Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

CHAPTER 28: Reluctant (H)


Hua Tian lowered his head and licked Li Mu’s plump red beans, gently biting the black diamond through the n*pple with his teeth and pulling it. His n*pples are one of the most sensitive places on his body. Even if it’s gently pulled, it is also a storm-like stimulus for Li Mu. Li Mu could only moan with a flushed face, “Um…ah…Master…hmm…”

Li Mu, who has long been dressed as a kitten, has fluffy ears on the black hair, looking cute and fluffy. The delicate collar is tightly wrapped around the neck, giving birth to a kind of abstinence temptation. The cat’s tail is curved and swinging lightly, making people involuntarily look at the round and solid b*ttocks along the black tail, and the small hole hidden in it that is inserted by the tail.

Hua Tian’s eyes darkened with lust, and he couldn’t help lowering his head to play more with the red beans that were exuding tempting brilliance. He found Li Mu’s exquisite meat rod like a jade carving with his playful hand, and struck it up and down. The pink meat stick shed pre-c*m like tears and trembled unceasingly.

“Master… Hmm… hurry up…” Li Mu had already been provoked by Hua Tian to pant again and again, his honey-colored skin was covered with rosy color, and he kept shaking his crotch, allowing Hua Tian’s hand to touch his erect desire. After Hua Tian’s training over the past few weeks, Li Mu has gradually been able to hold on for longer under the shackles of the chastity ring, and can enjoy extraordinary pleasure without having an org*sm.


But Hua Tian no longer touched Li Mu’s soaring desire, and instead sucked on the round earlobe, sticking his tongue into the auricle and licking erotically.

“Kitten is not good, how can you just look after yourself?” A rush of heat rushed into Li Mu’s body along his ears.

“Ha…little kitten…will… do…ah…do it…” Li Mu could only breathe feebly, mixing a little excitement and temptation.

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Yypvla, Nkvvzl jkvvld zshlp usw.

Master, even if you lie to me, I still can’t bear to leave you.


Can the kitten think that you lied to me just to get close to me?

Kitten will be obedient in the future, does the Master need to lie?

Master, please don’t hurt me anymore.

Translator’s Note: Poor Little MuMu (> _ <). (I nicknamed Li Mu as MuMu)

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