There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 12: First Kill

Blue Skies made an “oh” sound.

Before he could stabilize himself, a spear was angled to jam through Lu Shu’s belt, screaming as he was lifted.

The boss was lifted up and spun around, his huge body blocking the majority of the attacks.

With a frenzied roar, Lu Shu officially entered the berserker stage.

Everyone looked drunk. This was the first time I’ve seen someone use a boss as a meat shield.


First there was that weird assassin that stirred up a mess. Then there was a weird spearnman that screwed with their boss.

It was all moves that they haven’t seen before.

What kind of people were they!

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Shaking Your Sail: “It’s raging! Attack the boss first!”


Fairy You’re Amazing and Depressed Balls were still hiding in the pit.

They were no less shocked than the people outside. In the blink of an eye, the boss had gone flying.

Fairy You’re Amazing: “What are you doing?!”

“Letting Lu Shu help clear us a path.” Blue Skies said, “You guys come out from the entrance and blend in with the crowd. Be careful, don’t get caught!”

Fairy You’re Amazing: “…….Are you serious?”

The major guilds have been fighting the boss all night and they were currently all fired up, who would let them go so easily?”

Even if they did end up taking down the boss, surrounded by the crowd, it would be very difficult to escape.

It would be funny if chaos would follow the chaos that had just ensued.

“Prepare! Prepare!” Blue Skies said, “Breakout! Breakout!”

Fairy You’re Amazing and Depressed Balls looked at each other, and decided to place their trust in her. So they went back and climbed out of the tunnel.

Lu Shu was on the ground, Blue Skies ran forward to follow up.

The front and back of the two forces of the troops quickly gathered, the allied guilds were secretly happy. This time, we can kill them all!


Only to see Lu Shu’s wounded body stand up, drawing the gun’s barrel. The action was very handsome, complete with the dashing posture.

The crowd did double take, having a vague feeling that something was wrong.

The barrel was not aimed at Blue Skies, it was aimed at them.

When the gun was set alight, the screams and cruses were incessant.

The most painful part was that they sent themselves to the barrel.

Thus, Lu Shu, whose attack was boosted by 30%, valiantly took out another wave of players.

Blue Skies saluted them: “Feels bad man.”

The various big shots had a mental breakdown and cried: “When did the aggro shift!”

Blue Skies: “Of course it was when the boss was spinning and jumping.”

When the boss rotates and jumps, it was immune to most of the attacks.

The calculation of aggro was very mysterious.

However, the majority kept attacking even when Blue Skies stopped, so the aggro was properly transferred to them.


Depressed Balls and Fairy You’re Amazing carefully pushed the stone out of the way and looked out.

The guilds were currently preoccupied with Blue Skies, so no one discovered them.

The two of them came out of the tunnel, pushed the stone back, and followed the trend of eliminating Blue Skies.

Halfway through the operation, they discovered that two people had burrowed out of the hole where the boss was previously stuck in.

One was called One Day, the other was called Ten Thousand More.

Fairy You’re Amazing immediately shouted: “Look! It’s the accomplices!”

The guild running alongside them suddenly turned their heads.

The two men froze a little before hurriedly saying: “No! we’re……”

The two accomplices were instantly drowned by the fire of the other guilds.

Fairy You’re Amazing thumped his chest.

——Thank you for setting the guild formation to level 15, amen.

Depressed Balls shouted on the world chat: “Blue Skies! Your teammates have been annihilated, go die!”


Blue Skies swept the team, then swept them, and shouted: “Ah —— shameless! You people are shameless! How dare you kill my teammates!”

Shaking Your Sails cursed: “This man is sick!”

Lu Shu landed for a second time, and already his hp was down to 5%.

Shaking Your Sails: “Step up your output! We have to kill it this time!”

“What a pity.” Blue Skies laughed, “It’s mine~”

Shaking Your Sails: “You fart!”

Blue Skies attacked Lu Shu for the third time——4% hp.

Lu Shu soared up high, and was about to fall back down——3% hp.

A long gun caught Lu Shu in midair and attacked him for the fourth time——2% hp.

Lu Shu was about to fall behind the stone, Blue Skies stabbed in quick succession——1% hp.

Everyone held their breaths and waited for the skill halo effect to dissipate.

Would they be able to kill the boss first, or will it go around the stone first?

The interface flashed with a golden light. A large system prompt floated above the crowd’s heads.

[System] Congratulations to players Blue Skies, Sky Blue, Azure Skies, Sky Blue Skies, Fairy You’re Amazing, and Depressed Balls for completing the Lu Shu first kill achievement.

Even after going offline, the characters will still remain in the team unless the team leader kicks them out. So Blue Skies’ other auxiliary accounts also got the achievement reward.

As it turned out, the kill was done by Bai Tian’s big move.

She had her eye on this rock for quite some time.

It was just that Lu Shu was a bit heavier than she expected, and she almost thought that she was going to be too slow.


A large wave of something skies drifted over their heads like a shadow.

It wasn’t just the sound of f*ck, it was the sound of broken hearts.


Just 1% short!

Not even 1% of hp!

Everyone involved in this fight were red-eyed with rage and sorrow.

This time fighting in the wild area, it was not just suffocating, the losses were also heavy.

At least two-thirds of the people had lost a level or two.

And all of this just because of two people.

Two people fooled a dozen guild’s elite open area team!

Although the first kill achievement can no loner be taken, it was not too late for revenge!

There was no need for instructions, no need for cooperation, all people made an attacking stance, straight at the spearman.

Blue Skies touched the corpse and turned around and ran, one hand rolling and the other hand doing some distributing.

The three people didn’t glance at it, it was a collective roll, it will roll what it rolls.

Fairy You’re Amazing and Depressed Balls had no idea where to hide. Blue Skies was like a mobile humanoid Boss, rushing past with his life as a large group tailed him.

The two didn’t expect that they could actually kill Lu Shu. They were pleasantly surprised and kindly asked: “Would you like us to support you?”

Blue Skies: “No need, come to die?”

Blue Skies ran and a speech bubble popped up as she ran: “I’m going! Bullying the young with numbers isn’t very nice! I’ll give you guys gold coins, everyone please stop, ah!”

The artillery fire behind them got a little more intense.

Bai Tian jumped up and down, and sped towards the previously chosen escape route, and saw from afar a certain comrade who was treated in a similar manner as herself.

“Oof!” Blue Skies said in shock, “How are you still here?”

Yellowing Leaves irritatedly said: “You’re acting like I want to be here!”

Yellowing Leaves had originally darted towards the safe area, but ended up encountering Afterlife Reason’s halfway through.

Afterlife Reasons had brought a group of difficult friends who came out of the same resurrection point, ambushed him, and forced him down this road.

Yellowing Leaves had no choice, circled around, and was back here.

The Avengers Alliance rendezvous, the moment is huge and unprecedented.

Blue Skies looked at the assassin thoughtfully.

Yellowing Leave’s level was not that high. After running for so long, he has still not been caught, in addition to his career advantage, his speed and terrain grasp could also be called top dog.

The way back to the village must’ve been blocked by them.

Blue Skies said: “Are you planning to run until the end of time?”

Going offline in front of them was obviously not a desirable choice.

In terms of the current anger value of the guild, it would not be a problem to guard the offline point for three days and three nights, so would it still be fun?

[Nearby] Blue Skies: Healer sister [Aggravated] [Aggravated], for the sake of the good society, let’s have a chat.

Afterlife Reasons simply said: “Apologize by suffering death.”

Yellowing Leaves: “Apology is possible, suffering death is not!”

[Nearby] Blue Skies: People are afraid of pain [Teary Eyed] [Aggrieved] there’s too many of you guys~

This person is hot-eyed and hot-hearted, to not kill her is the same as going crazy!

Conquesting Fish shouted hoarsely: “Kill those two demons!”

Yellowing Leaves was frantic: “I don’t know him! This thing and I have nothing to do with each other!”

“What’s all this yelling!”

Du Yunyi came down from upstairs in his pajamas and said: “Thinking about that teddy next door? I can send you there.”

Zhang Yuanyang waved to him: “Captain, captain you have to come see, it’s so entertaining!”

Yellowing Leaves: “Sister, healer play so well, too bad you’re not a professional player, I can make you a professional player! Forgive me this time!”

[Nearby] Blue Skies: [Middle Finger] Never seen someone as shameless as you. It’s ok to kill her character, but you also have to steal her heart?”

Yellowing Leaves angrily cursed: “You shut up!!”

Zhang Yuanyang looked up at the big screen.

It was currently a confrontation between an assassin, a spearman, and a healer.

You can see that Afterlife Reason’s operating skills were really good.

Not only was she familiar with the cooldown of each skill, the accuracy was also good. Even with the high speed movements, the skills were still added onto the target very accurately.

There was indeed a potential to become a professional player.

Zhang Yuanyang looked at the healer and said: “They’re a master.”

Du Yunyi’s focus was instead on a nother person.

“Blue Skies.” He recited the name.

Zhang Yuanyang: “That’s the pretty sister I fished with today!”

Du Yunyi gave a “hmmm”: “She is indeed a master.”

Zhang Yuanyang tilted his head: “Who are you talking about?”

Inside the game.

Blue Skies: “I decided to help you out. For the sake of our friendship. No need to thank me.”

Yellowing Leaves: “No need!”

Blue Skies: “This time, it’s for real.”

Yellowing Leaves growled: “I said no! You stay away from me, thanks!”

Blue Skies sighed: “Ouch, your heart says one thing, but your mouth says another, little fairy”

Yellowing Leaves was willing to just let everyone take his life.

Being a teammate with Blue Skies, as well as being her opponent, both were definitely worse than death.

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