Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

CHAPTER 24: Gift – Nipple Piercing


As soon as Li Mu got home, he consciously went to the bedroom to change into the costume of a kitten. But as soon as he entered the bedroom, he was stunned. The original white floor to ceiling has become a large mirror, reflecting everything in the bedroom clearly.

Don’t think about it, this must be made by Hua Tian. Li Mu’s small face suddenly became red, and he was really ashamed to put himself in a kitten costume under this situation.

But Li Mu’s attention immediately changed. Because there is usually a black box where only the cat’s ears and tail are placed, but now, there is also a silver collar, which looks very delicate. A small silver sign was on the collar, and it read “Pet: Kitten, Master: Hua Tian” on it.

Li Mu looked at the words on the collar and smiled happily.


Li Mu happily changed into the costume of a kitten, but held the collar with his mouth. Crawling on all fours to find Hua Tian.

Hua Tian looked at Li Mu, who was clinging up to him with his collar in his mouth, staring at him with excitement and expectation. He smiled and asked, “Do you want the master to put it on you with his own hands?”

Li Mu nodded eagerly.

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Hua Tian looked at Li Mu’s pitiful and aggrieved look, and then looked at Li Mu’s upright desire. He pretended not to see it badly. Instead, he touched Li Mu’s nape and said, “The little kitten is very well-behaved today.”


When Li Mu saw Hua Tian deliberately ignorant regardless of his pitiful manhood being held tightly by the chastity ring, Li Mu was even more aggrieved, tears filled his eyes. Hearing Hua Tian’s words, he nodded quickly.

Hua Tian looked at Li Mu’s cuteness, and finally stopped teasing him. Take out a pink gift box and put it in front of Li Mu and say, “Gifts for kitten can only be opened with his mouth.”

When Li Mu saw the pink gift box, he immediately forgot his surging desire. Eyes twinkling excitedly and staring at the box in front of them. He finally, finally received a gift.

Hastily opening the gift box awkwardly with his mouth. Wow! So beautiful! But what is this? Ear studs? Li Mu was full of questions.

He saw two earrings with black diamonds lying in the gift box.

Hua Tian saw Li Mu’s doubts, and held Li Mu, who was still in the excited stage, to his lap, and said to Li Mu with that deep magnetic voice, “This is a nîpple piercing.”

Oh, it turned out to be a nipple piercing. Master is so kind and gave me nîpple piercings. Li Mu finally knew what the first gift of his life was, and he thought of it happily.

Wait, what? Nîpple… piercing? Looking at the sparkling tip, Li Mu’s brain began to freeze. Nîpple piercing? That is to be worn on the… ni-nîpples???

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