Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

CHAPTER 17: Entering the Role

Hua Tian patted Li Mu’s round buttocks like a reward, and then put him on the floor. Regardless of Li Mu’s blushing face, he smiled and said, “My little kitten, I’m hungry, Master is ready, so let’s go.”

Li Mu had to resist shyness and follow Hua Tian’s feet. He didn’t even notice that he kept crawling on all fours.1means crawling using both hands and feet.

All this was seen by Hua Tian, ​​with a charming curve drawn at the corner of his mouth, because his little cat had truly entered his role.

Li Mu kept licking the food Hua Tian prepared for him with his tongue. Although his food was delicious, he sneaked a glimpse of the satisfaction that Hua Tian showed on his face when eating, and he also wanted to taste Hua Tian’s food. He couldn’t help but rub his hairy head against Hua Tian’s calf, trying to attract Hua Tian’s attention.

Hua Tian felt Li Mu’s actions and was very satisfied with Li Mu unconsciously learning a cat’s behavior. He smiled and asked, “What’s wrong, Kitten?”


Li Mu said in an expectant tone, “Master, Kitten also wants to eat what Master eats.”

Hua Tian saw Li Mu’s pitiful look and couldn’t bear to refuse… He hugged Li Mu on his thigh, picked a piece of lean meat, and motioned for Li Mu to open his mouth.

Li Mu quickly opened his mouth obediently, waiting for Hua Tian to put the meat in his mouth. Seeing Hua Tian’s gentle eyes, his heart was full of sweetness. He is no longer alone.

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