Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 104: Forced kiss

Yan Xi already had a candidate for her new assistant.

It was Chen Man Xi’s ex-manager Xiao Zheng.

Yan Xi heard from Xiao Ba that Xiao Zheng had resigned a few days ago. The reason was the job was stressful, but in reality she couldn’t manage to serve Chen Man Xi. Xiao Zheng was already Chen Man Xi’s nth personal assistant.

Yan Xi informed Chun Jie to recruit Xiao Zheng. Two days later, Xiao Zheng had signed the contract and entered the drama crew with Chun Jie, pulling her luggage with her.

Chun Jie told Yan Xi in private: “I’ve already interviewed her exhaustively, there are no problems about her. After Xiao Zheng left Chen Man Xi, she had difficulties finding a job. When I found her, she accepted it happily. You know, as a celebrity assistant, she won’t have a high wage if she follows an average celebrity, and it also isn’t easy to follow a star celebrity as well. She doesn’t want to become an assistant forever too, haha, I’ve asked her. Her idol is me, in the future she wants to be a manager just like me.”


Yan Xi also smiled: “Then you can train her.”

Chun Jie said: “It depends if she has the sense.”

Back to Chen Man Xi, after her personal itinerary with Gong Ding Chen was exposed, after some extensive investigations by the gossip reporters, they found out that Gong Ding Chen and Chen Man Xi timelines coincided at many points, so they were thought to be dating for many years. Their relationship was stable, and it was also rumored that they were getting married.

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He stood in front of her, which was very close to her. It felt a little stifling because of their height difference.


Yan Xi answered “oh”, then pushed him away. She wanted to create a distance between them, but he used this chance to clasp her wrist, then with a light tug, he pressed her against the wall. Gong Ding Chen leaned closer to her and explained anxiously: “Don’t believe in the media’s nonsense. There’s nothing between me and her.”

“What does this have to do with the media?” Yan Xi met Gong Ding Chen’s eyes. She was smiling yet her eyes looked very cold: “You like her, isn’t that what you told me?”

“That’s…” Gong Ding Chen was stumped, he did say something like that but that was in the past.

He really liked Chen Man Xi before, he wanted to give her all the best things, to give her a stairway to stardom, and he also really wanted to be with her. He never lacked beautiful women around her, especially in the entertainment circle that was full of beauties competing against each other. At that time, he truly only had feelings for Chen Man Xi.

But, when did he suddenly stop having feelings for Chen Man Xi?

“Then what?” Yan Xi asked him with a cold sneer: “People’s hearts change. Now, Boss Gong doesn’t like Miss Chen anymore?”

“Yan Xi…”

“Boss Gong even told me that you liked me before, huh…” Yan Xi pushed him with more force, but he still didn’t budge, so she could only hug her arms together in a defensive pose, then continued to ridicule: “Will you stop liking me too after some time?”

From Gong Ding Chen’s perspective, Yan Xi was like a rose with thorns right now, she was blooming beautifully but did not allow him to come close.

Their eyes stared at each other.

Yan Xi could see the gloominess and anger in Gong Ding Chen’s eyes.

She retorted him till he was speechless. Gong Ding Chen didn’t know how to answer her at all. But the sarcasm in Yan Xi’s eyes and the scornful smile at the corners of her lips did set off the fire that was suppressed in his heart. He pressed her against the wall, then lowered his head to kiss her merciless, small lips.


Yan Xi struggled but she couldn’t break free.

Yan Xi used her hand to push him and punch him, but he easily grasped her wrist. He clenched her hands and lifted them high above her head. He eagerly kissed her uncooperative mouth with a lot of yearning.

“Wu!” Yan Xi wanted to use her knee to bang his manh**d, but Gong Ding Chen sensed her intentions, so before she could act, he stuffed his knee between Yan Xi’s legs to restrict her movement.

As for his other hand, it eagerly touched Yan Xi’s body, moving along her waist and a*s, and even cupped her plump br**st to massage and tease it.

“Wu… Wu! Wu! En… Wu!” Yan Xi struggled even more fiercely, she opened her mouth to bite Gong Ding Chen’s lips. She did bite him and she tasted his blood, but Gong Ding Chen didn’t loosen his mouth. He stuck even closer to her instead. Seizing the opportunity, he slipped his tongue into her oral cavity to entangle and lick it.

He even slipped his hand under Yan Xi’s skirt, trying to pull off her underw*ar.

Luckily Xiao Qi came and knocked on the door: “Xi Jie, are you inside?”

Gong Ding Chen then let her go.

Yan Xi panted and calmed herself down for a while, before replying: “I’m discussing some things with Boss Gong, wait for a while, it won’t take too long.”

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