Sl*ve President, Master Secretary


“I still want to drink, give me wine!” Drunk Li Mu yelled.

Hua Tian hugged Li Mu onto the bed as he heard his voice. He couldn’t help but smile and said, “Okay, I will bring it to you right away.” Faced with the drunk Li Mu, Hua Tian couldn’t find Li Mu’s address at all, so he had to send him to his own home.

Hua Tian made a hangover soup and fed it into Li Mu’s mouth. Li Mu opened his mouth, as Hua Tian fed him. The hangover soup that was fed was now all spit out.” This is not wine! I want to drink, get the wine now!” Li Mu yelled as he licked his mouth. He didn’t know that this action ignited the desire of a certain pervert.

Hua Tian looked at the red and shiny lips, and finally couldn’t help kissing it. Li Mu was confused. Feeling something in his mouth, he licked it with his tongue. Hua Tian was numb all over his body by Li Mu’s licking. He immediately caught the slippery tongue and sucked frantically.

Li Mu, this 30-year old virgin, was kissed for the first time, and didn’t even know what was going on. But Hua Tian was now out of breath.


Hua Tian was obviously satisfied with Li Mu’s jerky reaction. He secretly wondered if Li Mu was still a virgin. Hua Tian narrowed his eyes with satisfaction, looked at Li Mu’s glasses, and gently took them off.

Hua Tian gazed at Li Mu in amazement. Li Mu without his glasses felt completely different. There was not a single trace of coldness, but a kind of fragility and loneliness, and his reddish face was even more alluring and coquettish. Li Mu didn’t understand the dangerous situation he was in at all. He looked at Hua Tian from the corner of his eye, and said, dissatisfied: “I want…”

Hua Tian roared and swallowed what Li Mu hadn’t said into his mouth. Li Mu obviously cannot match up to Hua Tian, ​​a master of flirting, so he can only hug the strong body in front of him fascinatedly. Letting Hua Tian taste the deliciousness of the tip of his tongue wantonly, and Hua Tian tasted everything from his gums to his tongue…until Li Mu was kissed that he fainted.

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Hua Tian finally recovered, looking at Li Mu who had passed out and thought, when did he ever lose concentration and control? He even lost his sense of reasoning in one action by Li Mu, yet in the past, no matter how beautiful a sl*ve was teasing him, he never lost control of himself. 

Feeling the rise of his desire in the lower body, it really hasn’t been relieved for too long.

Slowly opening Li Mu’s clothes, revealing the glamorous smooth skin, two red nîpples standing on the smooth chest, and a pink little thing lying cutely between the two well-proportioned and slightly toned thighs. Li Mu’s figure is really good, he is fair and slender, and feels very comfortable to look at. Li Mu’s skin seems to be too enticing, tempting Hua Tian’s itchy hands.

As a Dom Master, of course you have to check the…..

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