Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

CHAPTER 23: Eating

(WARNING!!! Please read the tags of this novel again. And if you are only here out of curiosity then I suggest for you to think twice as this chapter has an extremely depraved scene that some people might find very, very disturbing. If you insist on reading then it would not be my fault for whatever negative reaction you would have.)

The waiting Employee A outside the toilet: Huh? They are finally out? But why does the President look so flushed and his lips are also swollen red? He actually looks so good and so sexy….

Li Mu felt someone’s gaze and looked at him expressionlessly.

Employee A: Shaking~shaking~ so cold~~~~ It must be an illusion just now! ! !



At the Office.

Hua Tian showed an innocent smile and said to Li Mu, “Take off your pants.”

Li Mu leaned on the table with his legs soft, and after hearing Hua Tian’s words, he glanced worriedly at the office door.

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“Master, it’s done.” Li Mu panicked when he felt Hua Tian’s fiery eyes.


“Haha.” Seeing Li Mu’s panic, Hua Tian touched Li Mu’s head comfortingly, “The little kitten is doing very well, now lick your fingers clean.”

Hearing Hua Tian’s praise, Li Mu happily put his finger in front of his mouth, stretched out his red small tongue, and licked it along the base of the finger, eating the remaining white turbidity clean.

Hua Tian couldn’t help smiling when he saw Li Mu unconsciously making such a seductive action. It is also a mistake for pets to be too charming, especially if  he cannot eat his kitten.

Hua Tian lifted the plate and said to the good baby Li Mu, “This is a special seasoning for kitten’s food.” Feeling Li Mu’s surprised and ashamed eyes, Hua Tian smiled triumphantly and said, “Okay, Put your pants on. Master will watch as kitten eats this specially prepared food for the kitten.”

Li Mu lowered his head and licked the special food Hua Tian made for him, which smelled a little bit more fishy than usual. But Li Mu didn’t feel sick, and he even felt that it had the special taste of his Master, and it tasted better than usual. Li Mu couldn’t help being ashamed of his own thoughts, how could he be so cheap that he liked to eat a man’s sēmen.

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