Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

CHAPTER 18: Gorgeous (H)

Hua Tian said with a smile, “Little kitten has a good memory. Now, go to the bedroom, lie on the floor and wait obediently.”

Li Mu didn’t even think about resisting. He only knew that he should listen to the master. Lying down on the floor obediently, there is a fear of pain for what is about to happen, but there is a kind of excitement about being hurt. Because no one cared about whether he was right or wrong before, so let alone beat or fight him. When he saw other children crying loudly while being punished by their parents, Li Mu had deep envy in his heart. In his opinion, the punishment was because of care and love.

When Hua Tian took the whip and came to the bedroom, he saw the uncontrollable excitement on Li Mu’s face, and the blush climbed up to the entire honey-colored back, like a red gauze, gorgeous and seductive.

Hua Tian shook his hand, and the whip fell fiercely on Li Mu’s smooth back, leaving a red mark. Li Mu felt the pain in his back, trembling slightly in the huge pain, and said firmly in his mouth, “One! Master! I was wrong!”

*Crack!* The whip hit Li Mu’s left hip, and immediately a red mark was left. Li Mu felt that his heart was beating really fast, and an indescribable excitement was flowing throughout his body. “Two! Master! I was wrong.!”


The third whip hit Li Mu’s back sideways, but the whip circled around his back, the tip of the whip landed on Li Mu’s red bean, which was getting redder and swollen. His sensitive points were severely whipped, and there was a hint of pleasure in the sharp pain that shocked Li Mu’s fragile nerves. Li Mu’s desire has been quietly standing now. “Three! Master! I was wrong!”

*Crack!* The whip fell on the sensitive waist, Li Mu only felt that there was a fire burning inside him, as the pain was a given pleasure, Li Mu’s body twisted under the whip, chasing the most primitive pleasure. “Four! Master! I was wrong!”

The last whip was at the root of the cat’s tail, and the b*tt plug’s depth was pushed forward a lot. Li Mu only felt that the jade plug was drilling on his soul, and the pleasure was magnified countless times. His neck draws a beautiful arc, and the sweat gleams on the skin drop by drop. The little rod couldn’t help but want to release, but was forced back by the chastity ring. “Five! Master! I… was wrong…” Li Mu was about to be driven mad by desire. The place he was whipped was itchy and numb, and his desire lingered on the edge of release. “Master, um…kitten, no…nothing.”

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