, can you bring her something for me? 

Blue Skies: “Sure, what do you want me to bring?”

Zhang Bocheng: I don’t know what she needs. How about this, help me bring back ten gold coins to her.” 

Blue Skies: ‘……She doesn’t need it!” 

She took out 500 gold coins along with the grandmother’s letter and handed it to him. 

Zhang Bocheng was shocked; “Where did she get so much gold?”

Blue Skies: “I gave it.” 

Zhang Bocheng: “……”

The NPC was silent. 

Blue Skies was also silent. 

This situation didn’t seem right. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Fairy! Fairy! What’s this letter delivery quest like? 

Fairy You’re Amazing: “What’s wrong? You still haven’t found it?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: I found it. 

Fairy You’re Amazing: “Find the guard, he’ll ask you to bring ten gold coins back to the Beginner’s Village. Then you’ll ask to borrow a horse, and he’ll give you a horse. After giving the gold coins, the granny will ask you send a letter. And as thanks, the guard will give you a permit that will allow you to enter the city. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: ……

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: I seemed to have messed up again. 

[Private Chat] Fairy You’re Amazing: ? ? 

Fairy You’re Amazing: “Did you use that ten gold coins for personal reasons?” 

One minute later, there was a whole server announcement: 

[System] Congratulations to player Blue Skies for obtaining a five-star mount: Divine Horse •Thousand Mile Road

[Private Chat] Fairy You’re Amazing: …….

[Private Chat] Fairy You’re Amazing: …….

[Private Chat] Fairy You’re Amazing: You’re sister!

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