Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

CHAPTER 8: Beaten

“President, I’ll go home first to pack things. I’ll cook and wait for you in the evening.” Hua Tian said to Li Mu who was still working.

Wait for me? What a sweet thing to hear. “Okay. I already duplicated the house’ key, you can have it.” Li Mu responded.

Hua Tian took the key and went home with a smile.


It is getting late and the sun has set.


Pedestrians on the road were bustling under the tall buildings, and Li Mu was walking on the way home. When passing by an alley, suddenly a sack fell from the sky and covered Li Mu’s upper body, and then he was pulled into the alley and someone started punching and kicking him. Li Mu couldn’t see anything, he could only struggle, but it was useless.

Although Li Mu usually goes to the gym to exercise, it is just to keep in shape, so the intensity of his struggling is like nothing to the group.

“Argh… Hmph.” Li Mu was hit in the same place consecutively, groaning in pain.

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“Mbyv pyke, obu nshla bkp qynl okvb y pynj?”

“Ebyv es usw jdso, usw vbkdj obyv vbl cspp xlydp kp psxlvbkdt usw nyd wdelapvyde? Qlv swv!”

Gv vbl pyxl vkxl.

“Jllr…cllr…cllr…cllr…cllr…cllr…vbl dwxcla usw byhl ekyzle kp vlxrsayakzu dsv kd plahknl” Twy Mkyd bwdt wr vbl nyzz. Ebyv byrrldle? Rv’p yzalyeu vld s’nzsnj.

It turned out that Hua Tian had already cooked a table full of dishes at Li Mu’s house and was waiting for Li Mu to come home, but until now, he hasn’t come back and no one answers the phone. He’s really getting anxious.


…Not knowing how long it took, Li Mu slowly got up, the group had already left a while ago.

Li Mu took off the sack on his head, his injuries were aching. But Li Mu was now only immersed in his own thoughts, why? Why does everyone treat me like this, no one cares about me, laughs at me and hurts me. I will always be alone…

A man who was caught in his dark world was walking silently on the way home. The pedestrians on the road noticed that his body was hurt. The man who is indifferent, lonely, restrained, isolated from everyone, just walks in silence by himself. No one dared to approach him, but it attracted people’s attention.

He just wants to go home, sleep, and forget all this. He didn’t even hear the “ring-ring” of the phone.

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