There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly

Chapter 10: Mistakes Were Made

The mechanic called Depressed Balls, Fairy You’re Amazing, Blue Skies’ three auxiliary accounts, and scouts from the other big guilds all rushed towards the abandoned graveyard. 

Blue Skies was observing the situation, making sure to prevent herself from being discovered by the Yubulu guild while she was chatting with her new teammate. 

“So, how does this fool’s strategy work? Do we have the right professions?”

Depressed Balls: “So long as we have enough output, leave the rest to me.”

Blue Skies sent out the coordinates to several people, telling them where to go in order to bypass Yubulu’s line of sight. 


They were able to sneak in and successfully meet each other. 

Depressed Balls was sweating profusely: “There’s so many people, how are we gonna do this! Are you kidding me?”

Bai Tian started counting: “Isn’t it just forty people? It’s not too bad.”

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Wykau, Zsw’al Gxygkdt: “……Mblal yal yzps rlsrzl sd vbl asye.”

Plralpple Jyzzp: “Mbl qssz’p pvayvltu nyd’v ralhldv pvwrkekvu, sj!”

“Psd’v osaau.” Jyk Mkyd pyke, “Nlv xl ts zssj. Zsw pyke vs pvyav blal, ps ts ekt y bszl, zlyhl vbl alpv vs xl.”

Plralpple Jyzzp oypd’v hlau nsdqkeldv: “Uyd usw alyzzu cakdt vbl cspp shla?”

Jzwl Fjklp: “Mawpv xl. Mbl vkxl sq y rlapsd yv vbl vsr sq vbl aydjkdtp zkpv kp hlau ralnkswp.”

Plralpple Jyzzp vbswtbv ycswv kv. Rdelle, obs oswze pvyu kezl qsa y qlo bswap fwpv vs oyvnb svbla rlsrzl jkzz y cspp?&dcpr;

Rd ydu nypl, bl oypd’v y tse, bl eked’v byhl y twkze alpvaykdv, dsa oyp bl kd y bwaau vs rzynl sd vbl aydjkdtp zkpv. Rd yeekvksd vs yzz vbyv, bl oswze cl vyjkdt ds zspplp lhld kq vbl pvayvltu eked’v osaj.&dcpr;

Gv vbkp xsxldv, vblal olal yzalyeu vball ekqqlaldv twkzep sd vbl pnldl.&dcpr;

Guilds couldn’t be made below Level 15, so Bai Tian had to use their respective positions to figure it what was happening. 


In truth, Set Sail Guild had arrived at around the same time as elite members of the  Spring Flower Autumn Moon did. Other guilds such as Tyranny Against Violence and Lonely Rain Cloud were also sending people over. 

The guild leader of Set Sail, Shaking Your Sail, said with a smile: “Ah Old FIsh, Why are you so mean. Not even telling us that there was a boss.”

After Conquesting Fish pondered for a bit, he sent a private message to Brother Shaking and asked: “Do you want to form an alliance?”

Shaking Your Sail: “Ah, it’s a bit embarrassing, but I already formed an alliance with Cold Night.”

Cold Night was the head of Spring Flower Autumn Moon guild. 

Conquesting Fish: “Well aren’t you cute!”

“Don’t be like that ah. We’re just following Tyranny Against Violence.”

Conquesting Fish: “We’re getting too crowded.”

Shaking Your Sail: “It won’t be like that for long.”

Several major guilds arrived near the coordinates and found that there really was a boss, to which they quickly relayed the info. At this moment, the guilds were already sending their reserve team. 

Fairy You’re Amazing: “Why did you send out the wrong coordinates? Weren’t the results the same?”

“It’s to delay them.” Blue Skies said, “to make them feel uncomfortable.”


Fairy, You’re Amazing: “……”

Blue Skies rubbed her hands together: “Now we just need a god-like player to grab aggro.”

Fairy, You’re Amazing: “And where will we get long-ranged output?”

A musician, monk, healer, polearm, none of them were suitable. The mechanic had gone to find a tunnel and the only long-ranged output left…

Black lines suddenly filled Fairy You’re Amazing’s forehead: “….I think that there’s a misunderstanding between us….”

Blue Skies gave him a side glance: “I also think that we have a misunderstanding between us.”

Fairy, You’re Amazing clutched his chest. 

Apart from a peace of mind, there was the pain of being despised. 

Bai Tian opened her friends list, one of the names in it was still grayed out. 

She mumbled: “Damn, why are you still offline?” 

It was already 11:02, does he only show up at 12?

While talking, a green light flashed on the friend’s list.


“Ahahah!” Blue Skies laughed wildly, “It’s fate! Fate!”

She instantly sent greetings to the assassin who had just logged in.

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: hi~ my dear friend.

Yellowing Leaves: “I don’t know you.” 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: You want to come to the wild boss area?

Yellowing Leaves was still feeling suspicious: “Why are you looking for me? I feel like nothing good comes out of hanging out with you.” 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: You make me feel so sad. Aren’t we comrades-in-arms who have fought and killed together? If not you, who else would I contact?”

Yellowing Leaves: “Do you think I’m in the Yubulu Guild or something?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: You’ll regret it if you don’t come. It’s first kill.

Yellowing Leaves ignored her. 

Blue Skies started spamming. 

Yellowing Leaves was left with no choice, he sent a single “Oh”. 


Bai Tian decided bribe the assassin as he wasn’t seeming very enthusiastic. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: [High Grade Gem ● Multicolored Stone]

Yellowing Leaves: “Damn!”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: If you help me get first kill, the stone is yours.

Yellowing Leaves: “What boss?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Lu Shu.

Yellowing Leaves: “How many people?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Probably around a hundred people have gathered?

Yellowing Leaves: “Then why did you look for me?”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Oh, we have about a hundred opponents. There’s only six of us.

[Private Chat] Yellowing Leaves: [Sh*t][Sh*t]

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: Why are you like this ah!  [High Grade Gem ● Multicolored Stone] is something money can’t buy!

Yellowing Leaves roared at her: “Do you think I’m a god? Those who show off their wealth should get out!”

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: I’m really not making fun of you. As long as you can pull the boss to a designated position of around five meters, the stone is yours.

Yellowing Leaves: “Really?”

It didn’t sound completely impossible. 

[Private Chat] Blue Skies: In the  wild cemetery (112, 225). If you can’t reach it within ten minutes, the only thing waiting for you will be dead bodies. 

Ten minutes later, Yellowing Leaves was able to arrive on time. 

Fairy You’re Amazing and Bai Tian’s trumpets were digging tunnels together in a hurry. 

Although they didn’t have the same efficiency as a mechanic, it was better than nothing.

The scene was much more impressive than Bai Tian had described. Nearly all the major guilds had arrived, and it was very lively. 

It was densely packed with at least two hundred people. 

Yubulu eventually formed an alliance with Tyranny Against Violence, and the other guilds have also formed their own alliances. 

Conquesting fish was currently scratching his heart and lungs with grief and anger. 

It could be said that the Yubulu’s first kill advantage had been lost. 

Yellowing Leaves approached the spearman and asked: “Where do I pull it to.”

Blue Skies: “Wait a moment.”

She switched to her healer account, Sky Blue. Sky Blue tagged behind the mechanic, allowing her to assess the external situation at any time. 

Healer: “Have you dug it?”

Depressed Balls tiredly exhaled: “It’s almost done, just need to dig this area.”

Bai TIan switched back to her main account. After processing the data she had just obtained, she was able to analyze the position of the target and gave the information to the assassin. 

Blue Skies: “There’s a punk rock spear user with a naked musician  next to him. Do you see them?”

Yellowing leaves: “The ones called Fish Head and Fish Tail?”

Blue Skies: “Yes. The position is between the two of them.”

Yellowing Leaves: “Isn’t that the center of the battlefield?!”

There were at least two hundred people! He’d die after a group attack.”

Blue Skies: “In simple words, what are you planning to do?”

Yellowing Leaves really wanted to quit. But seeing the colorful gemstone that Blue Skies took out swayed his decision. 

Yellowing Leaves: “……” 

Whether one was in the old or in the new server, high grade gemstones were very valuable. To be more specific, there was a price, but there was no stock.  

It was even more evident in the new server, put a high grade gem on a weapon, heh. 

Yellowing Leaves gulped: “What if I pull him to the position and you guys weren’t able to get the kill?”

Blue Skies: “The gem is still yours.”

Yellowing Leaves: “That’s not necessary. I’ll buy it off you.”

Blue Skies quickly said: “Ok.”

It was almost like she was waiting for his words, it seems like she was aware of the kind of man that he was. 

Yellowing Leaves: “……”

I feel like I’ve been taken advantaged of again. 

On the other side, the major guilds were still trying to goad their opponents to begin attacking, and they were currently locked in a stalemate. 

Depressed Balls sent her good news, saying that the tunnel was done. 

Blue Skies: “Go Ahuang! Go!”

Yellowing Leaves: “Huang your mom!”

Blue Skies: “Do me a favor at the end.”

She ran towards the tunnel entrance, shoved the stone that was covering it to the side, and jumped in. Within the pit, Yellowing Leaves waved: “Push the stone back,  you can do it man!”

So Blue Skies and the rest of the party arrived at the designated position and waited for the battle to begin. Meanwhile, Yellowing Leaves was considering how to pull the boss to the position and make it out alive.

Yellowing Leaves stood on the rock, looking around for a bit, then sent a message to Cold Night, the guild leader of Spring Flower Autumn Moon. 

[Private Chat] Yellowing Leaves: Bro, do me a favor.

[Private Chat] Yellowing Leaves: It’s for the sake of the team. 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: You want to join our guild?

[Private Chat] Yellowing Leaves: It’s me, Ye Yuan.

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Then I’m Righteous Cloud [Smile]

[Private Chat] Yellowing Leaves: Turn on voice, you can listen to me. 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: I have a full version of the team’s voice changer, so I can’t trust you based on that. 

[System] You gave Cold Night a golden eye. 

[Private Chat] Yellowing Leaves: See for yourself!

You can see the player’s registration ID with the golden eye. The character ID of virtual reality games were automatically generated based on the pupil, so the registration ID won’t change even if you opened an N amount of accounts in different regions and different servers. 

This was to prevent players from playing the game with toxic personalities, getting banned then restarting on another account. 

It could be said that 《Hua Shi》’s punishing system was very thorough. 

Sharp eyes glancing over two hundred oceans.

As the guild manager, Cold Night was naturally able to recite any one of the member’s IDs. 

After Cold Night was swept away, their whole body was in orz1 o head, r is the arms and body, z is the legs. Do you see it? Do you see the stick man? orz

[Private Chat] Cold Night: ……I don’t believe unless you call me. 

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Can my Brother Yuan call me?

[Private Chat] Yellowing Leaves: Are you messing around? Do you want me to die?

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Aren’t you supposed to be training? Idol, is there not a competition next week? 

[Private Chat] Yellowing Leaves: Cover for me, I’m going all out. 

Cold Night asked, what about covering? They were about to go for first kill. 

Cold Night lifted his head up and saw a male assassin with a familiar ID sprinting from a distance. 

Cold Night suddenly had a bad premonition. The kind that left your head hanging on the city gate, enjoying the sourness of the winter March wind.  

[Private Chat] Cold Night: Comrade Ye Yuan, don’t be impulsive! QAQ

[Private Chat] Cold Night: We can’t cover, we’re all auxiliary accounts here!

The members of Yubulu had seen him since a while ago. 

After all, such an enemy was standing on a rock in such a flamboyant fashion. 

But because there were more important things to do, they didn’t want to give up unnecessary fighting power just to let people keep an eye on him. 

Finally, the assassin, who had been spacing out, rolled down from the rock and started to run towards them with the wind on his feet. 

All members of the Yubulu Guild raised their guards up and waited for the battle to start. 

However, when he broke through the encirclement and was five meters away from the boss…

The assassin called Yellowing Leaves stopped on his toes and took out a small dart from his waist. 

At that moment, everyone understood what it meant for ten thousand years to pass by with a single glance. 

 Ten thousand years later, the sky was alight with fireworks as ammunition rained.  

Everyone: “……”


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