Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

EXTRA: Hua Tian’s Confession

My name is Hua Tian.

In my tenth year of training, I suddenly wanted to find an ordinary job outside and experience a different feeling than before.

Of course, it is undeniable that I feel a little tired.

Then, I met my boss. That man named Li Mu, I saw through his loneliness at a glance. I can not help but want to conquer him, let such an ignorant, lonely and humble man lie under my body, becoming my sl*ve.

After conquering him, like the successful conquests I made before but with no strings attached, I do not know that this time, I would feel something different.


But I don’t want to give up, because he was so special, “Maybe he will be different”.

I whispered this in my heart.

After engaging with him, I knew I was right, he was really special.

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But this was not the case. When I was training others, I kept thinking of Kitten. Others really couldn’t compare with Kitten.


But before I could smooth my thoughts, I discovered something more serious. My little kitten, my pet, my baby, fell under someone else, while showing a seductive look….

Damn it! That b*stard, I will kill him.

But I was also deeply afraid, if, if I were a little bit later, then my little kitten would… I don’t really dare to imagine.

I was so angry that I felt like the jewellery I have been cherishing has been tainted by others. 

I severely punished Kitten, I want to let him know who he belongs to.

Of course, I also understand at this moment. I can no longer be interested in other people.

I am the only Master of my kitten, and the kitten is also my only pet.

After that, I quit my job in the training hall, and since then, I have been wholeheartedly training my only pet.

My pet and I still have a lot of unfinished business…


Translator’s Note: Yay done!~~ This novel is actually sweet (maybe dark sweet?)😂, of course, it’s just that the smut was more apparent. Anyway, once again, thank you to those who supported me and continued to ride along until the end of this novel💗.

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  1. Fluff fluff

    Ughhh the novel is so bitter sweet, what a nice novel to read. Thanks for translating this novel!

  2. Elirrra

    Throughout, I felt like I was eating cake. >////< Thank you for the novel! HT × LM are good pairs for each other ^-^)♡

    1. Erza
      Erza [Translator]

      Yup, a little dark sweet. Thank you for reading until the end!

  3. MakanCheese

    WOOOOOHHHH! What a ride…I sure enjoyed it…Thx for translating this…uhm… very smutty novel…Does anyone happen to know any novels similar to this. I would really appreciate it if you tell me! 🙂

    1. Erza
      Erza [Translator]

      If you haven’t read my other translation ‘Yun Father and Sons Threes*me’, you might wannt peek there. Anyway, thank you for reading it!

  4. SYNth.etic Tesseract

    Should I say as expected? A fine ending this was! Although these two doesn’t seem to be growing any EQ points and throwing whatever IQ and EQ they had to their groins instead, at least they complement each other.

    Also for those who don’t know about BDSM but is interested because of this novel- It’s sm*tty parts are not that much different from how real-life BDSM scenes go but DO YOUR RESEARCH and have some damn respect for your subs (or for yourself if you’re leaning on the submissive side). BDSM ain’t the same as sexual sl*very, that’s a crime against humanity.

    Since this is the final chapter I’ll say, good job translating this! The premise of the story is certainly hot and these two dumb master and pet is so fluffy sweet even in their play scenes. Did not regret finishing this 👍

    1. Erza
      Erza [Translator]

      Glad for your appreciation! Stay tuned for other sm*tty novels!