Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 103: After entering the crew

<Voluptuous Life> was shot in a half-secluded manner. Everyone in the industry knew that Director Chen didn’t like people to come visit him as it would disturb his creation.

Before Yan Xi entered the crew, Gong Yun Ting already reminded her: “Remember to come find me after your shoot.”

Director Chen had very high standards for his own productions. He was particular about each detail, once he saw that a scene didn’t feel right, he would shoot it again and again until he found the feeling that he wanted. During work, Director Chen was especially serious, making Yan Xi feel that he was a bit like a university professor who didn’t smile at all, being strict and serious, always eager to improve himself.

As an actress who was still growing, the biggest reward that she got from working with Director Chen was to listen to Director Chen’s talks. Like an actor, every director had their own performance style, but different from an actor, the “act” that a director wanted was not simply acting. Director Chen said this sentence the most: “I don’t want to see the expression on your face, I want to see the emotions in your eyes.”

Even if it was towards the movie god or movie goddess who had swept all types of awards, Director Chen still wouldn’t give them special treatment when shooting his movie.


When they were signing the <Voluptuous Life> agreement, Chun Jie was truly and sincerely grateful. She didn’t even look at the script when they signed, and only received a character biography and story synopsis. No matter which character or which plot it was, it was a privilege to act in Director Chen’s movie. Not to mention that Yan Xi was signing for the female lead of <Voluptuous Life>.

Yan Xi also only knew later on what it meant when Gong conglomerate’s uncle and nephew both said that all stars gather and all stars hold up the moon.

The male leads of <Voluptuous Life> were Hong Kong’s Golden Film Awards consecutive winner, Liang Ruo Yu, and the younger actor, Ye Qing Dan who also had the title of a movie god. Other than Yan Xi, senior Huo Jia Yi, who was crowned as best movie goddess many times, was also the female lead, as well as senior Lin Ling who had worked with her before in <Zheng Xiong>. Not to mention the main supporting cast, even the cameo roles were actors that were well known by the audience.

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After Yan Xi finished showering, she saw Gong Yun Ting’s unanswered calls and messages that bombarded her phone. She smiled and said: “Childish.”


She continued to tease him, answering him: “You’re not worried about my shoot but worry about where your uncle sleeps?”

If he had a tail, Gong Yun Ting would be happily shaking his tail right now. He rolled around the bed, then sent a message to Yan Xi with the corners of his mouth raised up: “Then I’ll come and sleep beside you tonight?”

Yan Xi: “In your dreams.”

Gong Yun Ting called her phone. Yan Xi chatted with him while eating the fruits.

She opened her weibo, after she clicked into the hot search, she could see Gong Ding Chen and Chen Man Xi.

Different from her gentle tone, Yan Xi’s face was expressionless, and even her eyes were cold. Yes, she was unhappy, when she saw Gong Ding Chen and Chen Man Xi together, she was very unhappy.

In the photo that looked quite clear although it was shot secretly, Chen Man Xi and Gong Ding Chen were laughing and talking. In the end, she even leaned on his arms. Before she entered the elevator, she even gave Gong Ding Chen a sweet kiss. Yan Xi’s hand subconsciously clenched her phone tightly, and her heart started to throb in pain.

She sucked in a deep breath, telling herself that it wasn’t that she still had feelings for Gong Ding Chen, she was just unsatisfied.

Just like how Chen Man Xi treated her with disgust, Yan Xi had never liked Chen Man Xi from the beginning to the end. Before this, she overestimated herself and thought she could compete with her, but it was a losing battle. However, now she is different from the past.

Chen Man Xi had never made her life easy, so she naturally wouldn’t let her life be easy as well.

Yan Xi knew very clearly that the internet abuse before she slit her wrist and the internet abuse that forced her to clear things up, were all expedited by Chen Man Xi from the back.

Chen Man Xi used so many tricks on her, so wouldn’t it be impolite if she didn’t do the same thing back at her?


“Yun Ting, I want to hire another assistant.” Yan Xi suddenly said.

“Sure! Just tell Chun Jie, ask her to pick another two vigilant ones.” Gong Yun Ting was feeling very good after being comforted by Yan Xi: “Although Xiao Qi is close to you, she is not that smart. Not to mention that you are a big star now, you’re busy so one assistant is definitely not enough.”

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