Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 3: Ru Meng Ling, meeting Mr. Gong for the first time

Ru Meng Ling was a high class establishment that was located in the middle of the city. Their lowest expenses ranged from thousands to ten thousand dollars, so the people who came here to spend were not ordinary people. Furthermore, according to rumors, the boss behind Ru Meng Ling was Gong Ding Chen, but Yan Xi who had lost her memory did not know about this.

The decor in Ru Meng Ling were all constructed with wood, in reference to the Song Dynasty. It looked like a filming set, complete with pavilions and terraces. There was even a small river flowing through, a big, towering tree and waterfall falling from the heights. When Yan Xi entered Ru Meng Ling, she felt like she’d transmigrated. Yan Xi followed behind the staff that was wearing a dress uniform that was designed based on Song Dynasty, as she walked down a long corridor emanating the scent of cloves, before she reached that VIP room in the deepest part of the colorful building.

After Yan Xi went in, the staff closed the door. Then she saw Gong Ding Chen.

“Mr. Gong…” She’d lost her memory, but Yan Xi still recognized him. Just by looking at his back, this person in front of her could make her feel afraid and sad with the desire to escape. And yet she couldn’t resist herself to run forward to hug him. This person was Gong Ding Chen, her legendary gold lord.

“You breached the contract.” This sentence again.


Unlike the cold and simple short message, Gong Ding Chen’s voice sounded a little shady, but it was totally magnetic and pleasant to hear.

Yan Xi didn’t understand, but in Gong Ding Chen’s eyes, she was asking an obvious question: “Breach what contract?”

Gong Ding Chen let out a cold sneer: “Yan Xi, you really don’t know where you’re standing.”

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Yan Xi suddenly had a frightening thought. But what Gong Ding Chen said next coincidentally confirmed Yan Xi’s thoughts. Gong Ding Chen said: “Yan Xi, don’t be so shamelessly greedy.”


Listening to the way he spoke, he sounded extremely vexed.

He said that she was shameless. Could it be that, before she committed suicide by slitting her wrist, she’d threatened him again and again?

With yet another cold sneer, Gong Ding Chen said: “Don’t you think it’s too late for you to clear your name now after all that humiliation?”

Yan Xi suddenly understood, no, she wanted to ruin Chen Man Xi’s name. The female lead in the 4P video was not her, Yan Xi at all. It was Chen Man Xi!

It was too dramatic to say that she had lost her memory. Perhaps other people wouldn’t believe her even if she talked about it, especially Gong Ding Chen, he’d already begun to assume that she was acting. Yan Xi could only try to probe him by asking: “You already know that the person in the video is not me. I’m just telling the truth on the internet.”

Seeing that Gong Ding Chen called her here, it must be because of those three words on weibo yesterday.

Gong Ding Chen slowly said: “That person in the video is not you. But, if you come out with another similar video again this time, the main lead in that video will be you, Yan Xi. No matter what you say, it’ll be just a thief calling thief, so no one will believe you anymore.”

“You… What do you mean?” Yan Xi suddenly felt afraid. She had a very bad feeling about it, when she looked into Gong Ding Chen’s eyes, there was only disgust and pity.

Gong Ding Chen suddenly smiled. As if he’d just given an order, four men came out from behind the screen divider.

“No!” Yan Xi knew that something was amiss. She turned around and tried to run. One of them came forward and gripped Yan Xi’s arm with a swift move. Another one took out a handkerchief to cover her nose. The sweet scent on the handkerchief was especially intense. Yan Xi only felt her body growing soft, although she didn’t pass out, but she’d lost the energy to fight back. She couldn’t even stand up steadily, so she knew that she had been drugged.

“You wicked…” Yan Xi scolded him with a lack of strength, while Gong Ding Chen only looked at her with cold, emotionless eyes. Yan Xi was dragged to a bed at one side. At this time, one of them took out a phone and started recording her. The other people began to laugh l*wdly and pulled her clothes off.

“Gong Ding Chen, what are you trying to do!” Yan Xi struggled with all her might, but she had no strength to struggle. That drug didn’t seem to be a hypnotic drug, because when those men’s dirty hands touched her, she actually felt pleasurable from their touches. Yan Xi quickly realized that the drug could induce s*xual desires.


“What are we doing?” Before Gong Ding Chen said anything, the man who was pulling off her clothes started talking. He buried his head in her neck: “Of course I’m f*cking you!”

“Stop! Stop! Don’t touch me!” Yan Xi tried her best to twist her body. When Gong Ding Chen wanted her to come here, she felt slightly restless, but she never thought that she would experience such a terrible thing!

“Ah…! Don’t… Don’t touch me!” Yan Xi finally pulled out one of her hands after much effort and grabbed her own phone. An idea came to mind as she shouted towards Gong Ding Chen: “Gong Ding Chen! Perhaps you are not afraid of anything, but what about Chen Man Xi? What’s more important in the entertainment circle is not the truth, but the gossip. If this recording is released, it will be a dark history in Chen Man Xi’s name that will never be forgotten!”

Gong Ding Chen raised his hand, signaling for the men to stop. One of them took away the phone from Yan Xi’s hand, and went forward to pass it to Gong Deng Chen.

The phone showed that Yan Xi was having a phone call with her uncle.

Gong Ding Chen’s face darkened as he ended the call.

Yan Xi forced herself to control the turbulence inside her body as she said to Gong Ding Chen: “Mr. Gong, you know that my uncle is a gambler. A gambler can do anything for money. If you abandon me and make me end my career, making him unable to pay up his bottomless debts, do you think he’ll sell this recording to the media before you can hire people to shut him up?”

Gong Ding Chen gripped the phone tightly. His eyes began to darken as he looked at her: “Yan Xi, you really have the skills now, you dare to threaten me?”

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