Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

CHAPTER 38: Despair (H)

Hua Tian said to Li Mu: “Take off all your clothes.”

Of course Li Mu did it obediently, but because of the combination of drinking and taking aphrodisiacs, Li Mu’s actions were not like the usual rigid, but now with a taste of temptation. He touched himself with his hands from time to time during the process of undressing. The hot and honey-colored skin unconsciously showed a provocative and seductive amorous feeling.

Hua Tian’s panting sound became more intense, and after watching Li Mu’s entire undressing process, Hua Tian’s lower body had already raised its blatant head.

Hua Tian brought the vibrating egg switch in his trouser pocket to Li Mu and said to him, “Turn the switch on by yourself.”

Although Li Mu was shy, the itchiness in his høle no longer gave him time to be shy. As soon as Li Mu pressed the switch, a violent vibration came from his secret points, and the itch had been replaced by pleasure. Li Mu moaned lasciviously, “Ah…good…good…”


A thin layer of sweat formed all over Li Mu, and his red skin exuded a charming brilliance. The two red beans also quickly stood upright and swelled, and the black diamonds together reflected the lustful luminosity. Hua Tian’s red eyes flashed with raging lust.

Hua Tian took out a rope from nowhere and tied Li Mu’s hands together.

Li Mu was dissatisfied and twisted his body like a snake. Although the problem at the itchy hole had been relieved, the rest of his body was still feeling unsatisfied. Li Mu couldn’t move his hands, he was eager for Hua Tian’s touch even more, and he couldn’t help but whimpered, “Master, ah…hurry up and touch kitten. Kitten really wants master to touch…”

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