Starting Over in the Entertainment Circle (NPH)

Chapter 102: Being hugged and f*cked till filled up with c*m (H)

Yan Xi was f*cked by Gong Yun Ting till she couldn’t stand up steadily. Her small stomach also couldn’t stop contracting while being f*cked by his thick hardness.

“Ah! Ah! En! En!” He f*cked her so roughly and deeply, so violent with each thrust, f*cking her till her vag*nal meat flipped in and out, trembling as l*wd love fluids dripped out of it.

Gong Yun Ting would penetrate deep inside each time, slamming against Yan Xi’s tender flower pit heavily. He squeezed into her most tender and ecstatic spot, f*cking her till their connected area resounded “plop plop”, f*cking Yan Xi till she couldn’t stop whimpering and moaning.

“I really can’t stand up anymore… Ah! En! Ah… Ah… En…” Yan Xi’s body softened, she felt her lower body burning up hot as she slid down the glass window weakly.

The direction of their interco*rse was misaligned, so his me*t pole couldn’t go in and out. This made Gong Yun Ting stop for a moment. But he did not let Yan Xi off because of this, he then knelt down, his me*t pole that was fully coated in flower fluids seemed to brush across Yan Xi’s auricle. He lowered his body and used the crook of his arms to hook up Yan Xi’s pair of knees. He looked like he was helping a child to pee as he hugged Yan Xi up while she was facing him.


He smirked as he said: “If you can’t stand, I’ll hug you up.”

“Ah!” Gong Yun Ting hugged Yan Xi to help her stand. Her hole that had been abused by his me*t pole wasn’t closed up yet when it was fully stuffed by the man’s boiling hotness again.

Yan Xi’s body lost her support, and Gong Yun Ting became her only support. She could only lift up her arms to wrap around his neck, to endure his fiery hot desires.

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“You can’t take it? You look like you enjoy it very much.” Hugging Yan Xi towards the bathroom, he continued to use his tortoise head to f*ck her vag*nal meat that was clamping around him tightly as he walked. Yan Xi moaned even louder. He liked to listen to her scream in bed, her voice sounded so pleasant, so it was really melodious when she screamed in bed. Gong Yun Ting kissed Yan Xi’s lips: “Scream louder, I like to hear it.”


Yan Xi was so pissed that she used her pinkish fist to punch his chest.

Trying to hurt him using this little strength only added more appeal in Gong Yun Ting’s eyes.

He didn’t stop moving and even deliberately agitated her, using his swollen, purplish thickness to slam towards the wet pit of her legs with even more force. While slamming, he even exclaimed in satisfaction: “Yan Xi, babe, oh… you clamp around me so tightly… En… Do you want to eat my s*men?”

“Ah… Ah! Ah… Ah…!” Yan Xi was thrust by Gong Yun Ting till her head became dizzy, even her moans were broken from being thrust and swayed by his movements. She didn’t have any power to fight back at all, she could only hang on Gong Yun Ting’s body. Weak and helpless, she could only endure his brutal slams.

She felt her whole body becoming itchy, her skin was so hot like it was going to burn up.

“Ah! Ah! Oh Ah! En! Ah! Ah! Wu! Wu! Ah!”

Yan Xi hugged herself into one bundle inside Gong Yun Ting’s arms. After Gong Yun Ting’s intense slam, Yan Xi let out a sharp cry! Her whole body couldn’t stop trembling, her tight flower hole also didn’t stop contracting. Under the effect of the intense spasms, the layers of vag*nal meat squirmed and clamped tightly around his thickness, sucking on it, as if it wanted to break Gong Yun Ting’s c*ck!

With a low groan, Gong Yun Ting lost his control and finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. Before Yan Xi squirted out her burning hot and shining love fluids, he shot out one step ahead of her.

The white s*men was similarly boiling hot as he rested at the deepest part of her honey hole, shooting it out powerfully!

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