Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 94: Being teased an*lly by the movie god (H)

After soaking in the hot spring, her whole body was soft and hot. She only hugged Wen Hang and kissed him, but Yan Xi already felt herself turning wet at her bottom.

This was a private hot spring, although it was an open-air hot spring, it was still in an enclosed house. A small tea table that was initially in the small pavilion beside the pool was pushed away by Wen Hang. Inside, there were hot slabs that were made from bricks, which formed the hot spring slate bed. Hot spring water flowed under the slate, so the stones were always in a heated condition.

Wen Hang laid out two layers of snow white towels on the hot slabs, making it more comfortable for Yan Xi to lay on, and also to avoid burning her tender skin if the temperature was too hot.

They would do it here.

Wen Hang liked a more invigorating play, and Wen Hang was also quite l*stful. As for Yan Xi, sometimes after restraining herself for too long, to have wild s*x was undoubtedly a good way of release.


Because they were here for the hot spring, Yan Xi changed into a swimsuit. She wasn’t shy to show off her proud and slender body. She wore a black string bikini, aside from the most important parts, the other parts of her swimsuit were just thin strings.

“En…” Yan Xi laid on the hot slab. Wen Hang hugged her from behind, his gentle breaths sprayed against her neck. Wen Hang used his sultry, thin lips to lightly kiss her earlobe and her neck, then moved down her beautiful back and thin waist, giving her a numb, itchy feeling.

Wen Hang’s large palms were placed on Yan Xi’s round bubble b*tt, the soft and very flexible sensation was truly amazing.

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“Ah… Ah… En… Ah… Ah…” The numb feeling made Yan Xi couldn’t help but moan. Although Wen Hang was a womanizer, when he heard her moans, the huge thing between his legs still immediately rose up.


Yan Xi felt very comfortable, her back hole also started to relax. Wen Hang kept playing with her cl*t while trying to stuff another finger into her back hole. After using two fingers to expand it, it would be much easier for his big c*ck to enter.

Yan Xi was pressed underneath Wen Hang’s body, enjoying his loving touch as her whole body became very soft. Her flower hole kept leaking out honey juices as her flower bud was expertly teased by the man. Aside from the numb and pleasurable feeling, a tingling feeling of unsatisfied desire came over her. She didn’t know if she was driven by l*st or it was because of this hot slab’s temperature, Yan Xi only thought that her body was heating and boiling up. The chilly breeze that occasionally blew towards her would also make her feel good and relieved.

A large amount of l*wd water leaked out of her. Wen Hang used his hand to scoop it then smeared it over her chrysanthemum hole, then grabbed his purplish-red thickness to rub between the seam of Yan Xi’s a*s. When his large tortoise head rested on her tightly closed chrysanthemum hole, Yan Xi could feel his warmth so she got nervous.

“I’m coming in.”

After he said that, Wen Hang grabbed his me*t pole to squeeze into her hole, forcefully stuffing his entire tortoise head inside. He asked Yan Xi: “Are you okay?”

Yan Xi was a bit nervous, but she affirmed then indicated that he could proceed: “Come in.”

Compared to the “suffering” that came from slowly going in, to thrust until the end immediately was more bearable for Yan Xi.

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