There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 13: Going Offline

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Blue Skies: “Follow me boy, this way!”

Yellowing leaves glanced at her, then looked away.

“Hey hey! Trust me man!” Blue Skies said, “When you reach the fork up ahead, turn left.”

When they reached the fork up ahead, Yellowing Leaves went right.


It was just that he was very predictable, before he could actually turn right, a long spear with superior speed picked him up from his belt.

Hooked up and flung to the left.

Yellowing Leaves stumbled and had no choice but to keep running forward.

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Jzwl Fjklp tyhl y alxkdela: “El’al yzxspv vblal, jllr tskdt!”

Zlzzsokdt Nlyhlp oyp bkv okvb dlahswpdlpp: “Ebyv yal usw tskdt vs es?!”

“Walpb·Qszeld Frlya dlhla pwaaldelap!” pbl pbswvle. Pkttkdt bla blyzp kd vs y byar calyj, y zsdt prlya prwd yde bssjle sdvs vbl yppyppkd’p clzv.

The crowd saw the familiar scene of a whirling boss again.


Yellowing Leaves flew two circles, and was thrown away.

Blue Skies cheered on: “Go! Ape Ah Huang——!”

“Sh*t——ah!” Yellowing Leaves screamed.

Although it happened so suddenly, his reaction time was extremely fast, he pulled out whip and wrapped it around a nearby tree trunk.

The character was then really like the ape Tarzan, with the whoosh sounds as he swung into the forest.

Instantly, the assassin gained a lot of distance from the Avengers.

He landed on a fork in the road and confirmed that he entered a blind spot.

Secret Technique·Go Offline!

Zhang Yuanyang suddenly shouted: “Hey hey hey! How can you go offline now! Ow ow ow!”

“Will you die with me if I stay online?” He sighed and said sadly: “Playing this game is so exhausting.”

“Senpai, I’m very idle! I want to go to the fifth district!” Zhang Yuanyang said: “Quick, give me the UID1user identification of the guild leader of Spring Flower Autumn Moon! Quickly tell him to record!”

On Bai Tian’s side.


After astonishing her pursuers, she turned around and made a thousand armies sweep, taking down a few players who had approached.

Then her secret move·Pole vaulting. She leapt over the thicket up front.

From the plains to the forest area.

“What the hell is all this sh*t!” Big Pimple cursed, “Is that really a spearman?”

“Since I was little, my teacher always told me!” Blue Skies was unusually flexible, jumping left and right, not forgetting to tease the crowd behind her, “Brave youth ~ go create a miracle!”

Bai Tian didn’t exactly understand these virtual online games, but it’s precisely because she doesn’t understand that her ideas were fresher than everyone else’s.

Cold Night just wanted to cry.

He was finally able to shoo one away, he thought that his job was done for today.

He sent a message to Blue Skies.

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Are you and Leaves a team?

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: A pack!

Bai Tian meant a team, but Cold Night interpreted it as family.


A family, is that not on the same level?

No wonder they can annihilate Lu Shu while being surrounded by dozens of people, and survive hundreds of pursuers.

Cold Night was in admiration and sent another message.

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Let’s take cover. How do you plan on going offline?

Blue Skies felt incredibly spoiled. Yellowing Leaves’ connection turned out to be pretty good.

Then she will skip the formalities.

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Are there any warlocks or mechanics? Any healers?

[Private Chat] Cold Night: out guild has three warlocks, five mechanics, and five healers.

Well, they were equal to that of 30 people as they were all veteran players who were sent over for the purpose of exploring the wilderness.

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Later, when I get to the trees, use some skills, the flashier the better.

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Which tree? Where do we aim?

He just finished asking when he saw the spearman, who had been running ahead, throw ‘his’ long spear forward and pin it onto the trunk of the tree.


Then she used the long spear to quickly climb up the tree.

Cold night scratched his head: Ah – Ah!

Could they at least say hello before they do something?! Do they like to give people bloody anxiety or something? He wasn’t that strong, okay?!

Cold Night opened up the private chat, raised his sword and shouted: “Warlocks, put a slow debuff! Don’t let him get away again! Make it a big AOE!”

Within a few seconds, more than a dozen shining formations appeared beneath the trees.

Several guild leaders seemed to hear the sound of something landing, and then the rustle of something hitting the bushes.

Cold Night swallowed his saliva before shouting loudly: “Mechanics! Fire the cannons! Use all your strength!”

Shaking Your Sails cried: “Wait a minute!”

But his shout was muffled by a rumbling sound, and the shrubs around the big tree was blasted into smithereens.

Everyone shared the same thought.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t get the kill, at least use an assist 2 have someone help score the goal, they wanted to partake in killing Blue Skies lol.

“Sh*t! Don’t let them go!” Immediately after, someone shouted, “We’re not a team, ok!”

Cold Night commanded: “Healers, go heal! Pay attention to the positioning, don’t accidentally misfire!”

“Don’t walk, there’s a debuff! You guys will stumble over yourselves!”

“We also have the debuff?!”


A few death sound effects sounded one after another.

“What the hell!” The many corpses said sadly, “Dodged yellow leaves, dodged Blue Skies, dodged Lu Shu, then I f*cking died because of my allies!”

The scene was once again thrown into chaos.

Cold Night was furious and angrily said: “Stop! What are you guys doing!”

Shaking Your Sail could not stand it anymore and said: “What are you shouting! Didn’t you order all of this?!”

Cold Night: “Quick, go see if people have died! Everyone stop!”

The scene finally quieted down.

The dazzling skill effects were gone and the crowd raised their eyes to look for Blue Skies’ corpse.

Big Pimple said: “He ran away! He ran away in the very beginning! I heard the sound of landing!”

“I heard it too!” Shaking Your sail said, “Almost caught him too. What the hell was your Spring Flower Guild doing all night!”

“Are you blaming us?” Cold Night said, “Who knew you guys were this dumb! You didn’t even see the target and just go straight to blaming us?”

Shaking Your Sail: “What the hell do you mean?”

Cold Night: “Can’t you reflect on it yourself?”

Conquesting Fish came over: “Okay, everyone, stop arguing.”

Cold Night: “A wild boss was actually robbed by two rogue players from unknown origins, Yubulu, there’s something wrong with your intel, right?

Conquesting Fish was unhappy.

You mean that we have a traitor in our guild? If you guys didn’t come to rob, we would’ve peacefully taken the first kill, okay?!

Big Pimple was annoyed: “Enough is enough! All of you, go dissipate!”

I can’t believe that they were able to run away in front of so many eyes. Even though the heart was full of grievances, there was simply nothing they could do.

The people were tending to their wounded heart, each going back to their guild.

At this time, Zhang Yuanyang had just created a new character, entered the game and searched for Cold Night in order to make a friend.

Cold Night was not in the mood to accept the friend request.

He could not say that he was helping two members of their team, it was too embarrassing, no one would believe him.

But he really could not find an excuse to explain his bizarre behavior, and was cursed to death.

Even his chrysanthemum was offered to the future guardian spirit of the guild.

Even his last bit of dignity as the guild leader was stripped away when he received a stormy middle finger from a Level 1 account as a greeting.

[Private Chat] Gently Making Love: what happened to blue skies what happened to blue skies what happened to blue skies?

[Private Chat] Gently Making Love: Answer me answer me! What happened to Blue Skies? Brother guild leader?”

[Private Chat] Cold Night: He ran away.

[Private Chat] Gently Making Love: Wow! So powerful!

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Brother, who are you again?

[Private Chat] Gently Making Love: I’m the one who came back.

[Private Chat] Gently Making Love: Guild Leader Brother! Next time you go explore, bring me with you!

Incoming Waves was the newest team member of this year, Zhang Yuanyang.

Cold Night was about to kneel to these masters.

What professional team. Professional teams practice well, okay? Not just play online games, okay?! Did you come to rob the wild map, do you have nothing better to do?!

Bai Tian had actually gone offline long ago. The sound was created by using the skill Dragon Dives into the Sea, throwing the long spear into a shrub from a blind spot.

She took off her helmet and cracked her neck.

Glancing at the time, it was only a little after two in the morning.

Yesterday she only got two hours of sleep, and today she stayed up late, she was already about to pass out.

She took a breath and fell asleep.

As she was drowsing off, it occurred to her that she had forgotten to look at what the roll point bonus was.

She didn’t know what happened when she was asleep, but on her way to class the following day, there were a lot of people who were staring at her.

Bai Tian rubbed her jaw, almost suspecting that her game ID had been leaked.

Even Guan Yue walking beside her was acting very stressed and suspicious: “What did you do last night?”

Bai Tian: “……I also want to know. Grab someone to ask?”

Guan Yue: “Then forget it.”

Two people uneasily walked into the classroom, the professor announced the date of the final exam, and then continued to lecture by the book until class ended.

Bai Tian felt like such a day was like a throwback to her past life, incredibly boring to the extreme.

But the game was very interesting.

Bai Tian thought that she was turning into an internet addict.

After walking out of the classroom, a few people came to surround her.

“Bai Tian? You play 《Hua Shi》? One of them said, “Arena?”

Bai Tian was surprised: “I’m so famous? I’m I being challenged?”

Her ID shouldn’t have been leaked, right?

Guan Yue looked at them: “You guys aren’t from the Ancient Literature Department, right?”

The man sad: “Control Department.”

“Oh!” Bai Tian suddenly realized: “It’s to avenge Chuqi and whats-her-name right?”

“I just want to spar with you.” The passerby said, “my surname is Jie.”

“You’re finished.” Guan Yue came up to her ear and whispered, “Your on fire.”

Bai Tian: “I thought those two things have completely different meanings.”

Passerby: “Didn’t you post a declaration of war on the forum? What, afraid to fight?”

“War post? Me?” Bai Tian pointed at herself, saw the other person and laughed: “Oh? How interesting.”

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