There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 11: Cooperation

No one had time to pull out an Erkang hand 1 Erkang Hand: , or even have time to shout stop.

The humble little dart pierced Lu Shu’s body.

The major guilds were still fighting one another, my good fellow, just come up into the open.

When gunfire started raining, the circle of people closest to the boss didn’t react.

With the large scale AOE 2 area of effect, Lu Shu was able to defend his dignity pretty well.


There was a sour and indescribable feeling when the large move was triggered.

Minced meat flew around the scene and the weaker ones were bombarded to death.

All the Great Guild’s leaders spit out blood, Cold Night was having it the worst.

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Eblalhla bl tslp, vbl cspp qszzsop.

Self equipped, superb killer, they’ve never seen such a shameless assassin.


Everyone was in tears.

You think you’re so special playing like this ah!

When Conquesting fish saw the assassin running towards him, his hands were shaking as he shouted: “Cover! Cover!”

Then, Yellowing Leaves took a sharp turn.

Kill the nurse first.

——by Yellowing Leaves·The Old Driver 3 it was actually 亚历山大·壹颠抖布老斯基 which is a would be a pun for not at all an old driver, maybe. But it would translate to Alexander-One upside down shaking cloth old ski. Um, anyways. Help :,)

Afterlife Reasons was the first to react, and tried to turn to escape, when a leather whip latched onto her waist.

It was like deja vu.

Last time it was a spear, this time it was a whip.

Afterlife Reasons was generously flung high into the air.

“Do you know why you’re always the one who gets hurt?”Yellowing Leaves shouted at her, “It’s because you’re the milk 4 the character 奶 is used for milk, healer, and breasts. So it is a pun on words saying she has big breasts lmao!”



She was really heartbroken.

The people in Yubulu just looked up, and looked up, and saw their healer get obliterated.

Their faces were similar to that of the Spartan rage emoji5 Spartan Rage Emote: when someone died.

Yellowing Leaves ran into the guild Tyranny Against Violence when he heard a voice calling out to him in real life.

“……What happened to you? Where you ever this perverted?”

It was his teammate, Zhang Yuanyang, who spoke.

Because Yu Yuan seemed so excited to play VR, Zhang Yuanyang curiously clicked on the stream.

So a group of people on the team moved over to a small bench to begin analyzing his abnormal behavior.

Yellowing Leaves made it look easy, but it was much harder than that.

In addition to avoiding the attacks of the boss, it was also necessary to avoid the attacks of the players.

Currently, he was taking advantage of the chaos to play tricks, but if they were to collaborate as a whole team and focus on him, then he would be finished in a matter of seconds.

Yellowing Leaves had no time to mind his teammates teasing, and he urged Blue Skies: “Are you done yet? I want to run away!”


Blue Skies: “Don’t cause trouble! Bring him a little bit more to the left.”

Yellowing Leaves: “F*ck! Why didn’t you tell me earlier!”

He was about to turn when a stray bullet suddenly came flying from a wild angle, he fell to the side, thinking that he was done for, the old horse has slipped 6 experienced person has made a mistake.

However, holy light shone on his body after he had taken the shot, allowing him to live. After two more ticks, he was able to regain a tenth of his hp.

Everyone was smiling through the tears, and depressingly shouted: “Spring Flower Autumn Moon, you guys are dumb!”

Cold Night choked on his tears, but also breathed a sigh of relief. In the public chat, he scolded his own healer: “What the hell? You’re so cross-eyed and still dare to become a healer? Look who you healed! Are you a pig7 pig teammate is a teammate that brings your whole team down?!”

Spring Flower Autumn Moon’s healer: “……”

Yellowing Leaves stood up and started rushing towards the destination.

Blue Skies rubbed her palms: “Oh! It’s coming!”

Using her martial artist account, Azure Skies, she pinpointed the right time to slam up a punch.

The ground immediately caved, and Lu Shu -who was running- fell into the pit.

The pit only reached to his chest, leaving his two hands with the weapons outside.


The spearman, Blue Skies, stepped forward and plunged a spare long spear into Lu Shu’s thigh to hold him in place and prevent him from escaping. Other numbers then started pouring out vigorously.

The boss was trapped and couldn’t get out, and his aggro had transferred over to Blue Skies.

But Blue Skies was underground, and the boss could not reach that area.

So Lu Shu started using his hands in a 360 degree, no escape, sweeping motion.

With the aggro changing targets, the set of people who were following Yellowing Leaves weren’t spared. After a lot of screaming, many lay dead or wounded.

Yellowing Leaves was also nearly hit and ran out of the attack range, saying: “I’m going!”

Blue Skies: “Go, go.”

Yellowing Leaves: “Multicolored gem?”

Blue Skies: “It’s yours!”

Yellowing Leaves exhaled a sigh of relief.

The sea of corpses that covered the ground was really a spectacular sight.

“Kill that assassin!”

It was an ear-splitting shout.

Yellowing Leaves turned around in horror, to find that it was the guild members of Yubulu that had banded together to kill him.

Yellowing Leaves: “Hey hey hey! Aren’t you guys going to keep fighting the boss? I won’t make anymore trouble ah!”

Conquesting Fish’s eyes were bloodshot: “Don’t kill the boss, kill the assassin! Whoever kills the assassin will be rewarded 500 merit points!”

The team’s main nurse was dead, half of the damage dealers were dead, so what was the point of fighting the boss?”

Better to grasp new and old revenge at the same time!

Before Cold Night could head over to bid his ancestor farewell, he saw Yubulu’s guild give up the boss to pursue the trouble maker.

He hastily typed in the group chat, commanding: “Hurry, hurry, hurry! Cover, cover! Cover that assassin!”

Then another group followed.

Cold Night had fully comprehended a truth amidst his teammate’s scolding.

——Professional players, they were not human.

Meanwhile, the guilds that now had two less strong competitors, did not feel any sort of happiness.

After the chaos that Yellowing Leave’s caused, the scene was left with heavy casualties. And the boss attacked so swiftly, it was impossible to get close.

On the other hand, Blue Skies and her teammates stood underground without feeling any eminent danger.

Looking at this scene, it seemed like the only way to swipe the boss was to dig it out.

The guild leader of Set Sail, Shaking Your Sail ordered: “Back! Stand back! All mechanics, start digging tunnel, dig beneath the boss!”

The other guilds started following suit.

Subsequently, another set of names on the team list went grey.

Shaking Your Sail had a mental breakdown: “What the hell!”

A corpse replied: “There’s necrotic poison……”

Shaking Your Sail: “Ha?”

This was a wild cemetery, it was only normal to have dead bodies beneath the surface. Since there were corpses, the idea of necrotic poison wasn’t too excessive.

What was excessive was that the hp bar clears out when you get poisoned, so digging through was obviously not practical.

Shaking Your Sail went on a cursing spree.

Tyranny Against Violence’s guild leader, Big Pimple said: “Find the tunnel entrance! It should have an entrance! Find it carefully so that you can hit them from behind!”

Everyone dispersed, turning over the land two or three times, but they did not find anything.

None of them noticed the small stone that laid there silently.

“F*ck!” Big Pimple exclaimed, “Did they teleport in or something?!”

He’d brushed the wild map for many years and has never come in contact with such a situation.

What should be done at this point?

Stalemate? Seems a bit pointless. Run? Feeling reluctant to do so.

Shaking Your Sail grit his teeth and shouted, “Prepare to kill! Avoid the long-ranged attacks!”

“What?” Shaking Your Sail sent a message to the other guild leaders: “Is it really time to compete? How about cooperating, otherwise no one will be able to get the kill.”

The guilds weight the option in their minds, and it made sense.

In order to fight for ownership, the teams broke up and recombined in order to form an all long-ranged party.

Darts flew from the zithers, flying towards Lu Shu.

Meanwhile, a few people in the pit were leisurely discussing the fool’s strategy.

Depressed Balls: “I’ll just be an idle ball, the main component is pve. I can’t afford buying good equipment, so I usually rely on raids.”

“Awesome, master raider!” Blue Skies said, “Are there any others?”

Depressed Balls: “This book has five people, though most wild map raidings don’t actually require that many.”

Blue Skies: “How did you find out about this route? How many times did you die?”

“There was a man named Liu Ji during the Mind Dynasty who built Bagua Village. After dying a few times, I compared it with the map and found that the roads sometimes overlap. With this, you can dig all over the map and come across any bosses however you want.” Depressed balls said, “Actually, I’m not very confident on that, but it’s worth trying.”

Blue Skies: “Awesome, awesome!”

Fairy You’re Amazing: “Do you guys feel like…….Lu Shu is loosing hp too quickly?”

Blue Skies: “They’re fighting it.”

Fairy You’re Amazing: “We only have two damage dealers, won’t we lose the first kill?”

There were many types of kills and different bosses had different ways to calculate who the kill went to.

Some looked at most damage dealt, some looked at aggro, and others looked at the initial attacker.

Lu Shu’s kill belonged to whoever dealt the final blow.

“It’s ok, we’ve inflicted blood wounds.” Blue Skies said, “and it’s about to rage.”

When hp was below 10%, the boss would go into rage. This was a setting that even newbies were familiar with.

Liu Shu’s rage buff was an indiscriminate attack, with an attack bonus of 30%.

Within the pit, they repeatedly attacked the same place, giving the boss a blood wound status that dealt continuous hp loss. That stat was very powerful in itself. Plus, the opponent’s long-ranged phase helps, and Lu Shu’s hp bar fell rapidly and was quickly approaching the 10% mark.

Fairy You’re Amazing went through the damage statistics and was horrified: “Blue Skies, why is your damage output so high!”

Depressed Balls was also a damage dealer, has also been playing very seriously, but the output stats of Blue Skies was more than 20 times higher!

More than 20 times!

Depressed Eggs almost tripped, choked a bit and was unable to say anything.

Blue Skies laughed: “Don’t you know what level suppression is? In this group, I’m the only one with a higher rank than Lu Shu.”

Although there was level suppression in 《Hua Shi》, how could it be this exaggerated!

Fairy You’re Amazing silently looked at her weapon.

Blue Skies said: “Pay attention, it’s about to rage.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she drew out the long spear that was driven into Lu Shu’s leg.

The boss who was finally freed used both his hands for support and jumped up from the pit.

Bai Tian immediately logged off three of her auxiliary accounts, hugged Lu Shu’s thigh, and flew up with him.

The besieging people on the ground saw that the boss was coming out, and they were overjoyed….until they saw the spearman on the leg.

After hesitating for less than a second, they decided to shift their target onto the spearman.

Kill! Avenge their fallen compatriots!

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