Sl*ve President, Master Secretary

CHAPTER 12: Training (1)

The sun is already up and the sky is cloudless.

Li Mu felt a strange sensation in his lower body in a daze, and slowly opened his eyes. He actually saw Hua Tian slashing around with a razor while he was shaving, scraping off the hairs on him little by little.

As if feeling Li Mu’s gaze, Hua Tian took care of the last bit of hair and asked gently, “Are you awake?”

Li Mu looked at Hua Tian’s elegant movements, but he didn’t react for a long time.

Suddenly the sound of “Grrru…” rang from Li Mu’s stomach. After eating lunch yesterday, Li Mu hadn’t eaten anything, got beaten, (and was played), so Li Mu felt that he was really hungry at this time.


Hua Tian burst into his eye-catching smile, touched Li Mu’s head and said, “It turns out that my little kitten is hungry, Master will prepare something immediately.” After that, he turned around and went out.

Li Mu was blinded by Hua Tian’s spring breeze smile. Not until Hua Tian walked up to Li Mu with the porridge did he wake up from his daze.

Hua Tian put the plate with the porridge on the floor and smiled.

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Hua Tian had to stop unwillingly.


It’s the first time Li Mu ate porridge in this way, and he was not very used to it. But because he was hungry, he licked it all up.

Li Mu suddenly saw the clock on the table and it was already nine o’clock. “Oh! I forgot to go to work. I must be late now.” As the boss, Li Mu has never been late.

Hua Tian said amusedly, “I have already asked for a leave for you. How can you still go to work if you are injured?”

Li Mu said movedly: “Thank you, Master.” Hua Tian was really kind to him.

Hua Tian said, “Now, let’s play a game…”

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