Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 108: I’ll give you (H)

Compared to Chen Man Xi’s current predicament of sending out attorney’s letters and continuous explanations to clear her name, Yan Xi was having a proper balance of work and rest.

A pleasurable s*x was a kind of relief and also a leisure.

On this day, Gong Yun Ting gave Yan Xi a ring. It had a small pigeon egg1TN: A metaphor to describe a very big diamond above 5 carats and its shape was designed like a crown embedded with shards of diamonds.

“Do you like it?” Gong Yun Ting hugged Yan Xi from behind. He caressed her snowy white, beautiful hand and his chin rested on her shoulder.

“Yes.” Yan Xi’s reply was simple and straight-forward, she smiled very prettily: “It looks very expensive.”


He didn’t get the feedback that he originally wanted, Gong Yun Ting was so pissed that he tickled Yan Xi’s ticklish spots. Yan Xi was afraid of tickles, so she turned around to tickle him back. The two grown-ups laughed happily together, but in the end due to their big differences in strength, Yan Xi was hugged up by Gong Yun Ting and was thrown onto the bed.

“So what, I treat you so well but I still can’t satisfy your money-grubbing desires?” Gong Yun Ting then proceeded to press on top of Yan Xi, clasping both her hands and bringing them above her head. He knew that she was ticklish, yet he still deliberately rubbed her sensitive neck with the stubble on his chin. This made Yan Xi shudder and he also had a reaction.

Yan Xi extended her neck to look at the pigeon egg at her ring finger. The diamond was shining brightly under the light.

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As expected, she heard Gong Yun Ting say: “YL’s true love series decided to sign you as their ambassador.”


YL was a jewelry brand that was slowly rising up in the country. The true love series’ flagship product was the diamond ring that she was wearing around her finger.

So this was an advertisement.

If there was no hope, then there wouldn’t be disappointment.

Regardless, Yan Xi was still very happy, she went up to Gong Yun Ting to give him a sweet kiss: “Thanks!”

Gong Yun Ting turned his face to the other side, so Yan Xi kissed him again, but he said: “Still not enough.”

Yan Xi kissed his lips again. At the end of their deep kiss, Yan Xi licked her lips, looking very seductive and tempting. She looked at Gong Yun Ting, her eyes were moist as her hand that was hugging Gong Yun Ting slowly moved downwards. Finally, she held the man’s crotch area lightly and told him in an irresistible voice: “I’ll lick you~”

Yan Xi rarely gave him oral s*x proactively.

Gong Yun Ting smiled lightly. He stood beside the bed and undid his belt with a single hand.

When his me*t pole sprang out, Yan Xi flipped her hair backwards before she opened her mouth to swallow his sensitive tip. That tortoise head that was as big as an egg was swallowed into her mouth, like a candy that she seldom ate when she was young, she swallowed on it tightly to lick and suck it. After a while, Gong Yun Ting was so pleased that he sucked in his breath.

“En…” Gong Yun Ting closed his eyes. His heavy breathing revealed his enjoyment, his hand held the back of Yan Xi’s head as his other hand touched and played with her smooth hair. He felt her wet, hot and tight small mouth wrap around his s*x organ, as her nimble, small tongue teased his sensitive crown-shaped trench.

Her agile, small mouth sucked on him while her small tongue teased the hole at the tip naughtily, poking inside. Yan Xi’s pair of small hands were so soft like they were boneless, lightly caressing his soft and sensitive test*cles. No matter which area it was, she could give him so much ecstasy.

Gong Yun Ting’s voice quickly became hoarse. He pressed Yan Xi down while hoping that her wet and hot small mouth could wrap around his entire s*x organ completely. He teased her: “Why are you so good at licking, did you secretly learn it behind my back?”


Gong Yun Ting’s s*x organ was long and thick. When he pressed like that, his tortoise head directly poked against Yan Xi’s throat, deepthr**ting her and almost made Yan Xi spit it out. She choked on it but she refused to admit defeat. Her small mouth contracted powerfully, sucking Gong Yun Ting till he raised his head to sigh in pleasure.

Listening to the man’s excited moans, while swallowing the me*t stick that was throbbing in her mouth due to stimulation, Yan Xi thought to herself: “Not that I secretly learn this behind your back, but I do have an affair behind your back.”

Wen Hang liked oral s*x.

It didn’t matter whether she was licking him or the other way around.

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