Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 110: Beg you to shoot for me (H)

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Yun Ting… you f*ck me till I feel so good… Ah! Ah… I, I want to cl*max again from your f*cks… Ah! Ah! Ah!” Yan Xi grasped the bed sheets below her tightly, twisting her waist as her breathing became rapid.

Her whole body was f*cked by Gong Yun Ting till she became so numb and sore. She forced herself to hold it back at the brink of her cl*max.

“Pa Pa Pa! Pa Pa Pa!” The me*t pole went in and out with big strides, each time it would tug against the engorged vag*nal meat as it pulled out the tortoise head, then thrust inside strongly again.

Gong Yun Ting caressed Yan Xi’s beautiful back and kissed her snowy white skin. He pressed on top of her lightly, obviously he couldn’t use all of his strength so he only f*cked her slowly. Even so, he could still feel Yan Xi trembling each time. Her small hole would tighten with each thrust, biting his s*x organ tightly.

“Your moans sound so good… Ah…” The inside of her small hole was wet and tight, which felt extremely comfortable. Gong Yun Ting’s hand circled to the front to touch Yan Xi’s small hole that was slammed by him “gently”. His hand was stained with l*wd fluids. That area was so wet and smooth that he couldn’t even find her cl*t.


“You are so wet…” Gong Yun Ting swallowed Yan Xi’s earlobe, blowing beside her ear, which made her soft body tremble. Gong Yun Ting was so pleased that he closed his eyes to suck in a deep breath, then sighed: “Your small hole clamped me even tighter.”

Yan Xi let out “wuwu” sounds, then moved with even more strength.

Gong Yun Ting sat up and hugged Yan Xi’s bubble b*tt. He looked down from above. From this angle, Yan Xi’s body was even more seductive. He teased Yan Xi: “Your hole is still so tireless, this means that I haven’t f*cked you enough, should I speed up?”

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“Cannot continue anymore?”



Gong Yun Ting lowered his eyes and saw his hideous s*x organ inside her small hole, f*cking it till it kept spitting out white goo. It looked so l*wd, making his l*st fire up. His eyes were also filled up with passionate l*st.

Gong Yun Ting’s voice had a smirk as he asked Yan Xi: “Cannot continue anymore, then beg me, beg me to shoot.”

This was Gong Yun Ting’s s*x f*tish, he liked to see her submit to him.

He liked to see Yan Xi’s noble, proud and pretty face to look s*xual and alluring under his body when she couldn’t withstand the passionate l*st.

“Ah ah ah! Ah… Ah!. En en ah! Ah ah ah ah…” Yan Xi was f*cked by him till she shrieked loudly. The thick and hard me*t pole pierced into her flower pit harshly, slamming her tender and sensitive part to become so sore and numb.

Yan Xi raised her head but she couldn’t see Gong Yun Ting. She was already f*cked by him till she cried out loud. Her eyes were teary which looked especially touching and pitiful. This made Gong Yun Ting really want to f*ck her till she passed out underneath him.

“Beg you… ah ah ah ah… Beg you, Yun Ting, ah ah ah ah… En! Shoot out! Ah!” Yan Xi buried her head into the pillow and said while panting: “I beg you to shoot your c*m into, en en en ah ah… shoot into my small hole… ah… ah! Ah…”

“To shoot out, right!” Gong Yun Ting looked delighted.

Yan Xi was f*cked by him till “hn hn en en” and kept nodding in the bed.

Yan Xi thought if she continued to be f*cked by Gong Yun Ting like this, she was scared that when she wanted to pee tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, her bottom would be sore and painful.

“Then you have to hold on first… don’t squ*rt out before I shoot…” Gong Yun Ting scooped up Yan Xi’s hand from her back, then clamped her pair of delicate wrists down. He only used some strength to pull up Yan Xi’s upper half body that was lying on the bed.


“Pa Pa Pa! Pa Pa Pa!” The thick and long me*t pole thrust rapidly in the small hole that was overflowing with flower fluids. It plunged inside Yan Xi’s tender, small hole harshly. Gong Yun Ting gripped Yan Xi’s arms and f*cked her roughly. Yan Xi was hit by him till she started to cry and scream. Her small hole was even f*cked till it began to cramp.

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