Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

CHAPTER 40: Ending

Li Mu experienced ups and downs with his desire, and gradually it seemed that he had no sense of hearing and vision. Only the sense of touch was still at work, only the pain and joy from his master.

Li Mu only knew that his manhood had not been released and had been restrained. It hurts fiercely, but as soon as he feels Hua Tian’s continued movements, the little rod will swell uncontrollably and quickly.

He doesn’t know how much time has passed, or how many times Hua Tian had released in Li Mu’s body. Li Mu’s consciousness gradually faded away… 

In a daze, Li Mu felt that he was being gently touched, and his hot back and swollen rod became soft. The wiping then made him cool down.

It seemed as if there were familiar and gentle eyes looking at him, as if there was a warm and safe embrace surrounding him, very comfortable.


What a wonderful dream, Li Mu smiled and fell asleep.

Hua Tian stared blankly at the smile on Li Mu’s face, like a snow-white pear blossom blooming in the spring breeze, beautiful and pure.

There seemed to be a soft place in his heart being gently touched, as if he understood something, and as if he realized something.

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As if a gentle nature-like-sound came into Hua Tian’s ears.


“No, Master will not leave kitten. Master will only play with kitten in the future. Master will always be with the kitten. And kitten will always be the Master’s favorite pet.”

The time seems to flow slowly. As if seeing the tiny and happy particles floating in the air, as if seeing the dense lines from the sun.

But what Li Mu can see most clearly was the increasingly progressive face, his lips being gently kissed…


Author: Finally finished! This is the first time I wrote a novel. I only wanted to write about 10,000 words at the beginning, but I didn’t expect to write more and more. Although there was a slight reluctance in my heart, I ended it.* Scattered flowers~~~* Bow! Thank you for your daily waiting and support. (I really don’t have much more, Bye!) Asked in a low voice: Does anyone want to read an extra chapter?

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  1. Artemis11208

    This could have been a good story but I realised the BDSM was too much for me and I feel has ruined a possible good story between the president and his secretary. NOthing was resolved except that the president likes being a pet and is completely brainwashed by the master secretary. The fact that the secretary deceived him was not made clear. I feel disappointed and wished I didn’t read it. I don’t mind BDSM but I feel this was too much here and overtook the plot.

  2. SYNth.etic Tesseract

    Phew that dog-headed gong hasn’t shed enough blood for my liking. I know the whole thing is not meant to realistically represent BDSM and its intricacies but ouch, the power imbalance and lack of courtesy this gong has for his clearly weak-willed sub. Let me slap Mr Hua a few times before the story ends!!!