Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 109: Small mouth is so good at sucking (H)

Before Gong Yun Ting entered, he had used his hand to touch the pit of Yan Xi’s legs. She only licked him, but she had made herself very wet underneath as well. Gong Yun Ting was very satisfied with this, he smiled and said: “You become this wet, I can even thrust inside directly.”

“Then you quickly thrust inside.” Yan Xi said while panting softly.

After licking Gong Yun Ting for so long, he was the only one obtaining the pleasure. Now she was burning in fiery l*st and also needed Gong Yun Ting to service her.

“En Ah…!” Gong Yun Ting piled Yan Xi’s legs on top of her chest to raise her vag*nal entrance higher up, so that her honey hole that was ready to bloom was completely displayed in front of him. He held his tortoise head to rub against her shining flower seam, when he touched the flower bud that was hidden inside her clam meat, Yan Xi’s body trembled lightly and her moans sounded even nicer.

Hearing Yan Xi’s l*stful calls, Gong Yun Ting’s bottom became harder. He held his me*t pole to stuff his engorged tortoise head at her small hole that was fluttering. After it entered, he straightened his waist and with strength, he squeezed his entire thickness into her tight, wet and hot alluring hole.


“En…” Yan Xi could feel Gong Yun Ting’s thick size thrusting into her vag*nal passage inch by inch with a burning desire. Because he never used his fingers to expand it before he entered, the intrusion of an foreign object made Yan Xi contract on instinct. Gong Yun Ting moaned from being clamped, but he pushed inside powerfully again, so that his entire shaft buried inside, making his tortoise head slam against Yan Xi’s watery and tender flower pit heavily.

“Ah! No!” Yan Xi was slammed by Gong Yun Ting till her whole body shuddered. The vag*nal meat in her flower hole even entwined around his hardness and tightly clamped around his me*t pole.

“So good at sucking.” Yan Xi had leaked out so much water yet her l*wd hole was still as tight as a virg*n. Gong Yun Ting moved slowly as the vag*nal meat wrapped tighter around him, clamping and sucking him. Each time he pulled out, the suction would heighten like an amorous longing.

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Her small hole was dug by the me*t pole till it became so swollen. The stormy pleasures were like huge waves that could swallow her up.


Yan Xi opened her mouth and breathed with big gasps, like a fish out of water.

She had no idea that when she looked like this, it only fired up Gong Yun Ting’s beastly l*st.

He knew that she was going to reach her peak, her sensitive body was already at its limit after enduring his rough f*cks, but “Pop!”, he suddenly pulled out his me*t pole that was fully coated with l*wd water. He flipped Yan Xi over and hugged her a*s up to make her kneel down. He held his proud er*ction and aimed at her small hole that wasn’t able to close up yet from being tortured by him, then he buried his entire shaft inside again!

Yan Xi was f*cked by Gong Yun Ting till her l*wd water flowed out immensely. The me*t pole slammed inside harshly from behind, slamming her till her l*wd water started to become like a drizzle, dripping down with mizzling sounds.

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